This & That Fridays – July 27

WHAT'S UP Can someone explain to me how it's going to be August next week?  The Summer is going way too fast and I'd like for it to slow down.  In the meantime I don't want to hear a word about pumpkin spice or sweaters or anything Fall-related. #sorrynotsorry I can't remember if I … Continue reading

This & That Fridays – June 15

WHAT'S UP Hello Everyone!  Did you miss me?  I'm back after a brief hiatus; if you don't follow me on Instagram you may not know that I had to take a blogging break.  I ended up with carpal tunnel in my hand and typing really seemed to aggravate it so I needed to limit my use of a … Continue reading

This & That Fridays – April 6

WHAT'S UP Ok I've been slacking big time on my blog for the last few weeks.  Ever since I launched my business I've lost a bit of my motivation to blog but I think I've found it again and I hope to catch up on a bunch of posts next week. I hate to complain about the weather but I can't … Continue reading