This & That Fridays – October 13

Happy Friday the 13th!¬† Are you superstitious? Or just a little-stitious? ūüėȬ† #michaelscottlogic



Have I stated before how much I love Seattle?¬† We were there a for a few nights a couple weeks ago and we had such a great time.¬† We do a Boeing factory tour, a few food tours, some shopping and went to a Seahawks game.¬† A post all about our trip is coming soon…

We’re going to the Kings of Leon concert this weekend and I can’t wait – they are one of my favourite bands!

I need a new mascara – any recommendations?


I finally hopped on the AG Jean train with these (better late than never!) and I understand why everyone loves them.¬† Probably the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn.

I picked up that spooky Halloween phone from Lowes a few weekends ago – I just had to have it.¬† It’s so cool!

Technically I didn’t “purchase” this – my Mom gave it to me; a bodum french press.¬† I’ve always liked coffee but I can’t drink it because it makes me shaky and turns my stomach. I like decaf but it can be hard to find one that isn’t decaffeinated without solvents and chemicals.¬† I’m going to look for one this weekend and I’ll update you on both the coffee and the french press!


Tell me this isn’t the perfect Fall dress (and I’ll argue with you)!

Definitely going to give this recipe a whirl once I find some chemical-free decaf coffee!¬† I’ll be substituting almond milk though.

Am I the only one that had no idea that Sigma makes¬†eyeshadow palettes?¬† I knew about their brushes but that’s about it.¬† It actually looks really pretty and has decent reviews.

Now THIS sounds like super-fun board game!


Wendy Banner – A Fashionable Heart

Wendy is a fellow Canadian (technically she’s an American living in Canada but I’m just going to claim her as our own) blogger who has been doing this for over 10 years!¬† 10 years – can you believe that?¬† I thought that was super impressive.¬† She blogs about a variety of lifestyle topics – including beauty, music, and events.¬† What I love about Wendy is how supportive she is of others; each month she features a different blogger on her blog.¬† I was lucky enough to be featured a few months ago and I was super greatful.¬† If you don’t already, please go ahead and give her a follow! <3


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Have a wonderful weekend!


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