Monthly Makeup Focus: January 2018

Today I’m starting a new monthly series on my blog called Monthly Makeup Focus; basically I’m going to “shop my stash” and pull out products that I feel need to be used and/or want to use, share them with you, use them for an entire month, and then report back on them at the beginning of the following month.  Then I’ll do it all over again!

Why am I doing this?  A few reasons:  a) to make sure I’m utilizing all (or at least most) of the products in my collection and not just using those products that are near and dear to me and b) to keep on top of my decluttering effort from last year; if I use something for a month and hate it, it doesn’t belong in my collection and I’m getting rid of it and lastly, c) to hold myself accountable.  While I did pretty well with my Project Pan last year when I wasn’t using those products, I had a tendency to reach for the same old eyeshadow palettes or lipstick in my collection.  If I commit, in writing, to focus on two blushes for the month of March, I feel I’ll be less likely to stray from that commitment if I have to review them both in a few weeks.  That’s my logic anyway.


  • The products I select will be a mix of products currently in my collection and new products I’ve obtained through PR or purchased on my own.
  • I commit to using those products for an entire month and not straying outside of them, the exception being any PR products I receive that have a deadline for testing.
  • My products won’t be limited to just makeup (despite the series name) – I’m going to be including skincare, bodycare, haircare and tools.
  • This series will be run in conjunction with my 2018 Project Pan but won’t overlap (i.e I won’t be pulling any of project pan products into this series but they’re obviously still going to be used).
  • I commit to reviewing each product I select, either in a mini review in my wrap up post for the month or in a seperate, more detailed review if I feel it warrants one.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure how this is going to turn out but I’m going to give it a try!


So, I realize we are now 2 weeks into January and I’m a little late with this but I had some other posts to get up before this one.  Rest assured though, I selected my products for January at the beginning of the month and I’ve been sticking to my rules of using only them, which I’m feeling pretty good about!  Here’s what I selected for January:




Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara Primer

Viseart Theory Palette (Amethyst) 

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Stay tuned for my wrap-up post in a couple of weeks – thanks for reading!

*Denotes PR products sent to me for review.



  1. CosmeticChaos says

    I have been doing something similar, but i’m working more on a “use it or lose it rule” I pull things from my collection that I don’t use/ever reach for, and for one week they sit in a basket that I have to pull from. If I don’t use the product when it’s in the basket, it goes. Bye bye non-used products.

  2. polishedandinspired says

    Great idea! I also find that I go for the same products over and over again – there are some things I hauled months ago that I haven’t even touched! This is going to be a really good way to get some use out of all the products in your collection, as well as to get a few reviews on your blog too 🙂
    Oh, is that Elf palette beautiful! At first I thought it was one of the ABH Glow Kits.

  3. Robyn says

    What a great idea! I have found I’ve been inadvertently doing this and have been using pretty much the same products consistently this month and the eye shadow palette that I’ve been using is the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  4. stashy says

    How do you like the Neutrogena SheerZinc face? I bought that last summer along with the body one and I like the face one better – it’s less chalky looking but it’s still not perfect.
    I’ve had my Milani Luminoso blush for YEARS and it still looks brand new. I love that blush though.
    Great to have a focus for the month especially with so much makeup in our collection! Hope you’re enjoying that Viseart Theory Palette! I want one…

    • prettyrufflife says

      I like the SheerZinc face but it definitely does make me look chalky and white(r). I appreciate that it isn’t greasy and doesn’t make me oily at all though. It’s hard to find a sunscreen that does it all!

      Love Luminioso and love that Theory palette – both are gorgeous! 🙂

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