A Weekend in Seattle

Back in October, we flew to Seattle for a weekend getaway.  We’ve been to Seattle before and it’s one of my favourite cities that we’ve visited.  It’s a little over an hour flight from Calgary which makes it an easy getaway for us; we love the relaxed vibe of the city,. in addition to it’s proximity to the ocean, and amazing restaurants and shopping.


Sheraton Seattle

I’ll repeat again that I’m such a bad travel blogger – I totally forgot to take pictures of the hotel and room we stayed in.  I can tell you it was a great hotel though; we had a great room on a high floor with a fantastic view.  It was spacious and had everything we needed, including a super comfy bed.  The hotel is in a fantastic location – it’s a short walk to Pike Place and restaurants and shopping are right nearby.  It’s not the first time we’ve stayed in this hotel and I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again.


Boeing Factory Tour

Neither of us are huge aviation buffs but this tour had rave reviews online and it sounded pretty interesting. We didn’t rent a car on this trip so we arranged for a tour through a tour company and that worked out really well. Our Tour Operator picked us up at our hotel and dropped us off downtown afterward. The tour includes admission to the Museum of Flight – it only took us about 10 minutes to walk through but there are a couple of interesting things to see – including the inside of an old cockpit that you could sit in (see above) and an actual engine.

After that we did the actual tour; they took us into the working hangers where we we watched planes being built from scratch which was so interesting and fascinating to see.  Unfortunately they do not allow cameras on the tour (you actually have to lock up your cell phones in lockers prior to the tour and will be kicked out if they catch you with one during the tour) which is unfortunate because the entire operation is amazing, but I get whey they don’t.

After the tour we were able to stand outside of the museum and watch new planes do their test runs before they are delivered to their rightful owners.  The Boeing Dreamlifter was also there which was pretty cool; this is a plane that exclusively transports parts and components for Boeing’s Dreamliner.  It’s hard to tell from the picture above but that thing is huge!

We were super pleased with this tour – it was so interesting and we totally recommend it if you’re in Seattle!

Pike Place Market

This is one of my favourite spots in Seattle; it’s a bustling, busy place but it’s a must-see if you’re there. It’s filled with amazing food and unique shops and vendors. Some of my favourites are the flower vendors (the flowers are so cheap and beautiful!), Chukkar’s Cherries (do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of their Chocolate Cherry Sauce) and Pike’s BBQ (more on them below)

Road Dawg Distillery Tour

I had never done a distillery tour before so I wasn’t really sure to expect – so I was a little shocked to learn that we were going to be tasting hard liquor straight-up (so basically shots). Haha! We visited 3 local distilleries, two that were quite small and one that was larger. We tasted everything from vodka to whiskey, gin to moonshine – some were easier to drink than others.

My favourite stop was Letterpress Distillery; they distill vodka but also make limoncello which was the highlight for me.  I’m not even a big limoncello fan but this stuff was amazing!   and I’m not even a big limoncello fan but theirs was delicious.  They have actually won awards from it (very well deserved in my opinion); we would have loved to bring a bottle or two back home with us but we just brought carry-ons with us so that wasn’t an option.

Overall the tour itself was a fun experience and if you like hard liquor I think you’d really enjoy this.

Savour Seattle Food Tour (Booze n’ Bites Tour)

Seattle is known for having a lively and diverse food scene so we thought we’d try a food tour to discover some hidden gems. Our tour hit up five different places – a ginger beer “bar”, a Mexican restaurant, an Asian restaurant and a former-brothel-turned tavern, and a brewery. Our guide gave us the histories and backgrounds of each of our stops and we got to sample some pretty good food and drinks along with it.


If you are a large city who lacks a decent shopping scene in your downtown area (or wherever you encourage tourists to convene), you get knocked a few points in my book (cough, cough….Denver…..Nashville). Thankfully Seattle does not fall into this category. In fact, I’m going to say that it’s one of my favourite places to shop in the US period. They don’t have one large mall per say but shops are scattered throughout a section of downtown and are interlaced with restaurants and hotels. They have all the regulars – Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora, etc. but they also have a Nordstrom Rack and a Target too. Now if only they had an Ulta (my wallet disagrees!).


Mr. PRL is a huge NFL fan and this trip was actually centered around a game; his beloved Indianapolis Colts were playing the Sunday Nite game against the Seahawks so naturally we had to go. I’m not a huge football fan but I will ocassionally sit and watch a game at home on a Sunday and I cheer for Seattle (as they are the closest NFL team to us) so I was excited to go.

NFL Games are pretty fun even if you’re not a fan – the stadiums are huge and filled with all kind of delicious food, plus the fans are passionate and engaged.  We had a great time and would totally go back.

Other recommendations: Space Needle (you have to!); Experience Music Project; Smith Tower; Waterfront Park; Bill Speigel’s Underground Tour


Vons 1000 Spirits

This place has amazing fresh sourdough pasta and unique cocktails; it’s a must-visit any time we are in Seattle. Definitely recommend the Mac n’ Cheese!

Alibi Room

Another long-time favourite of ours; this is a little dive bar-esqe spot located in Post Alley right across from the famous Gum Wall (which I’ll never understand the appeal of) that has the best pizza ever.  This time around we also enjoyed a Orichette Mac n’ Cheese here that was delicious.  This is probably my favourite place to eat in Seattle ever – it never disappoints!

Pikes Bar-B-Que

We discovered this place one day as we were wandering through Pike Place Market; they were handing out samples of pulled pork at 10 AM which seemed too early for meat but we tried it anyway.

That little sample sucked us in and we ended up enjoying humongous pulled pork sandwiches, the best potato salad I’ve ever had (I don’t even like potato salad) and Dr. Peppers for breakfast. It was honestly one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had and it was on par with the bbq we had in Nashville a few weeks later (and that was goooood bbq!)  Bonus: as we were eating our meals they kept passing us free samples of their other menu items.  We both left there extremely stuffed and happy!

Piroshsky Piroshsky

This little Russian bakery always has a long line outside of it so one morning we decided to see what all the fuss was about (plus you can’t have bbq for breakfast twice in a row). We each got a pastry and they were good; worth standing in line for hours for? Probably not but we only waited for around 10 minutes and it was worth that.

Other recommendations: Rachel’s Ginger Beer; The Pink Door; Fran’s Chocolates (you MUST get yourself some of Obama’s favourite sea salt caramels!)

Have you ever visited Seattle? If so what’s your favourite thing to do there?


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