Monthly Makeup Focus – February Review

Another month gone, another month completed of my Monthly Makeup Focus project.  Today I’m reviewing the products I used for February!

Fave of the Month

Maybelline Collossal Big Shot mascara

Last month I tried out Maybelline’s newest mascara (Total Temptation) and was pretty pleased with it; the Colossal Big Shot has been on my list for months but I was never able to snag it on sale (and I’m not paying $12 for a Maybelline mascara) until recently.  Most that have tried this rave about it and now I understand why.  It’s a fantastic mascara for separation, length and volume.  It doesn’t thicken as much as the Total Temptation but I also find it flakes a lot less so I’m okay with that – plus I never experienced any smudging with this!   I like using this as my day-to-day mascara and use the Total Temptation for nights out.  Oh and one last thing – it washes away easily which I really appreciate too.  If you haven’t tried this yet, you should!

Fail of the Month


Physicians Formula Concealer Twins (Green/Light)

Last month Physician’s Formula InstaReady concealer was my fail of the month – for February, it’s another Physician’s Formula concealer.  This time it’s their dual-ended Concealer Twins; one side is a regular concealer and the other side is a green corrector.  I primarily bought this for the green colour corrector – I struggle with quite a bit of redness on my cheeks so I thought this could potentially be a solution for me.  I like the corrector more than the concealer – it’s on the thinner side which I personally prefer in a corrector and I do notice that it reduces redness which is exactly what I need it to do.  The biggest problem is that both are super dry.  Within hours after applying either of these, my pores are magnified and my skin looks flaky and any hint of texture is highlighted.

On top of that, the shade of the concealer is not a match for me, it’s quite warm and yellow-toned as you can see from the swatch above and this only comes in ONE shade (Light).  So all in all, I think it’s probably time I give up on Physician’s Formula concealers.

Products for February

I really enjoy this fragrance for the winter months – it’s a little spicy and a little sweet and really potent – one or two spritzes of this is all I need and it lasts all day long.  I also love the design – it makes a statement but it’s still classic.  This has been in my collection for almost 4 years but it’s still as good as the day I received it – while it’s on the pricier side I think it’s well worth the investment.

I have a full review on this palette here; as mentioned previously, I haven’t used this in a  long time and using it this month had me questioning why.  This is such an amazing palette – every blush is beautiful, easy to blend and extremely pigmented.  Too Faced should really considering bringing this back and making it permanent.

I keep saying I’m going to review this and I think I’m finally going to get around to it this month.  It’s a great foundation and definitely worthy of it’s very own post.

This foundation claims to be lightweight, oil-free, offers a semi-matte finish, restore uneven skin texture and tone and visibly brighten skin.  Honestly the only one I agree with are the fact that it’s lightweight – it’s a very light coverage foundation but I don’t find it does much of anything to restore my uneven skin tone and/or texture.  On top of that, I can only wear this for about 4 hours before it starts to break up and I start to look really greasy.  A bit of a disappointment but considering I only paid $6 for it, I’m not too torn up about it.

I don’t think this serum is available in Canada anymore which is too bad because I like it – when it’s paired with the right foundation.  I find it works well with those that aren’t matte and make me a little oilier during the day; this soaks up some of the excess oil and also minimizes the appearance of my pores.  I personally don’t see a permanent reduction in pore size like it claims – just when I use it.  If you have combo skin like me and want a serum that reduces the look of pores and reduces occasional oiliness, I think you’d like this!

This palette has been on my list for a while and I finally picked it up last month by redeeming my Shoppers Optimum points.  I love rosy shadows and palettes so I couldn’t resist this one and I was hoping I would love it as much as my original Naked palette.  This one justifies its own review and post but spoiler alert – while this is pretty, I was kind of disappointed with some of the shadows, they just aren’t up to the quality I was expecting.  Full review to come…

Another item I’ve been talking about for a while that I need to review badly – I’ve got a post slated for this palette for March as well.

Please excuse my ridiculously pale hand!

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Twice Baked)

Pencil eyeliners are not my favourite; I’m not great at applying them and they never stay put.  That said, Urban Decay’s are one of my favourite I’ve tried – I find them creamy and smooth and very easy to apply.  I have several of them I’m trying to use up and this is one of them.  It’s a great shade – a deep metallic brown; unfortunately it’s a limited edition shade but Urban Decay’s shade range on these is so vast I’m certain there has to be something similar.  I managed to use up quite a bit of this over February which was nice and I plan to continue using this until I finish it completely up.

I didn’t have high expectations for this hairspray, mainly because there aren’t many hairsprays from the drugstore that have worked for me.  I’m happy to report that it’s pretty good!  It’s lightweight, non-sticky, and as long as I didn’t overdo it, didn’t leave my hair crunchy or greasy.  The scent is pleasant as well, which is honestly really important to me – I hate strongly scented hairsprays!  Overall I really can’t complain about this!

My fine and often limp hair always loves a good volumizing shampoo and I really liked this one – my hair felt clean,  silky and definitely a little more volumized right after washing it.  I like that it’s colour-safe and the scent is really nice too (kind of fresh / kind of herbal); I don’t find the price point too bad on this so I’d definitely consider purchasing a full size once I’m in need of more shampoo.

This is a super light-weight mousse that’s supposed to create waves that last all day.  Unfortunately I can’t vouch for that; when I use this and curl my hair, my curls fall out within an hour or two.  It just doesn’t have enough staying power for me; if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, this might work better for you.

Stay tuned for my wrap-up post in a couple of weeks – thanks for reading!



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