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Late last year I was contacted by Aveniro Glass Nail Files and offered the opportunity to try some of their products in exchange for a review.  Earlier last year I had the opportunity to try out some glass nail file products from another brand from the Czech Republic and I was very happy with them, so I was happy to be given an opportunity from another brand!

About Aveniro

Aveniro Ltd. is a manufacturer and wholesale and retail export oriented supplier of glass nail files. The company is located in the North of Czech Republic in the traditional glassmaking region nearby Novy Bor town.  They offer a large variety of nail file styles including hand-painted, laser-engraved, printed, and many more.


Glass Nail Files

I received two nail files both of which were in this matte ombre style.  Unfortunately, the larger file arrived broken which was disappointing because it was so pretty!  It’s still somewhat useable but kind of hard to review fairly so I’m just going to focus on the smaller file.

S22p Nail File

This file is 90 mm long and 2 mm thick with a pointed end; it came enclosed in a plastic sleeve.   This is a thicker glass nail file that I’m used to, in addition to having a coarser grinding surface.  I like that it’s thicker and therefore feels sturdier and more resistant to breakage but I think I prefer a thinner file with a gentler grinding surface for my nails; while both do the job, I find the later to be a little more gentle and kinder to my nails.  I do really like the size of this file, it’s perfect for travel and/or sliding into my purse.

Glass Pedicure File

The shape of this foot file really intrigued me; I’m used to ones that are long and thin, but as you can see, this one is wider.  It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and as a result it feels more ergonomic.

The file itself is 6 mm thick and is double-sided.  One side is coarse and meant for removing callouses; the other is smooth and meant to soften and smooth the skin.

The file came in a pink plastic sleeve; it had some purple marks on it when it arrived and I’m not sure where they came from but I felt this looked a little cheap.  I think a clear case would look better.

Functionally, this works really well, just as well as the other glass foot file I tried.  I think the design is strictly a matter of preference –

Overall Thoughts

What’s good

  • I found the quality and functionality of the foot file to be on par with the other foot file I own
  • The nail files I received are 3 mm thick which makes them feel sturdy and perhaps less likely to break/crack; good for those with thicker nails
  • I loved the glossy finish on the medium nail file – it was gorgeous!

What could be improved

  • I was a little disappointed that one of them arrived broken.  Damage during shipping happens (especially for something coming from so far away) but I think the fragile nature of these products warrants them being packaged with greater care.  My products were housed in a small box with a thin strip of bubble wrap inside of it and then the box was inside of a large plastic envelope.  Carefully wrapping each of the files in their own sheet of bubble wrap inside the box and then placing the box inside of a smaller bubble mailer would have provided added protection and potentially avoid damage.
  • I think offering velvet sleeves as a standard for their nail files would better match the quality of the files themselves, while giving them a more luxurious feel.  At minimum, the foot file should come in a higher quality sleeve.
  • There’s no information on their website as to where their products can be purchased.  It appears that they sell wholesale but it’d be nice to know if and where regular consumers can pick up their products.

Thank you to Aveniro for sending me these products to test out!

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own.



  1. Lisa says

    I like these tools! I have one glass small nail file, which fits in a purse. My friends gift it to me. It’s convenient and you can fix a broken nail at any time.

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