Monthly Makeup Focus – December review + project wrap-up

makeup stacked on a marble background with a pink rose beside it and text overlay that states "Monthly Makeup Focus December + Project Wrap-Up

I swore just yesterday it was January and I was just beginning my Monthly Makeup Focus project – yet somehow, its January again and it’s all over.  This is my final set of reviews and my last post for this project; in addition to the reviews, I’ve done a quick recap of the project and my thoughts on it – you can read that below – but for now, let’s get into the reviews!


an open Lorac Pro 4 palette sitting on a marble background with a pink rose on the right side and a gold mascara below

Lorac Pro 4 palette

My love for Lorac palettes is pretty much unmatched – I have 5 of them (4 eyeshadow + 1 cheek) in my collection and they are all held in very high regard.  So when I saw them release a new Pro palette a few months ago, I knew I had to have it, especially when I saw its colour story.

As expected, I’m pretty much in love with this – the shade selection is, is pretty much perfect.  I will be doing a full review on this soon, so stay tuned!

an open Tarte maneater mascara sitting on a marble background with a Lorac palette below and pink rolse in the left corner

Tarte Maneater mascara

Ulta had this mascara on for $10 (USD) on Black Friday so I thought I’d pick one up and test it out.

a close up of the Tarte Maneater mascara wand

I knew nothing about this prior to purchasing it and that’s probably a good thing because I likely wouldn’t have picked it up had I seen the brush beforehand.  It has a large plastic brush with short, prickly bristles and that’s not usually what I prefer in a mascara.

That said, it’s actually not bad.  It volumizes and lengthens my lashes and I’ve experienced very little flaking (which is rare for me); when I first started using it I found it to be a little heavy and could cause my lashes to occasionally clump together but now that’s its dried out a bit, I notice that less.

Ultimately I don’t see myself repurchasing this – it retails for $30 CAD and I don’t like it enough to spend that much on it.

closeups of various pan powder products including Kiko Cosmetics High Pigment Eyeshadow, Anastasia Single Eyeshadows, and Maison Jacynthe eyeshadow, blush and highlighter on a marble background



My z-palette collection is pretty sad – I guess I’m just not a single shadow/powder products type of person, I prefer palettes.

From top to bottom:

Kiko Cosmetics High Pigment Eyeshadows (Pearly Tea Rose; Pearly Quartz Rose; Matte Mauve)

These shadows have a nice consistency – soft and creamy but not powdery and they blend nicely.  The problem is that they lack pigment (ironic right?).  The worst of the bunch is tea rose – it’s impossible to build it up.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Single Shadows (Sangria/Gleam)

I’d have to say these are favourite shadows of the bunch – they have a similar consistency to the Kiko shadows above but they are very nicely pigmented.  I’ve decided that I definitely need to start using these more often!

Maison Jacynthe Eyeshadow (Lungo); Blush (Juliette); Highlighter (Lune Rose)*

Maison Jacynthe is a Canadian brand founded by Jacynthe Rene; she formulates her products with natural and organic ingredients.  I enjoy all three of these products – the powders are a little on the dry side but they perform very well.  There’s good colour payoff, blendability and lasting power with each of them.  My only complaint is that the highlighter tends to highlight texture but I experience that often with other highlighters so that’s nothing unusual.

Project wrap-up

My initial intent with this project was to focus on using the makeup in my collection and to encourage to review any new products I added in.  I feel I was successful in both respects.  Doing this project in conjunction with a project pan really made me feel like I made a dent (albeit small) in my makeup collection; in addition, it was a great way to re-visit the products I own and determine if I still wanted to keep them around.

Overall, I’m really glad I decided to do this project; I don’t intend on doing it again this year as I’ve basically gone through most of the products in my collection so it would be redundant.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a decent-sized makeup collection and wants to focus on using their products they currently own!

Thanks for reading!

*Denotes sent as PR


  1. stashy says

    Happy new year Nicole!
    I had no clue Lorac released #4 in their Pro palette series. That looks so good!
    How ironic those Kiki eyeshadows lack pigment – it’s right in the name, HIGH pigment… 😛

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