Review: Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette

Waaaay back in November (which seems like a lifetime ago) I picked up the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette and I’ve been talking about reviewing it ever since.  While I may be delinquent in getting my review up, the good thing is that I’ve tested this palette out extensively over the last five months so I have a good, solid review to share with you on it!


From the Too Faced website:

“Create endless looks with 12 matte shades of warm peaches, buttery creams, and rich browns that are infused with our exclusive Comfort Matte Technology ™ and smell like a peaches & cream dream.

  • Blendable and intense color payoff
  • Ombre layout for easy transitions
  • Infused with Exclusive Comfort Matte Technology ™
  • Smells like Peaches & Sweet Fig Milk”


$55 CAD / $45 USD –  12 x 0.48 Oz. / 15 g



This is interesting – some of the shades have different ingredients that others, which is pretty rare.  The ingredients list is long, so instead of posting it, I’ll just link you to it.


For the most part I’m usually a fan of Too Faced’s packaging and this one is no different.  The peach ombre design on the top of the lid is so pretty and I love the gold accents.  It’s made of a thick acrylic and it feels sturdy, secure and solid – I wouldn’t hesitate to travel with this.  Inside there is a really good-sized mirror and the shadows are arranged nicely (compact but not crowded; lastly, the palette has a magnetic closure which I find extremely satisfying.  I’ve noticed that Too Faced appears to be designing and re-designing (ie the Natural Eyes palette) many of their palettes in a similar way and I have zero complaints about that – overall I find the design pretty yet functional.


Each of these eyeshadows have a very noticeable scent – it’s described as peaches and sweet fig cream.  I’m not sure what sweet fig cream smells like but the peach is definitely there the minute I open the palette.  I get whiffs of it as I apply it to my eyes but similar to my Chocolate Bar palette, it doesn’t linger past that.  I find it pleasant and actually kind of like it but if you’re not a fan of peach, or fragrances in your eyeshadows in general, it’s definitely something you should consider.


  • Exclusive to Sephora
  • Formulated without gluten and parabens
  • Cruelty-free


This palette includes 12 eyeshadows – all of which are described as matte but there is one shade (Peach Sangria) that has a touch of glitter in it but it doesn’t really translate to the eye – so I’ll accept their definition of it being completely matte I guess.

The shade descriptions are as follows:

  • Peach Meringue – ivory
  • Peach Tea – caramel
  • Peach Cobbler – toasted peach
  • Peach Tart- deep brown
  • Peach Butter – peach cream
  • Just Peachy – matte peach
  • Peach Punch- peach daiquiri
  • Just Ripe – spiced plum
  • Peaches and Cream – peach sherbet
  • Fresh-Picked – ginger peach
  • Peach Sangria – wine
  • Chocolate Dipped – smoky brown

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:


This palette is probably one of the most consistent I’ve ever used; I find every shadow to rate the same when it comes to texture, pigmentation and wear time.  They’re all very smooth, creamy and soft which makes them super easy to blend but be aware that with that also comes issues with fallout.  I’ve definitely experienced quite a bit of fallout with these shadows so I’ve learned that it’s imperative to gently dip my brush in them and then tap my brush off prior to applying them to my eye.

If you like highly pigmented shadows, I’d expect you like these.  They are VERY pigmented which for me is a double-edge sword.  On one hand I don’t need to use much product to get intense colour payoff but on the other, I have to remember to go in lightly and build slowly and carefully, otherwise I end up with a muddy mess, especially with some of the darker shades.  I personally prefer shadows that are a little less pigmented but are buildable although I’d rather deal with shaodows like these than ones that lack pigmentation.

Performance on these is good; I do find that they tend to fade after around 6 hours of wear and I see some creasing around the 8 hour mark, even with my beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath as a base.  Note that I do have extremely oily eyelids so creasing isn’t anything new to me.


I don’t know if you noticed or not but the vast majority of eyeshadow palettes that have been released over the last year or so have been warm-toned; none of them really interested me until I saw this one and even then, I waited to hear what the beauty community was saying about it before I picked it up.  Then even after I got it I was a little nervous to use it – I’m very used to using neutral and cool-toned shadows that it was a huge step out of my comfort zone.  That said, I’m so glad I did!  I really think this is a beautiful palette, even if you’re not a warm-toned lover like me.  It’s so versatile and I can create looks that range from something very natural that works for everyday to something that’s vibrant, bold and perfect for going out – and everything in between.

I think what I like about this palette is that it’s forced me out of my comfort zone but not so far that I don’t want to use it (if anything, it’s the opposite).  I’ve discovered that as much as I admire really bold and bright eyeshadows on other people, the chances of me using a bright blue or green shadow and feeling comfortable doing so are very slim.  I feel best when I’m wearing something more neutral but when I do want to do something more fun and colourful, this palette allows me to do that while not straying too far out of my preferred territory.  The only shadow in this entire palette that I struggle with a bit is Peach Punch – a bright peachy pink.  I’ve worn a few times so there’s nothing wrong with the shadow itself, I just feel like it’s not very flattering on me and pulls out/highlights the redness in my skin.  I suspect I’ll like using it more in the Summer months when I’m not so pale and my skin has a bit of colour.

Overall, this palette gets my official stamp of approval.  I think if you’re leery of all the warm palettes out there, and want to try a higher-end palette, this is a good one to test the waters with.  The quality is there, it’s a good value (seriously, look at how much product you’re getting versus some of the other palettes I listed above!) and it’s filled with beautiful shades that would work on any skin tone.

Have you tried this palette?  Which warm-toned eyeshadow palette is your favourite?


    • prettyrufflife says

      Yah I get it – it’s unnecessary and normally I’m not a fan of that but I’m also a hypocrite because if I like the scent, I’m okay with it 😉

  1. Robyn says

    Yay! So happy to hear that you are enjoying this palette! It’s definitely a good training wheels palette for those who want to dive into warmer eye shadows. I haven’t had any issues with creasing but I use the UD primer with it. I find the Too Faced one creases like crazy on my lids. Your post definitely makes me want to use my Peachy Mattes Palette this weekend! ?

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