The Summer Tag

Happy Tuesday!  I thought today I’d do something I haven’t done in a while – a tag!  Nobody tagged me in this – in fact, I just went and did a search for the Summer tag and pieced together some questions from a few different sources I found.  As we […]

The Christmas Tag

1. What is your favorite Christmas film? I have so many it’s hard to choose just one!  So I’m going to say it’s a tie between elf and Home Alone – I love them both equally.  Runners up: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation; Mickey’s Christmas Carol; How the Grinch Stole Christmas […]

Giveaway Winner!

I’m pleased to announce the winner of the Planner & Beauty Prize Pack…. CONGRATULATIONS to Robyn from Lipstick on the Lake! Thank you everyone who entered and subscribed to my blog and/or added me on social media – it was greatly appreciated! Have a great weekend! Planner & Beauty Prize Pack Giveaway! CLOSED

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’ve finally got my stuff (for lack of a better word) together for a giveaway….I feel like I’ve been talking about it for months.  Perhaps because I have.  Originally this was supposed to happen in March to celebrate my one year blogiversary but life derailed me a bit.  So now […]

New Blog Name Reveal….

Hi guys! I haven’t been on here much lately, and that’s because I’ve been working furiously away at my blog.  Originally I was just going to change the name of it, but after doing some research, I figured it made a lot of sense to make the leap over to self hosting! […]

Get to Know Me!

A few weeks ago I saw the Get to Know Me tag on Spiffykerms and it seemed like a fun tag so I’m doing it too.  I’m a pretty private person so I don’t like to share too much but every once and a while I’ll throw a selfie up on […]