Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab Review (NYC)

Lip Lab by Bite Sign outside on Prince Street in Soho, New York

The Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Soho, New York City

Last weekend, Mr. PRL and I made a quick trip to New York City for the weekend; while I was planning our trip, one of the things on my to-do list was to pay a visit to the Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab. Today I thought I’d share with you my experience at as well as my customized lipstick from the

Service Options

The Lip Lab offers two services:

A La Carte

This is their signature service where a colour artist guides you through selecting a shade (from their pigments), finish and flavour/scent.

Cost: $55 USD for one lipstick; $80 USD for two lipsticks


Referred to as their “Ultimate Lipstick Experience”, this experience allows you to create two completely custom shades of lipstick, while also selecting your preferred finishes and flavours/scents.  In addition, this includes a lip lab kit that contains a Mini Agave Lip Mask, Mini Line & Define Lip Primer, and a Mini Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub.

Cost: $150 USD for 2 Lipsticks

Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment was easy; it’s all done online so all you do is select your date and it will bring up the available times on that day.  It is recommended that you book in advance, particularly if booking on a weekend or if you are with a group.

My Experience

I chose the A La Carte option when I booked but I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really read the description, I was more so looking at the price.  So I went into it thinking that I would be able to create a custom shade ??‍♀️and was a little disappointed when I realized I’d be picking a shade from their line and just customizing the finish and scent.

Small jars of lipstick pigments lined up on a countertop

A selection of the pigments available

When I arrived, my colour artist introduced herself and I was seated at one of the stations.  She asked me if I knew what colour I was thinking of and I told her a nude/pink shade.  I wanted something I could wear every day, that was easy to wear and could go with anything.

She also asked me what kind of finish I was looking for – the options were Satin, Sheer, Matte, Luminous.  I immediately eliminated the matte and sheer finishes and she said there wasn’t much difference between the Satin and Luminous but recommended Satin, so I went with that.

As we were discussing the info above, she gave me some of their Agave Lip Scrub and Agave Lip Mask to apply in order to prepare my lips for trying on the shades.  She then started mixing pigment with the finishes mixers and after she mixed each one, she gave me a swab to test it out on my lips.

Customized lipstick swatches on a clear plastic sheet at Bite Beauty Lip Lab in New York City

A close up of my lipstick swatches

All the shades were really pretty, although some looked better than others.  Unfortunately, none of them were exactly what I was looking for – they were either too peach or too pink but she basically stated that these were my options.

I ended up selecting a beige nude shade (second from last above – which I think is Honeycomb in their line) and do like it – it’s a little different of a colour than I would normally gravitate to but it’s a great everyday shade.

I then had to choose the scent/flavour I wanted – I ended up going with Lime which smells exactly like Lime Jello.  The scent on this is very subtle – I can smell it a bit when I immediately apply that but it does not linger.

Once I settled on the shade and scent, she poured the lipstick bullet into a mold and let it set on a chiller to set.  When it was set, she popped it into a tube that’s specific to the Lip Labs (it has lips imprinted on it).  FYI you can head to my Instagram stories to see a video of this part of the process, if you’re interested!

A closeup of a beige nude lipstick by Bite Beauty with a Bite bag and Bite box in the background

My “custom” Bite Beauty lipstick

The lipstick was then packaged up, I paid and I was sent on my way. Here’s what the packaging looks like:

A closeup photo of some Bite Beauty lipstick boxes

The packaging

A closeup of a open Bite Beauty lipstick box with lipstick printed tissue paper in the background

Inside the box

A close up of a Bite Beauty lipstick sitting in a box with lipstick printed tissue paper

Every lipstick curated in the Lip Lab comes with a special lip embossed tube

All in all the process took me around 35 minutes from start to finish.

The Verdict

A hand with red nails holding a nude Bite Beauty lipstick

A hand swatch of a nude beige Bite Beauty lipstick

Swatch of my lipstick

Overall I am happy with my lipstick but I must admit I had a bit of sticker shock when I got home and checked my VISA – with exchange, this lipstick ended up costing me over $80 CAD!  Yes, the experience was fun but for that amount, I feel like I should have a custom shade.  I can basically go and purchase almost the exact lipstick (without the imprinted tube) at Sephora for $30 CAD, which almost one-third of the cost.

What is interesting is that, according to their website, they charge the same amount ($55) at their Toronto Lip Lab for the a’ la carte experience as they do in their American locations (same goes for the Bespoke experience).   So I think if you are Canadian and have the opportunity to visit the Toronto location over any of the American ones, do that instead and save yourself some cash!

Would I do it again?  As stated above, I personally don’t think the a’ la Carte experience is worth it unless there’s a shade you really love that doesn’t come in your preferred finish at Sephora.  The Bespoke experience is much more unique but I wish they would offer the option to make one lipstick and skip the lip care kit.  I would really struggle to try to justify spending $150 on two lipsticks but that’s just me – I’m kind of a frugal person.  That said, if I really felt like treating myself, I’d consider it.

Have you ever visited Bite’s Lip Lab?


  1. stashy says

    I agree that for the price, the shade should have been customized, shade-wise, too. Or at least let you mix 2 colours from the pre-set pigments. I guess it’s more about the experience than the finished product.

  2. polishedandinspired says

    Gah. I can’t believe the price they charge for getting a shade out of their library. Like Stashy said, I would think they’d at least let you mix two of the existing shades to make your own.

  3. Wendy says

    I haven’t been to the one here yet. I’ve thought about it, but it’s just so expensive. I love the idea of creating a custom shade, but I guess I’m cheap because I just can’t bring myself to pay such amounts. The packaging is adorable, though! And Bite Beauty is among my favorites, so maybe as a special treat one day…Maybe. Haha!

    • prettyrufflife says

      It’s definitely a luxury…I think it’s fun but not worth it overall, in my opinion. I found a lip product in that exact shade but an even better formula so it just seemed like an even bigger waste of money to me after that.

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