My Most Repurchased Products

We all have those products that we never stray from – or if we do it’s rare and we end up going right back to the originals.  I’ve seen this topic covered by various Youtubers and I decided it’s my turn to share my list. FYI if you have any […]

Aveniro Nail Care Tools

Late last year I was contacted by Aveniro Glass Nail Files and offered the opportunity to try some of their products in exchange for a review.  Earlier last year I had the opportunity to try out some glass nail file products from another brand from the Czech Republic and I […]

Nail Care Tools from Mont Bleu

Just over a month ago a company by the name of Mont Bleu reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing a few of their products.  I had never heard of Mont Bleu before so I took some time to educate myself on their brand and […]

My Nail Polish Collection

Two weeks ago I did up a post on what nail polishes I decluttered – and as promised, this week I’m sharing what I decided to keep as part of my collection! When I look at what my collection is now vs. what it was I feel better about it – […]

Decluttering in 2017: Nail Polish

One of my goals this year was to declutter my makeup/beauty product collection and weed out things that I just don’t use anymore.  However if I’m being honest, I’ve been trying to declutter my nail polish collection for over a year now but never been successful.  Instead I just bought more… #logic It […]