Beauty Trash – May 2017

It’s time again to sort through my trash!  This time I feel like I’ve got a bunch of different items to chat about – not just the same old, same old! MAKEUP Too Faced Hangover Primer This is one of my favourite primers I’ve ever used.  It smells awesome (like […]

Review: Essence All About Roses & Bronze Eyeshadow Palettes

Late last year after Christmas my local Superstore was clearing out some Essence holiday sets that included these Essence eyeshadow palettes in them for super cheap – I can’t remember the exact price but I believe it was around $5.  Given that the palettes retail for a little more than […]

Sephora Haul & First Impressions

Did you brave the Spring Sephora Sale?  I did – I did the majority of my shopping online so I could take advantage of ebates even though I think I only ended up getting about $4 from my order because they decreased the cash back percentage right in time for the […]

Decluttering in 2017: Makeup (Eye & Lip Products)

I’ve been trying to get this post up for weeks but my procrastination game was on point…if you don’t know by now that’s one of my specialties.  😉 Another round of decluttering, this time I’m focusing on eye & lip products.  Lip products are probably one of my favourites to […]

Decluttering in 2017: Makeup (Face Products)

This is somewhat my last step in my decluttering process for 2017 (aside from updating you on how I’m doing with Project Pan of course) – decluttering my makeup collection!  This was probably the easiest process out of the bunch, I’ve actually had this makeup sorted for a while. I’ve […]