This & That Fridays – January 12

Welcome to the very first This & That Fridays of 2018!



It’s freaking cold here.  That is all.


Mr. PRL and I have recently gotten into playing board games and we were in need of a new one so I ordered Ticket to Ride: Germany edition from Amazon last week.  We played it for the first time on Saturday and I am hooked – it’s a little complicated to get the hang of but once you do, it’s a blast.  Also I won so what is there not to like? 😉

On Boxing Day I picked up this chenille cardigan from Gap and OMG it’s the coziest, comfiest sweater ever – I love it!

New year, new goat calendar.  The way they climb those trees with confidence is inspiring.  PS – yesterday I learned where argan oil comes from and that was….how would I describe it?  Eye-opening?  Belinda Laurie said I ruined her life after sharing this with her so read with caution (lmao).

Another Boxing Day find – a selfie light!  Now I didn’t buy this for actual selfies but for taking photos for my blog and I’m impressed, it actually makes a difference (especially with my fickle iPhone camera).  There’s no way I’d pay $22 for it but for $7 it was a good investment.


I need this Poodle Planter asap.  And the coordinating Hedgehog of course.

Spring and Summer feel very, very far away right now (currently -34C with windchill) but that’s not stopping me from looking at cute warm weather clothes.  I love the look of this simple striped dress plus it has POCKETS!

So I think I’m going to do it, I’m going to redeem my Shopper’s Optimum Points this weekend!  They have a Super Spend Your Points event so I can get $210 of free stuff!  What’s topping my list at the moment is the Simple Human Mini Sensor mirror.

I’m making this recipe tomorrow, using our new pasta maker!  Can’t go wrong with a Giada recipe.


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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Polished and Inspired says

    I don’t know if your friends are into board games, but it’s fun to play Ticket to Ride in a small group! When you’re getting used to the game, you tend to focus on building your routes, but as you get better at it, you can start sabotaging other players by putting one of your trains on their route ?

    So you’re telling me that we’re slathering something on our faces that’s been in goat poo? Wonderful.

    I’m so over this winter thing too, my brain is also in full spring mode! Dresses with pockets is the absolute best.

    Oh my gosh, that Simple Human sensor mirror would be such a great item to use your points on! Their mirrors are at the top of my makeup vanity wishlist, but they’re so pricey.

  2. Robyn says

    I love playing board games with my husband (I love that you called yours Mr PRL, I should start calling mine Mr. Lipstick on the Lake, haha I’m sure he would love that ?) and friends so I’ll have to check that out!!

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