This & That Fridays – August 17


The smoke here over the last couple of weeks has been so bad!  The cause is over 500 forest fires burning in BC right now so we’re all hoping for some relief via rain soon.

Okay so casette players are making a comeback?  I guess you really should never get rid of anything.

So there’s a tree in front of my house that is already losing it’s leaves!  It makes me want to cry – it’s only August!

Last week we tried watching Bob’s Burgers.  I know it has a huge cult following but I’m not sure how I feel about it – there’s definitely funny moments but it’s a lot of weird, crude humour.  We plan on keep watching though.


This is boring – I haven’t really bought anything over the last few weeks.  My credit card is the only one happy about this.


I’m dying to try this shampoo and conditioner – it sounds amazing but yikes, $60?

This is such a cute cami!  I’ll definitely wait for it to go on sale though.

Even though I don’t even want to think about Winter, I think I’m going to need one of these reading shawls for my desk.  I tried a similar one on the last time I was in Indigo and it was so cozy!

I made a roasted chicken on the BBQ a few weeks ago and it was so good and now I want to make another one.  I think I might try this recipe.

I need some new booties this year and I’m really liking the looks of these pair by Vince Camuto.  The stacked heel seems like it would be comfortable and the stud detail makes them look a little edgy (but not too edgy).


Who run the world 🎶

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@sarcastic_tendencies this happens every time 😂

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2 real 😂😂 (via @pubity )

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You Think It, I’ll Say It – Curtis Sittenfeld

I’m a big fan of Curtis’ books – I’ve read them all but this one was a little disappointing to me.  It’s a collection of short stories and I just found that I’d start getting into a story only to have it end.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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