This & That Fridays – June 23

what’s going on with me… Allergies have been so.damn.bad this week.  I’ve been trying to avoid taking anti-histamines but I caved and took some out of pure desperation.  Seasonal allergies make me so cranky! Chris from the blog called me the Queen of Gifs on Twitter this week.  It’s […]

Recipe Review: Sweet Cola Ribs

Do you enjoy cooking?  I do, enough so that I’d consider it a hobby of mine.  I don’t cook a lot – mainly on weekends.  We tend to eat pretty basic meals during the week when time is at a premium, while I whip up bigger meals on weekends.  I […]

Love with Food Deluxe Box Review – April 2017

Well I did…I cancelled my Love with Food subscription. *sob* Okay I’m being slightly dramatic – I can obviously resubscribe if I really miss it that badly.  The problem is I miss it and want it back but the bathing suit sitting in my drawer is telling me I definitely won’t […]