How I’m Making 2019 My Best Year Yet

Happy February 1st!  It’s a new month and even though we’re already 8% into the year, I’m finally getting around to sharing how I’m going to make 2018 my best year ever!

A few weeks ago I attended a local networking event that taught me how to create my own Vision Board for my business. Honestly I was a little apprehensive about vision boards going into it because I didn’t really understand them or their purpose.  But after going through the process, I saw how beneficial they can be and I decided I needed to create one for my blog!

a vision board that contains various pictures and phrases related to blogging

I centered m vision board around the following principles for the year:

Quality over Quantity

Specifically, related to my:

Blog content

I have a bad habit of doing a lot of “round-up” posts which are time consuming.  I’d like to try and do posts that are focused more around a single topic or product.

Social media

I know that if I want to grow my Instagram account, I need to upload consistently.  That said, I also want to take regular breaks throughout the year in the interest of my mental health. 

Makeup collection

I have a bad habit of holding on to and using products that I don’t really like just for the sake of it; in 2019 my plan is to declutter my collection and refine it to only include products I love and enjoy.


I spent a lot of time last year posting about makeup; this year I want to do more posts about travel, fashion, food and Maggie.


2018 was an exciting but challenging year for me – I started my own business but I feel that my blog really suffered as a result.  In 2019 I’m determined to figure out how to balance my business, blog, social media accounts and life better.


I want more opportunities for my blog this year; I want to attend events where I can attend connect with other bloggers, get PR products that I’m excited about and get paid opportunities.

Progress > perfectionism

I struggled with this for years and didn’t realize how much it holds me back from doing a lot of the things I need and want to do.  I need to let go of the idea that everything I work on needs to be my idea of “perfect”; sometimes the things I spend the most time on are the things that absolutely no one notices or matter.  Done is better than perfect!

My vision board has me excited and motivated for the year ahead!  What are your goals for 2019?



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