This & That Fridays – September 21


Well Autumn doesn’t officially start until Sunday but let me be the first to welcome you into a new Season.  Even though people have been talking about Fall since the beginning of August ?  Do I sound bitter?  Oh it’s cuz I am – we went from Summer to Winter in a matter of days.  It’s been snowing and raining and it’s cold and gray and overall just extremely depressing basically since the beginning of September.  We didn’t get the opportunity to give Summer a proper goodbye and I feel cheated.

So I finished up the second round of filling replacements this week.  While it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park, I survived.   I now get to deal with major sensitivity for the next few months so yay for that ?


Uncover Escaping NXIVM

This podcast is both horrifying and fascinating; it details Sarah Edmondson’s (a Canadian actress) as well as many others experience with NXIVM which is/was a cult ran by Keith Raniere.  If you remember hearing about Alison Mack from Smallville being arrested a few months ago, this is what it all relates to.  Totally recommend!


Sharp Objects

This is a HBO mini-series based on the book by Gillian Flynn and stars Amy Adams (who’s amazing it in BTW). I read the book so I am able to follow the storyline but Mr.PRL is finding it a bit confusing because it jumps around a lot and I find they’re not great at clearly identifying the characters.  I am enjoying it though – we’re about half way through the episodes.


I recently raved about these leggings in an earlier post this week that I did about Work-from-Home wear.  Can I just rave again about how much I friggin love them?  I’ve never loved a pair of pants so much!

Here’s my Sephora haul from the Sale a couple of weeks ago.  Did you pick up anything?

I placed another order from this week for some Ordinary products.  I picked up two bottles of the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution (love this stuff – read my review here) and I thought I’d give their Squalene Oil a try.  What would you recommend I try next?


It’s supposed to be a snowy, dreary weekend here so some comfort food is definitely on the menu.  Thinking of making Robyn from Lipstick on the Lake’s Buffalo Mac n Cheese or Prosciutto Ravioli

My favourite day of the year is fast approaching and I’ve started searching for Maggie’s Halloween costume.  Every year it gets harder to find something she’s never been before (definitely not complaining) and I’d love for her to be Piglet but I suspect she’ll plot some kind of revenge on me for making her wear that.  So cute tho!

Did you see Colourpop’s collab with Disney?  Everything looks so pretty but especially the It’s a Princess Thing eyeshadow palette!  I’m so tempted to place an order…

I love that velvet pants are making a comeback!  I remember having a pair of Silver ones (many) years ago and loving them because they were so comfortable.  Finally a revived trend I can get behind!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new duvet cover that is different and I’m really liking the look of this Carrara Marble-inspired one from Urban Barn.  I don’t know if everything-marble is still “in” or not but I think this would be perfect for having the look of a white duvet cover (unpractical IMO especially with a dog who sleeps on the bed) without the maintenance of it.



The Favourite Sister – Jessica Knoll

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me lately but I just can’t get into books!  Perhaps I’m picking the wrong ones but I got a few chapters into this and had to stop reading it.  Maybe because it centered around a Real Housewives of (insert city here) sort-of storyline and I have absolutely zero interest in that. There were so many characters introduced right in the beginning that I couldn’t keep track of them and it just seemed to drag on and on.  Disappointing because I really enjoyed Luckiest Girl Alive by the same author.

What I’m reading next

Best Day Ever – Kaira Rouda


Monthly Makeup Focus – August Review

Currently Coveting – Loungewear


Review: Lorac Unzipped Palette

Travel Guide: Las Vegas

My Favourite Podcasts

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. polishedandinspired says

    that NXIVM podcast sounds so interesting! I was following the story a bit after they arrested Alison Mack. Cults are so freaking creepy!

    OMG, I have no idea they made a show for Sharp Objects! I need to watch it right now…so excited! Have you seen the movie they made for Dark Places with Charlize Theron in it? It was terrible! What a waste of a good story.

    LOL yes, you have to get Maggie that Piglet costume! The revenge is so worth it.

    Okay, I’m such a big Disney fan and I freaked out about the ColourPop collection at first, but now I’m so undecided about that palette! I want it cause Disney, but I feel like the shades are either very ordinary or not shades I would use (ie the straight-up gold, silver, and bright purple).

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