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Own and love…

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a tech accessories kick; it started late last year when we picked up some 3ft and 6ft lightning cables from Amazon, which by the way, are kind of life changing if you’ve never had anything but the standard Apple charging cord.  I also got my very first Popsocket last year and now I can’t live without one.  I feel much more secure holding my phone now, plus I use the stand a lot too.  They’re almost a bit addictive – you can create your own and I’ll admit that I’m dying to design a Maggie popsocket.

Something else that’s made my life easier is my tassel charger – not only is it super convenient and functional but it’s the cutest accessory for my purse, and you’d never know there’s a lightning cable hidden in there.   Having a power bank to go along with it is a necessity – there are so many cute ones out there!  I own a cute floral-print one that I picked up at Winners a year ago but I particularly like the poof one above, it would also make a super-fashionable purse accessory!


The idea of a dual-ended retractable lightning cable is such a cool idea and perfect for travel!

Lately I’ve seen so many cute phone cases I’m starting to contemplate starting a small collection and switching them up based on my mood.  The Kate Spade one above actually has small crystals engrained in it – it’s so pretty!

I’ve also wanted a keyboard cover for my Mac for a while – it’s such a fun way to add some personality to what is otherwise kind of a boring accessory.

The idea of a chargeable wristlet is such a genius idea and these ones come in a variety of pretty colours!

I’m dying to treat myself to an Apple pencil for my iPad, mainly for my design business but I probably need to get some more clients first so I can write this off as a business expense 😉

Lastly, I’ve feeling a bit twitchy with all the cords around the house lately so I think some cord clips could really help keep them more organized and neat looking.

What tech accessories can you not live without?


  1. polishedandinspired says

    I love collecting phone cases but I hate that it’s hard to find cute ones unless you own the latest releases of flagship models (iPhone X, Samsung S9, etc.)
    The keyboard cover is so adorable! I bought a new laptop on Boxing Day and am currently looking for a cover/skin for it.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yah it’s tough to keep up with the newest version of phones, they turn over so quickly, I find it so wasteful.

      Good luck looking for your laptop cover/skin!

  2. stashy says

    I want one of those tassel chargers – I’ve seen them at Winners!
    I don’t have a Popsocket but I have one that’s like a ring that pops out. It’s really handy especially when I’m on the subway.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Oh I haven’t seen them at Winners, although they always seem to get all the trendy things eventually. They’re probably a lot cheaper there!

      I was eyeing up the rings too – I like how sleek they are compared to a Popsocket.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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