Monthly Makeup Focus – November

November’s Monthly Makeup focus for November was an interesting one – I had a couple of new items, rediscovered a few gems and ended up using 3 eyeshadow palettes!

Winky Lux Cashmere Kitten Eyeshadow Palette

I like this palette but there were definitely some things about it that irked me – you can click here to read my full review!

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow palette

This palette came along with me when I travelled for 2.5 weeks last month and I was so excited to try it out but it really disappointed me.  You can read more about why in my review here.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette

Every time I pull this palette out to use, I remember how much I love it – it’s such a good one!  It’s filled with natural, neutral shades and is perfect for everyday use.  I did a full review on it here if you’d like to see swatches and read a more detailed review.

CoverGirl TruBlend Blush (Light Rose)

It looks like these blushes have been discontinued which is sad because they are (or at least this one is!) really lovely!  This shade is a pretty pinky pale pink shade and it’s got a beautiful shimmer (sans glitter) to it.  Despite being baked, these are smooth, very easy to blend and build up nicely .  If you happen to come across these in a clearance section, I’d definitely recommend picking one up!

NARS Velvet Lip Glide (Bound)

The best way I can describe this lip product is a cream liquid lipstick; it doesn’t have the lasting power or dryness that comes with a liquid lip but you lose the longevity component to it as well.  That doesn’t bother me as I don’t mind reapplying my lip product and overall, I enjoy using this – it’s a great Fall/Winter shade and a comfortable formula.   Again, I have a full review on this that can be read here.

NARS Blush (Goulue)

This was a birthday gift from Sephora a few years back and I’ve barely used it; I think it’s a pretty colour but when I applied it with my usual fluffy blush brush, it just seemed to highlight the redness in my face.  I figured I’d give it another try but this time I used it with a denser angled brush and I liked it much better that way – weird how that works sometimes, isn’t it?  Anyway, I think this is a great shade for the cooler months and I’m happy to be keeping it around now that I’ve found a way to wear it that works for me!

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion*

I received this lotion in a PR package; it’s fragrance-free, contains oat essence and shea butter and claims to relieve itchy, extra dry and moisturize for 24 hours.  This is the time of year that my exzcema flares up and I usually reach for the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream; I find that soothes and calms my skin but it doesn’t do a great job of moisturizing it.  This, on the other hand, is quite thick and very moisturizing – this is one of those hand creams that you put on and have to give at least 5-10 minutes to soak in.  I don’t mind doing it because my hands definitely feel more moisturized afterwards.  I now keep this at my desk and reach for it at least once a day!

Thanks for reading!

*Gifted to me as PR but all opinions are my own


  1. stashy says

    I put the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette on my Christmas wish list and I got it under the Christmas tree. I’m sooo late on that one – the formula of Too Faced eye shadows work so well for me. Too bad about the Gingerbread Spice palette though – I was eyeing that because the colours look so wearable.

    • prettyrufflife says

      The Chocolate Bar palette >>>> Gingerbread Spice palette at least in my opinion. I think the problem is it’s just too warm toned for my liking. Also I think I’ve reached my warm shadow quota.

      I hope you enjoy the Chocolate Bar palette! 🙂

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