This & That Fridays – August 4


I’ve fallen a little behind on posts over the last week but I’m totally okay with it – I’ve just been enjoying Summer and haven’t much been motivated to blog.  It’s been pretty hot here so I was finding a bit difficult to be motivated to take pictures in my sauna of an office and sit at my computer any longer than I needed to.

So a few weeks ago someone tried to break into our house and it scared the crap out of me.  Thankfully they weren’t successful but man was that scary – and not something I want to relive!  I keep thinking what would have happened if they had made it in!

I had a hair appointment a few days ago and decided I wanted to do balyage; this is what I wanted:

But this is basically what I ended up with:

I HATE it; it doesn’t look anything like what I asked for and I’m so mad!  Guess who’s looking for a new hairdresser?

Palettes I won’t be adding to my collection: Anastasia Subculture (For obvious reasons but also the colours are completely unappealing to me); Urban Decay Naked Heat (This looks really pretty but I’m just not that in to warm shadows); Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette/Sephora Pro Palettes (too much $$$!)

lol this is 100% me when it comes to Games of Thrones…


I couldn’t resist this Dynamite dress (mine is navy tho)  – it’s really cute and it was only $20!

When we were in Montreal I picked up some Maple Butter – omg where has this been all my life?  So far I’ve only tried it on toast but it’s delicious!

I scored these super cute flat sandals a few weeks ago for such a great price – $24.99; I wore them while we were in Montreal and they were actually really comfortable!


Palettes I’d like to add to my collection: Lorac Mega Pro (I want this SO bad but I can’t justify the cost to ship this to Canada); Lorac Unzipped Desert Sunset Eye palette (so pretty!)

I know it’s just a t-shirt but I love the blue and white stripes on this one.

After having smoked meat egg roles in Montreal, I kind of want to try other egg roll variations – like these!


#GirlBoss – Sophia Amorusa: I honestly had never heard of Nasty Girl before reading this but if you have, this is her story.  It’s quite interesting and inspirational to learn where she came from compared to where she is now.

The Last Letter from Your Lover – Jojo Meyers: I read “After You” before this and it wasn’t my favourite; I liked this one lots better.  It wasn’t predictable like your typical love stories usually are.


A Weekend in Montreal

Review: Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette

Makeup Haul

Loving Lately – May & June 

Mac Amber Times Nine Eyeshadow Palette


Review: Lorac Pro 3

Review: Lorac Alter Ego Lip Glosses

Recipe Review: The Best #%*!& Chicken Sandwich Ever

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Polished and Inspired says

    Ohhh my gosh, I’m so sorry your place almost got broken into! So terrifying. The same has happened with us. Even though they didn’t get in, it still feels like a total violation, does it not? I’m glad you’re all okay, though.

    Even though your hair is nothing like you asked for, it’s really pretty! I know how it feels to be disappointed in your new ‘do though, regardless of what other people say about it. Where did you get it done? I’m actually going to get mine done tomorrow, colouring it for the first time in over a decade (balayage as well), and I’m terrified!

    My cousin who lives in Montreal bought us a small jar of maple butter when she came for our wedding…I wish I could get more of it. So incredible!

    The same palettes are on my don’t buy lost! I don’t understand the ABH Subculture palette at all, haha.

    Do you have Netflix? If so, you should watch #GirlBoss on there. I haven’t read the book though, but I just finished the show and it was hilarious. Before the book came out i also had never heard of Nasty Gal either!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yes absolutely terrifying and violating – having someone break in has always been a huge fear of mine. I’m just glad they didn’t make it in – thank god for strong doors and deadbolts!

      I went to RedBloom Salon – I’ve been going there for years. But I’m taking this as a sign that it’s time for a change. I love balyage – it’s so pretty and supposed to be very low-maintenance! I hope yours turned out well!

      Yes, I have Netflix – I’m going to add GirlBoss to my list. Funny enough, I was googling Nasty Gal the other day and I guess they declared bankruptcy not too long ago…I almost wish I didn’t read that, her book was so inpsiring.

      FYI I saw maple butter at Homesense last week!

      • Polished and Inspired says

        Right after I sent my comment I was like “wait, you’ve told me before you go to RedBloom” ? that’s unfortunate because they’re supposed to be amazing! I almost went there to get my hair done too.

        Whaaaat, Nasty Gal declared bankruptcy?! Crazy. Especially considering there’s a book AND a show about Sophia Amoruso and her company…

        Oh, YUM. Checking out Homesense ASAP!

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