Decluttering in 2017: Project Pan – September Update

It’s time again for another update on my Project Pan for 2017.  If you’d like to read my initial post that details how and why I picked these products, you can read that here.  You can also read my June update here.  Things are still going well with this project – I’ve made some good progress on a lot of the products I included, even if you won’t be able to tell by my updates below.  As I expected,

For now, let’s review how things have been going for the last 9 months or so:


Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips

I finished the last one of these up last week and I’m glad they’re done; these just don’t work.  They’re not cut properly – at least for my nose – so they don’t clean out any of my pores.  Plus I don’t find they harden enough either.  Save your money and pick up the Biore instead!

Repurchase?: No

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer (Fair)

Everyone just raves about this concealer but honestly I’m just not a fan of it – I find it emphasizes dryness and fine lines under my eyes.  Most concealers do but this is worst than most.  Perhaps the brightening shade is better but there’s other concealers I prefer much more than this one.

Repurchase?: No

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil

This oil has amazing reviews online but I’m kind of confused why.  It works fine to tame fly aways and smooth over split ends but that’s about it, for me anyway.  My hair is way too fine to use an oil all over it so perhaps it works better that way; regardless I hated the scent and I just think it’s really expensive for what it is.

Repurchase?: No

Tarte Lip Gloss

These are the lip glosses that keep on ticking – I only finished one of these over the last couple months and I have another five to go!  I find throwing one in my purse helps with using them up but I’m adding a whole bunch more lip products to the project so it should be interesting to see how many I actually use up!  These aren’t bad lip glosses but these came in a holiday set and are not readily available so I couldn’t repurchase them even if I wanted to!

RIP – CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation

Sadly, shortly after my last update I dropped my bottle of CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation on the floor and it smashed into a million pieces.  I only had the chance to use it once or twice too!  Not only was sad but also really painful to clean up – one of the drawbacks of foundation in glass bottles.  That said, this is my favourite drugstore foundation so I forsee another bottle of this in my future sooner rather than later.

Repurchase?: Yes

Decluttering – Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Oil Free Foundation

So I added this foundation into the project in my last update but after using it a few times I decided I’m just going to declutter it.  I used to really like this foundation – it was lightweight and dried to a powdery finish; after trying it recently I find it sticks to any dry patches I have and then gets super oily within a couple hours.  It doesn’t seem to work with my skin anymore so I’m just saying goodbye to it – it’s for the best.

Repurchase?: No


Estee Lauder Illuminating Perfecting Primer

There isn’t much left in this tube but I just need to finish it up; I find I tend to use illuminating primers more in the Winter because my skin can look dull.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer (Lumunious Gold)

This has barely been touched so once I finish up the Estee Lauder one above (which won’t take long), I’ll be moving on to this one.

Tarte Dazed Cheek Tint

I’m planning on using this underneath the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush because I find in the Winter it can enhance the redness in my skin (it’s a very cool toned pink); this is a warm rose shade so I’m thinking this should warm it up a bit and make it a little more wearable.

The Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush

This is a mini sample of this bronzer/blush and I’ve had it for years and barely touched it.  It’s a bit too light to be used as a bronzer for me but I’ll be using this as a blush or eyeshadow; the pan is so small I don’t see it taking me long to finish it up.

bareMinerals Original Foundation / Concealer (Well-Rested) / Mineral Veil

I usually like to take this with me on vacation but I’ve forgotten it the last few times and the foundation and concealer are getting old.  The mineral veil is only about a year old but I figured I might as well throw it in there.

Kiko Eye Base Primer

I’m soclose to using up the two eye primers I’m currently using (and were a part of this project) so I figured I might as well another one for when they finally run out.  This primer isn’t my favourite but it gets the job done.

Tokyo Milk Dark Salted Caramel Bee Balm & Jasmine Lip Balm

I picked this lip balm up a few years ago and I’ve never even cracked it open.  I decided to keep this at my makeup vanity and use it in the morning as I’m applying my makeup.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick (Melted Fig)

I love this shade for Fall and it’s one of the most comfortable long wearing lip products I’ve ever tried.

NYX Butter Gloss (Strawberry Cheesecake)

This is a very pigmented gloss in a bright berry shade; I love the formula of these.

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (VI418)

I won this gloss, along with other Shiseido products, quite a few years ago from Dave Lackie.  It’s an intensely pigmented gloss in a super bright fuschia shade.  It’s getting old and I need to use it up.

elf Matte Lip Colour (Tea Rose)

There isn’t too many matte lip products that I like, this is another one of them.  The shade of this isn’t all that flattering on me but I figure I can top it with one of the many glosses I’ve included in this project to use it up.

NYX Retractable Lip Liner (Soft Pink)

I’m not sure why I ever bought this – it’s described a soft pink but I’d describe it more as a light and bright pink.  Again, it’s getting old so I figured I could wear this underneath a gloss to make it more wearable.

I’m not sure why I decided to add 50 different lip products this time – I have my work cut out for me.  My final update will be in December and it shall be interesting!

Thanks for reading!


  1. jodi - a brashattitude says

    I loved the Tokyo Milk Lip Balm. Wow, you really are making great progress in your project pan! I’m still working my way through my stash and am slowly making progress – an unofficial project pan I guess.

    • prettyrufflife says

      I felt like there wasn’t much to update this time around and there should have been more empty products but I’m getting pretty close on a lot of them so I think I’m going to be able to finish almost everything I set out to
      by the end of the year(aside from palettes of course). And all those lip products I added in…eeek!

  2. Robyn says

    Great progress! I have that Too Faced Melted Lipstick as well in the shade Fig.. I really like the colour but I’m not sure how I feel about the formula but I’m one of those weirdos who likes super matte liquid lipsticks, haha!

  3. Polished and Inspired says

    Oooh, I’m interested in hearing more about the luminous primers! I’m so into that type of thing lately.

    So sad the Covergirl foundation smashed – that is an atrocity! ?

    The Tokyomilk lip balm sounds bomb! Salted caramel and Jasmine? Yes please.

    Hmm, now I want to try the Too Faced Melted lipstick…I know you’re a fellow liquid lipstick non-wearer, so if you think it’s good then it should be okay!

    In terms of finishing the 50 lip products you chose – just layer 4 different products every time you wear lipstick ?

    • prettyrufflife says

      I think you’d like the TF Melted Lipsticks too – I only wish they had a better shade range, it’s kind of limited.

      Haha if you only knew how accurate your suggestion for layering lip products was – I do this all the time. I’m not a fan of wearing just lipstick so I’ve usually got a gloss or two on top! 😉

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