My Favourite Podcasts in 2018

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Do you guys listen to podcasts?  I really started listening to them around a year and half ago and now I’m hooked – I can’t get enough of them.  I think a big part of that is that I work from home now so playing them throughout the day makes me feel less isolated.  Today I decided to share what I’d consider to be the best podcasts of 2018; many of my favourites are true-crime related so I grouped them into 2 categories: True Crime and Other.

True Crime

Saying that I enjoy listening to podcasts about true crime feels wrong – enjoy maybe isn’t the right word. As much as many of the situations discussed in these are often horrifying, heartbreaking and sometimes nightmare-inducing, the stories can also be .  They’ve also made me much more aware of my surroundings and informed of my own security and safety.  Still, there are times when I have to stop listening to an episode because the material is too overwhelming or disturbing; I think it’s important to know where your boundaries are and stick to them.

Dirty John

This is what sparked my obsession with podcasts; Makeup by Tiffany D talked about this in one of her Youtube videos and I figured I’d give it a try.  After one episode, I was hooked; it details the volatile relationship between Debra, a successful interior designer, and John, a man who is seemingly perfect.  Debra is smitten with John, but her family is not convinced.  I lost track of how many times I shouted WHAT!?!? out loud while listening to this; the whole situation was baffling, shocking and horrifying but every episode left me wanting more.


I discovered Serial immediately after Dirty John and the True Crime lover in me was released.  This podcast details the case of the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, a high school student in Baltimore, and her boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was arrested and jailed for the crime.  This is a fascinating case for a number of reasons, including Adnan’s professed innocence and I guarantee if you start listening to this, you won’t be able to stop – you might even listen to the entire thing more that once.

My Favourite Murder

When I first heard about MFM’s concept of a comedy + true crime mix it seemed like an odd, even inappropriate combination.  It took me a while to get into it but I’m now a dedicated Murderino and look forward to Mondays (gasp!) and Thursdays because that’s when they release new episodes.  Karen and Georgia infiltrate the perfect amount of sarcasm and hilarity into their podcast and that balances out the details of what are often disturbing cases.  Note that there is a fair bit of “adult” language in this one so if that offends you (or if you are easily offended to be honest), this might not be the one for you.

Up and Vanished (Season 1)

The first season of this podcast was my favourite of the 2 the host Payne Lindsay has released; I’m currently listening to Season 3 and it’s okay but I’m finding it really repetitive and the amount of ads in it are somewhat nauseating (to be clear I’m not at all opposed to ads in podcasts but this season seems to be excessive).  Season 1 detailed the then unsolved and suspicious disappearance of high school teacher Tara Grinstead in Ocilla, Georgia in 2005.  What’s interesting about this one is that there were arrests made in the case six months after the podcasts aired and the podcast is credited with assisting in reinvigorating the investigation.

Someone Knows Something

There are 4 seasons in this podcast produced by CBC radio and what makes it is the Director David Ridgen.  He focuses mainly on unsolved cases in Canada and the US; I’ve only listened to Seasons 1 + 2.  Season 2 was particularly compelling and heartbreaking.  This podcast reminds me a lot of Dateline or 20/20 but without the sensationalism – it’s really personalized.

In the Dark

There are two seasons of this podcast and I’ve listened to both and they are excellent.  This is more of an investigative-style true crime podcast; the first season was dedicated to the case of Jacob Wetterling, the cold case of a young boy who was abducted 27 years prior in Minnesota.  The second season centered around Curtis Flowers, man who has been tried for a murder six times and is currently on Death Row (this one was particularly eye-opening).  If you like journalistic-style reporting and cases that challenge the status-quo, I’d recommend this one.


Missing Richard Simmons

I’ve always found Richard Simmons hilarious and entertaining so when I came across this podcast I was intrigued.  Richard pretty much went MIA with no explanation four years ago and many of his fans were confused and concerned for his well-being.  The host begins researching his whereabouts and activities and uncovers some interesting information.  Sometimes I felt like this podcast was really intrusive but what I gained from it was a new respect for Richard Simmons.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

If you miss Oprah’s show, you might find this podcast fills the void a bit.  She has a variety of guests from authors, celebrities, visionaries, etc. and largely revolve around self-improvement and enlightenment.  I pick and choose the episodes I listen to but if I’m ever feeling like I need some “spiritual intervention”, I turn on an episode of this.

Oprah’s Master Class

Another Oprah podcast but this one is much different; it features the stories of various celebrities, mostly things you would not know about them.  It’s unique because you don’t hear the questions they’re being asked – it’s just them talking, basically it’s just a one-sided conversation.  There’s a lot of very inspiring and harrowing stories shared and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Young House Love

I never followed Young House Love’s super popular blog prior to discovering their podcast but they definitely have an interesting story, particularly if you’re a blogger or influenster.  Their podcast focuses mainly on home renovations and decor and they have some really great related tips and advice. This is a nice lighthearted switchup from the heaviness of many of the true crime podcasts I follow.

New podcasts I’m listening to

These are podcasts that I’ve just recently started listening to and enjoy but it’s too early to include them in my list of favourites yet

Uncover Escaping NXIVM

Ear Hustle

What Really Happened

What are your favourite podcasts?


  1. stashy says

    I enjoyed Serial – there’s a 2nd season too. I’m looking forward to a 3rd season hopefully.
    We tend to gravitate toward podcasts that are stand-alone episodes since we only listen during road trips. We listen to Stuff You Should Know and Reply All – we listened to Welcome to Night Vale but didn’t keep up with it. I find it too distracting to have something playing that I want to pay attention to in the background if I’m trying to work.

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