Monthly Makeup Focus – July Review

Okay…so I know I said I was going to do a video of my next review for my MMF project but I’ve decided that it’s kind of weird to start doing videos of these smack dab in the middle of this so here we are in blog post form again.  Also videos are hard…but I’m not going to get into that now.  Anyway, let’s get into the products I focused on in July!

lorac pro 3 palette review

Lorac Pro 3 palette

Ah ’tis the season for Lorac palettes; you’re going to be seeing a lot of them over the next few months – I’ve saved them up for the last half of my project.  Out of the four that I own, this is probably my least favourite but I still enjoy it.  It’s a pretty basic neutrals palette but I’m always happy with the end result when I use this – it’s so user friendly (fallout aside) and just a good, solid palette. If you’d like to see swatches and my more comprehensive thoughtsFeel free to reference my full review on it last year, !

bareMinerals The Dream Come True eyeshadow palette

bareMinerals The Dream Come True eyeshadow palette

File this one under products I bought because of the packaging.  I hauled this two years ago while at a bareMinerals outlet and I actually thought it was a face palette when I picked it up (I mean, it looks like one doesn’t it?).  It’s actually an eyeshadow palette but it doesn’t really matter – it kind of fails in both instances.  This isn’t up to bareMinerals usual standard of powder products at all – all three of these are powdery and dry to the point of being crumbly.  I can get away with using Queen Phyllis as a highlight (although it is quite glittery) and Talented as a Blush but Celestine is a lost cause – it’s literally just a sheer wash of glitter.  I should really declutter this but I just can’t bring myself to do it quite yet.

Colourpop Take Me home palette review

Colourpop Take Me Home palette

My first time trying Colourpop eyeshadows was a huge success – I love this palette!  I got a little ahead of myself and already posted my full review but in short, I was very impressed with this.  Great shades, highly pigmented and shocker – NO FALLOUT (what?!?!?).  I’ve definitely got my eye on a few more of their palettes now.

The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factors

Back in July I placed an order for a couple of The Ordinary’s products, one of them being this moisturizer. I’ve already completed a full review of this but in short, I like this but I don’t think it’s going to be enough to get me through Winter.

The Ordinary’s Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%

This product was also included in my order; this is probably my favourite out of the 3 products I ordered.  It’s a Vitamin C serum and I’ve really noticed some results with this.  I hope to get my review on this up this week so stay tuned for that.

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Gilded Honey review

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator (Gilded Honey)

I have been wanting to try this highlighter for years (I don’t know why) but every time I was in an Ulta, they were sold out.  A few months ago I lucked out and was delighted to find this little mini near the checkouts (I love me a mini!).  Highlighters in mini form make such sense to me – how long does it take to go through a regular highlighter?  Maybe a year if you use the same one day in and day out (but how many of us do that?) but for me, it’s probably years.

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Gilded Honey review

Anyway, this product has a really unique texture.  If you press down on the pan, it has some give to it which is unexpected because it has the word “baked” in there.  It’s not a bouncy texture like the ColourPop Supershock Eyeshadows or Highlighters but it’s definitely not hard pressed like a regular powder product.

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Gilded Honey swatch

When I swipe my finger across it it feels a little dry (which worried me a first) but swatched it glides on smoothly like a cream but has a powder finish – it’s really one of the oddest products I’ve ever used, but in a good way!

The shade gilded honey is described as an effervescent caramel honey – in simpler terms it’s gold.  Now this is definitely a Summer highlight for me; while it blends out nicely on my skin right now while I have a touch of colour to it, it’s going to look quite unnatural on my pale skin as my tan fades.  Still, I love it – it’s buildable, shimmery (but not glittery) and beautiful and lasts all day long on my skin.  I’m definitely tempted to pick up another shade!

bareMinerals READY blush (The Summer Fling)

I picked up this blush in the same haul as I did the bareMinerals palette above but this was a positive purchase.  This is more of what I expect from BM in terms of their powder products; this blush is soft, pigmented and easy to blend and the perfect shade for Summer – a bright peachy colour.  I don’t think they make these blushes anymore (at least under this name) but I suspect that they haven’t strayed from this formula, which is a good thing!

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