Simply Beautiful Editors Box – Winter 2017

Last month I was lucky enough to receive another Simply Beautiful Editors Box as a gift  from a friend and like last time (read my review of their Fall Box here), I thought I’d share what was inside with you!


The Simply Beautiful Editors Box is a subscription box is curated by the online magazine BC Living; A little more about the box itself, from their website:

“At BC Living, we get to test hundreds of products every year, so we know what’s worth getting excited about—and we want to share that excitement with you!

Since 2010, we’ve been telling you about our favourite finds on, but now we want to actually put those products in your hands and in your home.

Whether it’s updates for your decor, pantry or personal style, we have pulled together items that will make you feel good. Perhaps it’s an essential oil to help you feel calm, a beautiful piece of jewellery to make you feel luxurious or a special tea to give you a sense of peace—we believe that being surrounded by beauty can make life that much sweeter.

And by incorporating these beautiful new items into your life, we hope you’ll be motivated to clear away the clutter and take time to reflect and appreciate the simply wonderful things already around you. Enjoy!”


This box will cost you $88 CAD plus taxes; shipping is free within Canada.  There is also an option to pay $36 a month but that ends up costing you more ($108 CAD to be exact) – which is weird.  Each box will have an approximate value ranging from $150 to $200 CAD.

Boxes are sent every 90 days and include 6 to 8 curated products for the body, home and soul, including beauty products, style pieces, home decor and more.


This was what the box looked like when it arrived:

Like last time, I thought the box design was really cute and unique.

Upon opening, this is what I found:

The flip side of the product card has the value of this season’s box slated at $188.

Note: When I initially received the box and went through everything, I noticed that I was missing two items (the brush cleanser and the hair oil) which was a little disappointing.  I contacted them and they were great about it and said that they would ship those two items out asap – I received them about a week later.

Now, onto the products included inside:

Canvas Candle Co. Best Coast Soy Candle – $16

Breathe in the scent of the holidays with this 100% soy wax candle from Port Moody, B.C.;s Canvas Candle Co.  Representing the best of the West Coat, the fragrance captures the essence of the wilderness with evergreen, cedarwood and a calming vetiver essential oil.  The hand-poured candle is made with non-toxic oils and features a cotton wick so you can enjoy a clean and safe burn.

I’ve yet to burn this candle but it smells really good and I love that it’s 100% soy wax.

Tea Pigs Creme Caramel Roobios Tea – $10

Is there anything more relaxing that a hot cup of tea.  Warm up from the inside out with teapigs quality who leaf tea.  The “temples” are made from biodegradable cornstarch, and the spacious bags allow maximum room for perfect flavour infusion.  Each tea we’ve chosen was selected with the goal of making you feel like you’re enjoying a hug in a mug.

This tea sounded so delicious that I couldn’t wait to try it; I’ve had it once and I was kind of disappointed in it – it kind of just tasted like nothing.  Adding some sugar seemed to help but it actually has added sugar in it already so I was surprised it lacked flavour.

Ativo Skincare Blush Cleanser – $25

You’ve been meaning to clean your makeup brushes for a while now, haven’t you?  Well, the holidays are the perfect time to tackle this task.  This solid brush cleaner from Vancouver’s Ativo Skincare will clean and condition while washing away dirt and bacteria.  

I’m currently using Dr. Bronners Liquid Soap to clean my brushes and I’m kind of over it – it doesn’t seem to be doing the best job lately.  I haven’t tried a solid brush cleanser before so I’m intrigued by this!

Blush Peony Fireside Slipper Socks – $38

The ultimate in coziness, these gorgeous twist knit, fleece-lined slipper socks are like a blanket for your feet.  Grab a magazine and snuggle up fireside in pure comfort.  For those who are always chilly, these socks are great to wear even while sleeping on cold winter nights.  One warning: you better stash them in a safe place or someone else in your household is sure to steal them.

I have wanted a pair of slipper socks forever (okay probably more like a year) so I was so excited to see these in the box.  Unfortunately they were kind of a letdown.  I wore them once and while they were super cozy and comfy, they stretched out so badly that they were falling off my feet.  I’ve contemplated throwing them in the washing machine and dryer but it states they need to be hand washed –  I might try it anyway given that they are pretty much un-wearable at this point.

Vitality Relax Herbal Aid – $15

Take a chill pill – literally.  From Vancouver-based Vitality supplements, Relax+ is an effective herbal aid to provide fast relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia and interrupted sleep.  It provides support when you need it and can be taken during the day or night to gently calm your hectic holiday mind, nerves and body.  To put your mind even more at ease, Vitality’s products are made in Canada and free of animal products, gluten, soy, artificial colours and preservatives.

I’m very intrigued by this product; I tend to suffer from some anxiety when flying so I’m wondering if this could help with that.  I’ll definitely be taking it with me on my next flight to test it out.

Redavid Orchid Oil Hair Treatment – $14

Hair feeling frizzy and full of static?  Combat the cold weather with this ultra-nourishing (and amazing smelling!) hair serum from Vancouver’s Redavid salon products.  Even those with finer hair will find this lightweight formula does not weigh hair down as it smoothes and shines your tresses.  All of Redavid’s products are naturally sourced, B.C.-developed and manufactured, and use only the highest quality ingredients.

I have fine hair so I’m always on the lookout for lightweight serums that won’t weigh my hair down or make it greasy; this sounds like it will work great to smooth frizz and my unruly ends.

Olive & Piper Ellie Dot Choker Necklace – $35

You didn’t think we’d give you a holiday box without some bling inside, did you?  This elegant necklace from Vancouver’s Olive & Piper is the perfect final touch for any outfit this holiday season and can even be layered with longer pieces for a real statement.  With its tiny gold beads for embellishment, the Ellie Dot necklace is simplicity at its best.

This is a cute necklace and I much prefer this over the earrings from last months box (I don’t wear earrings)!

Delia Organics Dose of C Eye Magnify – $30

Perk  up your sleepy, winter eyes with this refreshing Vitamin C gel from Vancouver’s Delia Organics.  Use it daily under makeup (or alone) for the perfect balance of moisture, protection and restoration.  Plus, for those mornings after holiday parties, the cooling gel aids in reducing puffiness and inflammation.  The bonus?  All of Delia’s products are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made in small batches with natural and organic ingredients.

This couldn’t have come along a better time, I had just finished up my eye cream when this was delivered.  I’ve been using this for a month and so far, it’s okay.  It has a cooling jelly-like texture and sometimes it stings when I apply it.  I’m not really seeing much for results at this point but I’m going to continue using it with the hope that I will.

Simply Beautiful Cocktail Napkins – $5

You can never go wrong with black and white stripes.  The entertaining season is in full-swing, and these chic cocktail napkins are perfect to have on hand when guests drop by for a drink.  You can also use them as a liner for holiday baking in gift boxes and baskets.  Or save them until New Year’s Eve to complement your elegant canapes and champagne.

Perhaps a weird addition to the box although I must admit I like cocktail napkins; I love buying ones themed for the season. Definitely something I’ll make use of!



Overall I’d say that the Winter 2017 Box was good. The fact that two items were missed was a little concerning at first (especially since one was a large item) but they rectified the situation to my satisfaction.  I’m pretty disappointed with the quality of the slipper socks but overall I think I’ll get some good use out of the rest of the items in the box.

What product from the box interests you most?  Let me know below!


  1. Robyn says

    What a beautiful selection of items! I haven’t heard of this subscription box but it certainly looks like a nice treat ? and a great gift idea! Those socks look sooooo cozy, sorry to hear they were a let down though!

    • prettyrufflife says

      The eye cream is really great – it’s actually one that I can see results with after using (never happens). Also I love the candle – it smells like Christmas.

      I do think the box is generally a good value overall, but like any box you’re likely to receive things that just aren’t your preference. Ultimately it’s a gamble but it’s also fun to receive a surprise in the mail every quarter! 😉

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