Makeup Haul – Lorac, Kiko & more!

It’s time for a good old fashioned makeup haul!  I’ve been doing so much shopping lately – everywhere I look there’s sales and deals and pretty things.  I should really scale it back….*crickets*


A few weeks back I was in Vegas and of course, did some shopping.  I discovered that there was an Ulta not too far from the Strip so of course, I beelined it there (PS – if you’re in Vegas hit up Town Square Mall!  It’s a beautiful place, there’s an Ulta there and it’s less busy than the malls on the Strip. ) Here’s what I picked up:

Lorac Pro 3

I knew I wanted another Lorac palette because I LOVE the original Lorac Pro I picked up last year.  I had a hard time deciding between this and the Unzipped palette but ultimately decided to go with this.  I’ve been using this regularly since I got it and I’ve been enjoying it – although not quite as much as the original.  Stay tuned for my full review!

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Cheek Palette

Initially I had planned on picking up a Lorac blush single but when I saw this palette I couldn’t resist it – it was such a good deal ($30 USD for the palette whereas a blush single retails for $23 USD)  Again, I’ve been using this regularly since I got back and I love it – I’ll have a full review on this one next week as it’s limited edition.

Lorac Alter Ego Lip Gloss Trio

I received a sample of one of these lip glosses last year with my purchase and fell in love with them.  Again, this set was an awesome deal so I couldn’t pass it up ($26 USD for all 3 vs. $17 USD for one)  All 3 shades are beautiful and very easy to wear – I’ll do a full review on this set as well!

Lorac PRO Matte Palette

I picked this palette up for my Mom as I wanted her to experience the gloriousness of Lorac shadows.  She told me she’s been loving it so that was good to hear – not that I was surprised.  This is a fantastic little travel or everyday palette, especially if you are a fan of matte shadows.  Think I might add this to my shopping list for my next trip.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (Light / Light Neutral)

The fact that this concealer has been out for over a year and we still don’t have access to it in Canada is a crime!  I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel on the first one I bought just under a year ago so I needed a refill.  This time I decided to pick up 2 in different shades – Light for under my eyes and Light Neutral for concealing blemishes.  Honestly, I’ve never came across a concealer better than this and I’m not sure I ever will – it’s just that good.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Highlighter (Sparkler)

This was a free gift I received with my purchase just because (another reason why I love Ulta); it’s a beautiful but intense shimmery rose gold highlighter.  It’s super soft and creamy which is not what I was expecting – most of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay products tend to be pretty dry.  My only complaint is that it is quite glittery and I’m not the biggest fan of glittery highlights.


I also visited the Kiko store in the Fashion Show mall while in Vegas and picked up quite a few things there too – they had a sale on so this was the result of me restraining myself:

Kiko High Pigment Eyeshadow (51 – Pearly Quartz Rose / 37 – Pearly Rose Gold / 46 – Matte Maueve)

I’ve never tried any of Kiko’s eyeshadows so I picked up a few to try out.  For the price, these aren’t bad – I consider them a middle of the road shadow.  They’re not super pigmented but are for the most part soft and blendable.  As you can see from the swatches #51 is kind of dry but it works okay as a base shade; #37 swatches beautifully but I have a bit of trouble getting it to look that pigmented on the eye.  I’m most pleased with #46 – it’s the most pigmented and easy to blend out of the 3.  I would pick up more of these but do some research beforehand on the best shades.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – 21 Passion Fruit

I swatched this shadow stick in-store and immediately fell in love with the shade – it’s a bright peach colour with a gold shimmer.  I’ve played with this a few times and while the colour payoff is there, I found it got a little patchy when I attempted to blend it out.  I have used eyelid primer underneath it each time though, so I’m going to try it out without that and see if that makes a difference (if these are long-lasting I technically shouldn’t need it anyway).  I’ll report back on how that goes!

Kiko makes some amazing brushes – they feel so high quality and luxurious – you’d never guess how reasonably priced they are!  I haven’t tried many Kiko products but out of the ones I have tried, their brushes have never disappointed me!

Lash/Brow Brush

This is the best eyebrow spoolie I’ve ever used in my life!  It’s super thick and bristly but it’s not too big that it makes it clunky to work with – it just smooths and combs out your brows with ease.  Totally wishing I had picked up another to try out on my lashes – I have a feeling it would work well for that purpose too.

Pencil Brush

I didn’t have a pencil brush in my collection prior to this and now that I have one I don’t know how I lived without it!  It makes placing eyeshadow along the lower lash line so easy and effortless.   It helps that this brush feels so sturdy and well-made and is super soft – love it!

3 in 1 Kabuki Brush

I’ll admit it – I bought this because it’s pretty.  The handle has a slightly holographic/pearl finish and it reflects so nicely in the light.  Thankfully this brush is more than just a pretty face – it works really well for blending out bronzer, blush, highlight and contour.  I’ve been using it everyday since I got it and I’m so impressed with it.


Lastly I used my $15 off coupon (that I had to contact them to get – grrrr!) from Sephora to pick these up:

Beauty Blender

Kinda boring but I needed a new one and despite trying several dupes, I just prefer the original over them all.

NARS Liquid Blush (Torrid)

I really wanted this liquid blush in Orgasm, but it was sold out on Sephora’s website.  I took this as a sign that I should try something new, so I picked up this bright coral shade.  This blush doesn’t fool around – a tiny drop goes a long way and it doesn’t take long to go from zero to clown status.  I’m still testing it out and I’m not sure how I feel about it but there will be a full review to come.

What products have you hauled lately?


  1. stashy says

    Ah such awesomeness! <3
    I can't blame you for the Lorac blush palette – that looks like an incredible deal. And ooh that Lorac PRO Matte Palette looks like a great supplement to a shimmery palette.
    I don't understand why Tarte won't bring Shape Tape here… is there an ingredient that isn't allowed, or something? I'm hesitant to order without trying it in person.
    I've only tried Kiko's baked shadows – they were quite good which surprised me. And yay, you got a Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow – I got a couple of them from my recent swap. I haven't worn them yet but all the reviews say they're amazing.
    That Kiko pencil brush looks like a shape I'd like for smudging liner. Mental note to look for this! 🙂
    Enjoy your goodies!!! 😀

    • prettyrufflife says

      I’m not sure why Tarte won’t bring Shape Tape here – it’s super annoying! We deserve good concealer too! If Ulta would just expand into Canada that would fix everything!

      I’m in love with every Kiko brush I’ve ever bought – they are seriously underrated. Such good quality!

      Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Stick eyeshadows! 🙂

  2. Robyn says

    I can’t wait to see your review of the Lorac Glosses! I’m normally not a gloss girl but the Buxom Gloss I got in your giveaway has opened up my mind! I’ve been loving the Buxom ones ever since (so thank you for that!).

    Great haul! I’ll be within range of Ulta again this weekend but I have to try my best to restrain myself ?

    • prettyrufflife says

      I think if you like the Buxom glosses you’d enjoy the Lorac ones; they’re pretty similar but don’t have the tingly effect that the Buxom ones do. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying them! 🙂 Good luck with restraining yourself at Ulta! 😉

  3. Polished and Inspired says

    Omggggosh amazing haul, girl. I freaking love everything you bought – the Lorac palettes especially!
    Dang, I had no idea the Fashion Show mall had a Kiko in it! You picked up some awesome-looking brushes. Is that a pencil brush I see? I’m currently in the market for one, haha!
    I know Ulta ships to Canada now, but I refuse to order from them because shipping is so expensive, so it’s awesome you got to visit a brick and mortar store while you were in Vegas.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yes that’s a pencil brush and it’s awesome. The Kiko brushes I’ve tried have been amazing – totally recommend them!

      Yah I won’t be buying anything from Ulta online – the prices are inflated and I’ve heard you get slammed with duties once it’s shipped. 🙁 So unfair.

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