Monthly Makeup Focus – October

Well, I’m headed into the home stretch of my Monthly Makeup Focus project – after this I’ve only got two months left!  October was a bit of a slow month for me – I didn’t really have any new products to incorporate in so I focused more on those in my collection – which isn’t a bad thing.  On to the reviews:

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalene 

This is my latest purchase from The Ordinary and I must say, I love it.  It’s the best facial oil I’ve ever used.  I’m going to do a full review on this so stay tuned for that.

Lorac Pro Matte Palette

I picked up this palette for travel and it is really great for that – the shadows are of typical Lorac quality and it’s compact and lightweight.  It’s very basic but it does have everything you need to create an everyday look. When I get bored with this, I pack a few single shadows to accompany it.  If you’d like to read my full review on this palette, click here.

Buxom Eyeshadow palette

The great thing about this project is that it’s making me re-evaluate the makeup in my collection.  When I first bought this palette, I loved it.  After using this last month, my thoughts have changed a bit – I like it but I don’t love it.  Why?  Well, the shadows are all pretty and I really have no complaints about the mattes in this.  My problem is with the shimmers – I find them a little lackluster compared to other shimmers in my collection – they’re more on the satiny side.  I find Haute Couture and Wild Nights specifically disappointing because there is a ton of fallout associated with them and they really need to be built up a lot to get them to a their true colours.  I’m not sure if they’ve always been this way and my standards are just higher now or if over time they’ve just dried out a little.  Either way feel free to reference my original review here.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – Unstoppable

This is another product I’ve changed my mind on.  I can’t remember exactly when and how I acquired this blush – it was either in a birthday gift or a set from Sephora but these used to be some of the most highly coveted blushes in my collection.  While I still enjoy this shade (rosy-nude), there’s two gripes I have with this.  First – the packaging.  This is the second Tarte blush where the hinge has broken (the other is a full-sized version).  It’s just a small annoyance but it makes it more difficult to travel with, which is what I like to use this for.  Second, the formula on these just bugs me now.  It’s a very hard packed, dry blush that requires a lot of effort to apply; I really need to buff my brush hard into these to pick up the pigment.  I find these do tend to dry out even further over the years, making them even more work to apply.  That said, I do find these last all day so that is a benefit.  Ultimately though, I’d rather work with something easier and softer so I don’t see myself picking up more of these in the future.

Muji Cheek Colour – Pink

I won this blush as part of a Muji prize package from Stashmatters a few years ago and I love it!  It’s a pretty, glowy pink shade and it has such a nice texture, finish and formula.  I’m still waiting to come across a Muji store in my travels!

Thanks for reading!

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