This & That Fridays – August 31


Did you guys hear that Urban Decay is discontinuing the original Naked palette? I must say I was a little sad hearing the news; that was the very first eyeshadow palette I ever purchased and it’s one of my favourites.  Definitely some sentimental value there.

So after putting it off for way too long I finally went to the dentist a few weeks ago.  The good news is I had no new cavities.  The bad news is I have to have all my fillings redone and it starts on Tuesday.  I kind of want to cry thinking about it, I have major dentist-related anxiety.


So when I had to buy a new phone case I also had to buy a new Popsocket; I decided to splurge and and get a fancier one.  It’s called iridescent Snake but I’m going to rename it Mermaid Tail because snakes.  Anyway, it’s so pretty and worth the $20 in my opinion; I’m constantly distracted by it because it’s always changing colour.

Candle season is right around the corner and because I need another candle (#not), I couldn’t resist picking up one from Bath & Body Works when they had a sale last week.  This might be my new favourite – it smells heavenly, like blueberry pie baking in your oven.  Sometimes I find B&BW candles a bit over the top but this one is perfection.


I’ve tried to get into gratitude journaling but I struggled with it – I like the idea of this five-minute journal because it guides you with questions and quotes and only requires 5 minutes of my time.

5 ingredient Mac n Cheese?  I think I need to get myself an Instant Pot.  Does anyone have one?

I kinda want a new denim jacket; the one I have is a darker wash but I like the distressed, almost acid-wash of this one from Old Navy.

Don’t these Sephora collection brushes look pretty?

I know Summer is winding down but this olive dress is cute for the transition between seasons.



The Day we Met – Rowan Coleman

I couldn’t make it through this book – it was about a woman who was disagnosed with Alzheimer’s at a young age and along with her family, was trying to deal with it.  I don’t usually shy away from books like this but I just found this really depressing and heavy.  Just not my cup of tea right now.

What I’m reading next

The Favourite Sister – Jessica Knoll


Monthly Makeup Focus – July Review

My Most Repurchased Products

Review: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA


Review: Lorac Unzipped Palette

Travel Guide: Las Vegas

Currently Coveting: Loungewear

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. polishedandinspired says

    The Naked Palette was my first high end palette too! Definitely some sentimental emotions surrounding that palette for a ton of people.

    Omg, I haven’t been to the dentist for way longer than I am proud to admit – I keep meaning to make an appointment, but I really don’t want to experience the reality of them telling me how many cavities I have or how many fillings they need to refill. Hard pass… good luck with getting all of your fillings redone!

    Omg Mermaid Tail is so beautiful. They need to make a phone case like that!

    Okay, I started gratitude journaling at the beginning of the year and it lasted like…a sporadic 2 weeks #nodiscipline. I still mentally go through all the things I’m grateful for before I go to bed, though. The 5 minute journal sounds like a great idea!

    Your Reading Corner book – what a light summer read you picked! LOL.

    • prettyrufflife says

      The dentist wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but it still sucks. I need to go back again because I’m having lots of pain when eating on one side (and I have since I was there) but I’m putting it off again because that’s what I’m good at lol

      Yeah I need to get better at reading the summarys of books before I start reading them – I just go into my recommendations at the library and download them and that’s obviously not working!

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