Decluttering in 2017: Project Pan Final Update

2017 was the year of the declutter for me; I went through my entire beauty product collection (makeup (face), makeup (eyes & lips),  skincare and haircare and nail polish) and got rid of what no longer served a purpose.  If you’ve never done this and have even a decent-sized collection, I totally recommend it.  You don’t realize how much stuff you can acquire and never really use!

After I decluttered and evaluated my collection, I also decided to do a Project Pan for the first time.  I started out the year with 4 products I wanted to hit pan on and another 16 products I wanted to finish completely; I also added products to it along the year.  While at times I found it a little boring and repetitive to use the same products day after day, I also found it extremely satisfying to actually finish those same products (or at least get some noticeable use out of them).

That said, I definitely learned a few things along the way.  First up, I took on way too much.  While I’m happy with the progress I made, it wasn’t realistic, for example, to throw another 5 lip products into my project in September and expect to finish them all (duh).  Going forward I’m going to be more realistic about what I include – I want it to challenge me but not be downright impossible.

Secondly, if I hate a product, I need to stop forcing myself to continue to use it.  There were a few products in this group that I just dreaded using and didn’t serve their intended purpose at all, yet I still used them up.  I just need to learn to let go and get rid of them.

Thirdly, I’m scaling back (even further) on my beauty purchases.  It can take years to fully use up an eyeshadow palette or a blush if you own more than one (which I definitely do).  In the meantime, products in my collection are aging, expiring and going bad and I’m in Sephora buying yet another eyeshadow palette.  I’m not going to say I’m not going to be buying new makeup in 2018 but I can tell you that it’s definitely going to be a lot less.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, let’s get into the products I used up since my last update in September!:


Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

Initially I didn’t think there was a lot left in this tube but there was a lot more than I thought so it took me a couple of months to finish this.  I don’t think they make this specific primer any longer but I’m not disappointed by that because I didn’t find it all that great.  I didn’t really notice a huge difference in illumination after applying this nor did I find my foundation applied any better after using it.

Repurchase?: No

bareMinerals Original Foundation

I wore this foundation for years and loved it when my skin was a little more oily.  Now that it’s more dry I’m not as crazy about it.  I find it can really emphasize my dry patches and settle into my pores but that is kind of common thing for me with powder foundations period.  I also find it messy – I’m not really a fan of loose powders in general as they tend to float around everywhere.  That said, I did really like using this while on vacation if I was headed to the beach or pool; it’s lightweight, offers great coverage, contains SPF 25 and was very easy to re-apply.  Would I repurchase it specifically for that purpose?  Maybe but I’d like to test out some pressed powder foundations first to see how they’d compare.

Repurchase?: Maybe

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Glycolic Acid Cracked Heel Treatment

I know this says heel treatment but I actually use this all over my feet and it works really well.  I am really hard on my feet, particularly in the Summer months so having a product like this is a necessity – it softens and smooths them and keeps them perfectly moisturized.  Sadly I haven’t been able to find this in store but if I ever come across it again, I’ll definitely be picking up a tub or two.

Repurchase?: Yes

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

You can read my full review on this foundation here; for the most part my opinion really hasn’t changed aside from the fact that I find I get oily around the 5 hour mark now and enough so that I need to definitely blot around the 7 hour mark.  Overall it’s a decent foundation and one that I would consider repurchasing in the future.

Repurchase?: Yes

Tarte Lip Gloss X 5

I finally finished up all of these lip glosses – hallelujah!  I didn’t think it was ever going to happen, despite the fact that these are all minis.  As I’ve mentioned before they don’t sell these glosses any more but they’re aren’t bad – kind of a standard gloss overall.

Note: In my last decluttering update I incorrectly noted there being 6 of these lip glosses but in reality there were only 5!

Repurchase?: n/a

bareMinerals Well-Rested CC Eye Primer

This eye primer literally lasted me 11 months of almost daily use, which sounds like a good thing.  Unfortunately I kind of hated this.  First of all, it was super yellow on my eyelids (guessing that’s where the colour-correcting comes into play); secondly it did absolutely nothing to prolong the wear of my eyeshadow; thirdly using this under my eyes was an absolute no go, it instantly sunk into and exaggerated every fine line and made me look about 20 years older.  This is quite possibly the worst eye product I’ve ever used and I’m so glad to be done with it.

Repurchase?: No

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate (103)

This was a decent lipstick – definitely long-lasting, applied smoothly and a little dry but not too bad.  Honestly I’ve determined that I’m not really much of a lipstick person aside from nudes so I wouldn’t purchase this particularly shade again but I would consider the formula.

Repurchase?: Yes


I had also set a goal to hit pan on a few of my eyeshadow palettes and a blush; here’s how these “panned” (hardy har har har….couldn’t resist) out:

Tarte Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette

My goal with this palette was to hit pan on four shades – I only hit pan on 2, although I came very close on 2 others.  Considering I had two other palettes I was trying to use up in addition to this one, I’m pretty happy with the progress I made.

Repurchase?: N/a (limited edition)

Too Faced Matte Eye Palette

My goal with this palette was to completely use four shadows (Tufted Suede, Chinchilla, Fresh Linen and Vintage Violet) and make a dent in the others.  As you can see, I didn’t completely use up any of them but I did make some noticeable progress on them.  While this palette is old and the shadows are drier than they used to be, I find it pairs well with palettes where I need a good base shade to set my eyelid primer or a matte crease shade.

Repurchase?: N/a (no longer available)

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This is one of my favourite palettes in my collection but it’s also old and need to be used up.  My goal was to completely use up 4 shades (Virgin, Sin, Naked & Toasted) and make progress on the other shadows.  Using up Virgin and Sin was super easy as there wasn’t much left in the pan but I didn’t accomplish the other two (although I did make progress on them).

Repurchase?: Yes

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush (Flush)

I was told that this product was going to be a challenge and boy was that a good assessment; I used this blush 4-5 times a week for a frigging year and I couldn’t even hit a hint of pan on it!  You can see I managed to fade the design imprinted on it and break the hinge on the packaging but that’s about it – so frustrating!  I think I can attribute this to the dry packed formula of these blushes, which I guess is a good thing – I definitely got value for my money here.

Repurchase?: Yes

Summary – Project Pan 2017

I completely finished 16 products which included one fragrance, two foundations, two eyeshadow primers, two lipsticks and five (mini) lip glosses.  I’ve linked reviews for the products I finished (or lost/broke below) for reference.


  1. Givenchy Play for Her
  2. Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Glycolic Acid Cracked Heel Treatment
  3. Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil
  4. Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Multi-Correcting Cream
  5. Shiseido Ulimune Eye Power Infusing Concentrate
  6. Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips
  7. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
  8. Maybelline Instant Agent Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer
  9. bareMinerals Well-Rested CC Eye Primer
  10. blinc Lash Discovery Duo
  11. bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lipstick (Speak Your Mind)
  12. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate (103)
  13. Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer
  14. Tarte Lip Gloss X 5
  15. Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer
  16. bareMinerals Original Foundation


  1. Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Oil Free Foundation


  1. NYX Creamy Round Lipstick (Paris)
  2. CG Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation


  1. It’s a Ten Miracle Leave-In Product
  2. Tarte Maracuja Oil
  3. NYX Creamy Round Lipstick (Paris)
  4. bareMinerals All Over Face Colour (Warmth)
  5. Victoria Secret Love Spell Body Spray
  6. Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day Body Spray
  7. L’Oreal Infalliable Makeup Extending Setting Spray
  8. Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (Lumunious Gold)
  9. Tarte Dazed Cheek Tint
  10. The Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush
  11. bareMinerals Concealer (Well-Rested)
  12. bareMinerals Mineral Veil
  13. Kiko Eye Base Primer
  14. Tokyo Milk Dark Salted Caramel Bee Balm & Jasmine Lip Balm
  15. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (Melted Fig)
  16. NYX Butter Gloss (Strawberry Cheesecake)
  17. Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (VI418)
  18. elf Matte Lip Colour (Tea Rose)
  19. NYX Retractable Lip Liner (Soft Pink)

2018 Project Pan

I will be doing another Project Pan in 2018 so keep an eye out for that post next week.  Many of the products I didn’t finish in 2017 will be making an appearance again in 2018 but I’m going to be taking a more realistic approach to it this time around. 😉

If you participate in a project pan please leave me links to your post(s) below!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Polished and Inspired says

    Nicole, you did such a good job on your declutter this year, and well as your empties. Finishing 16 products is not easy!
    I can’t believe you hit pan on SO many shadows, and you completely cleaned out Sin and Virgin. That’s a huge achievement! I’ve owned the Naked Palette since it came out and haven’t been able to hit pan on any of the shades, even though for a while (before I started hoarding makeup), I was using it exclusively. I think you’ve inspired me to put it in my second Project Pan of the year!

    I think a lot of us try to finish up a product that we don’t like…it’s probably us trying not to waste our money so we try using it up, even though we hate every second of it!

    Your comment about stuff in your collection getting old and expiring while you’re off in Sephora buying new stuff totally resonates with me. But like you said, sometimes it takes years to finish something like a blush or an eye palette, and it’s easy to get bored of using the same old products when you get sucked in to all the shiny new products, you know?

  2. Vanessa says

    I really want to try the Tarte 12 hour crush blush! I’m seriously impressed at how many products you made it through. I did a semi-clean up of my products and threw out a few things I haven’t used in years. It feels great to have the products I do use at easier reach now. I don’t do project pan, but I think it’s really cool to see other people’s!

  3. stashy says

    You did so well! Those eye shadow pans are so sexy. 😉
    I hear you on how repetitive and boring it gets trying to use the same things day in, day out. I’m not sure I could do it again myself. And yes, I’ve learned that life is too short to continue to try to use up something I hate. Nope!

    I’m trying to remember if I own that BBW cracked heel treatment… I feel like I might have it kicking around! If not, I’m going to try it. Right now I’m finishing up the Aveda foot cream which also has AHA and works really well. The BBW might be a cheaper option.

    Finishing a lipstick deserves a standing ovation, in my opinion. But that could be because I don’t wear lipsticks too often. Or, let me clarify – I apply in the mornings and never reapply during the day!

    Blush panning is IMPOSSIBLE, I tell you! I only ever finished one full size blush and that was back in the day when I owned 1 blush in my collection.

    I’m in the midst of doing a big declutter right now… it’s shocking how many things I’ve hung onto.

  4. jodi says

    It is so difficult to finish up powder makeup! I had an Urban Decay face powder that seemed to be endless!
    Good job though on finishing up as much as you did!

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