Drugstore Haul & Reviews

Drugstore Haul

It’s time for a drugstore haul – I haven’t done one of these for a while!

I actually didn’t go and haul all of these items at once – I picked them up here and there and have been testing them out for the last couple months so I could do a collective haul and review!

First up, let’s chat about skincare:

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Gel Mask + Scrub

This is my second tube of this; I’ve raved about it a few times.  It’s a Scrub and Mask in one but I primarily use this as a scrub – usually a couple of times a week.  I’m kind of addicted to it if I’m being honest – I totally notice a difference in my skin when I don’t use this.  I find it helps clear my pores, remedy dry and flaky skin and assists in creating a smooth base to apply makeup.  The only thing that irritates me about this is the packaging – the cap refuses to close!  I wish they’d fix that but otherwise, this is a fantastic drugstore find!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream – SPF 15

This stuff is awesome.  I’ve heard it might be a dupe for some higher end moisturizers that I’ve used previously and I had to try it to see if it actually was.  So far – absolutely loving it, actually more so than the higher end ones!  I’m going to do a full review on it once I’ve finished up the entire tube so stay tuned for that.

Boots No.7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimizing Serum

I found this in the clearance section of Shoppers Drug Mart and couldn’t pass it up for the price (I think it was $4 or $5 CAD).  I’ve never tried anything by Boots and it sounded interesting – I haven’t come across very many pore minimizing serums, if any at all.  I’ve been using this as a off and on for about 3 weeks and so far I’m really happy with it.  It states it can be used as a serum or a base and I’ve been using it as a base  and I like how smoothly my foundation applies over top of it.  I’ve noticed that my pores look significantly smaller after applying it, but so far I haven’t seen a change in my pores permanently (although I’ve heard that’s not possible anyway).  The thing I like most about this is even though it contains dimethecone, it doesn’t feel like it does.  It’s almost like a very thin, lightweight moisturizer and I love that.

I should mention that it does note fragrance in the ingredients, although I don’t find it has any scent at all.  In addition I’m not sure I’ve noticed any difference in it combating oil (one of its claims) – that seems to have stayed pretty much the same.

L’Oreal Ideal Moisture Sensitive Skin Day Lotion

When I was looking for a new day-time moisturizer I wanted one with SPF in it but also  one that wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin – not always to find. I spotted this one in my grocery store (of all places!) and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.  It almost seemed to good to be true…

I used this for a week and at first, I was really enjoying it.  I didn’t need to use much of this because a little went a long way – one generous squeeze and I could cover my entire face.  It seemed to absorb quickly and left my skin feeling moisturized and soothed.  Then I started noticing how greasy my face was looking a few hours after applying my makeup; I have combination skin so I tend to get a little oily in my t-zone but this was straight-up grease-ball status.  I tried using it with various foundations but I always ended up with the same result. I’ll be adding this to my declutter pile.

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Moisturizer (Medium to Tan)

Before we went on vacation I searched and searched for my beloved Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I’m assuming they’ve discontinued it in Canada. 🙁  I was in dire need of an alternative given that I was about to sport a swimsuit despite my skin not having seen the light of day for months #frozenchicken.  I did some research online and the consensus on this was pretty positive.  In comparison to the BB Cream, this gave me a lot more colour – add to that natural looking colour – which was a pleasant surprise!  I was totally expecting to be tinted Oompa Loompa orange afterwards but after a couple of applications (note this is buildable), I just looked like I had spent a day in the sun.

I found it pretty easy to apply but I think I could have benefited from using a mitt with this, particularly in those difficult areas like knees, elbows and ankles.  On the negative side, this does have that typical self-tanner scent (which I actually don’t mind – I’m obviously weird).  In addition, it does fade quite quickly with water.  I found it disappeared a few days into vacation and worn off kind of patchy.  I think that being in the ocean/pool might have had something to do with that because I didn’t find it wore off as quickly or in patches at home after a shower or a bath.  Overall though, I’ll definitely be picking up another one of these once I finish this one up!

And now, makeup – and one haircare item!:

Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream (Light/Medium)

This is being tossed right into my declutter pile after only a couple of uses.  This is a delightful shade of pumpkin that only intensifies as it oxidizes – I don’t know who can actually wear this and look normal?  Tanning Mom maybe?  In addition this smells…organic – but not in a good way.  Like dirt almost.  Add to that it has a thick, mousse-like texture and lasts on my skin for all of 2 hours max.  Luckily I picked this up at Winners and only paid $6 for it but I can’t get over how bad this is.

CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream for Oily Skin (510 Fair)

I’ve been using this BB Cream for probably close to 2 months now so I have a good handle on how I feel about it.  I was hoping that this would be my easy everyday face product that I could just slap on and go…it doesn’t really check that box for me but I still like it.  Although I find that calling this a BB Cream is a bit of a stretch – it doesn’t contain sunscreen, it’s definitely not moisturizing and I’d liken it to more of a light/medium foundation.  But perhaps the definition of BB Cream is morphing.

What I like about this is that it has a thin, liquidy texture that blends nicely (I use my fingers or a Beauty Blender), it gives me a light to light-medium amount of coverage and the shade I have is a good match for my skin (although it’s too light for me right now).   However it’s not something I can wear all day – this starts to break apart on me around the 4-5 hour mark (worn on its own).  If I use concealer and powder that seems to extend its longevity but to me that kind of defeats the purpose of a BB Cream.  So I don’t really view this as a BB Cream, I view it more of a lightweight foundation and for that purpose, I like it, and am likely to repurchase it.

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer

I raved about this in my most recent Loving Lately post and my opinion has not changed – if anything I love it even more now.  I use it to cover blemishes and underneath my eyes and it just works so well for both purposes.  I find it buildable, although most days I am satisfied with the coverage it provides with one layer.  I don’t find it settles into fine lines or emphasizes dryness more than any other concealer I’ve used and it lasts all day.  I will debunk their claim that this visibly reduces the look of dark circles, spots, and imperfections for better looking skin in just three weeks.  I don’t have dark circles but this isn’t doing anything to reduce the look of any imperfections on my face.  That’s okay though – I don’t expect that of my concealer.  Very happy with this!

Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Volume Hairspray

Coconut-scented hairspray?  Yes please!  I brought this with me to Mexico and I absolutely fell in love with it – in addition to smelling absolutely amazing, it held my style in my hair really well but it wasn’t crunchy or sticky!  I’m almost done this travel-sized can but once I finish it up, I’m picking up the full-size stat!

L’Oreal Volumunious Extra Collagen Mascara

Mascara and I have been having a bit of a troubled relationship lately.  I’ve been testing out so many and every.single.one has flaked/smudged/transferred on me.  I thought I had used this one years ago and had some good results with it so I wanted to revisit it.  That seems to have been a good decision because I’ve been enjoying this!  I always want a mascara to thicken and volumize my lashes and this does just that.  I definitely found that it worked even better once I used the tube for a week vs. it being fresh – it added more volume and thickness to my lashes.  If I’m remembering correctly this does start to clump up quite a bit near the end of its lifespan but after using it for a month I haven’t experienced that yet.  My only annoyance with this is that it seems to run around $2-5 more than all the other L’Oreal mascaras – I guess collagen is expensive?

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Where has this been all my life?  This is my new favourite mascara and it doesn’t even do all the things I want a mascara to do!  This makes me look like I’m wearing a set of long, fluttery false lashes and I’m beyond impressed!  It volumizes and separates and I experience absolutely no clumping, flaking or smudging with this.  I only wish that it thickened my lashes a bit more but I won’t be greedy – it pretty much does everything else under the mascara rainbow.  The one complaint I have is that I find this a bit difficult to remove;  that’s especially annoying when I’m applying it and get it on my eyelid and nothing will take it off (without screwing up my eyeshadow of course)!  That little flaw hasn’t stopped me from loving it though – if you haven’t tried this, you need to!

Essence Easy 2 Use Jumbo Liner

I know I stated that I found my holy grail liquid liner in Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner but when I saw this I had to give it a try.  Mostly because I love it when a liner is shorter in length – I just find them so much easier to hold and apply.  Totally the case with this one – I wish I could find a brush tip liner with a similar design.  Unfortunately it’s a felt tip liner and we often don’t get along – I damage the tip really easily so they only usually last me a few uses.  In addition, while I found this super pigmented, I had to use my heavy-duty eyeshadow primer (Tarte Shadow Insurance) with this otherwise it transferred REALLY badly.  I’m talking about a huge-black-streak-across-my-upper-eyelid-kind of transferring.  I have excessively oily eyelids but have never experienced that kind of transferring before.  That said, I still think this is eyeliner is worth a try – it’s super cheap ($4 CAD) and is very easy to use, particularly if you struggle with liquid liner!

What products have you picked up from the drugstore lately?


  1. Belinda says

    As always – I really enjoyed this post. It was nice to be able to see a round up like this. Makes it so much easier reading a quick review of a bunch of things all in one place.

    I too tried the neutrogena moisturizer and LOVED IT. My only peeve with it is that it’s only spf 15. I wish they would up it to 30!

    And the maybelline mascara is EVERYTHING!! I first heard about it from stashmatters and haven’t looked back since. It’s SO GOOD. Kind of unbelievable at times. You’re totally right – makes the lashes look like falsies – 100%!

    • prettyrufflife says

      I wish they’d up the SPF too! Although then it might not work quite as well. It seems like it’s hard to get that balance of a high spf and a good moisturizer that isn’t greasy!

      Yes the Maybelline mascara is sooooo good – new favourite for sure! I’m so impressed with it. I’ve heard good things about the new L’Oreal mascara too – that’s next on my list to try.

      Thank you for stopping by Belinda! 🙂

  2. stashy says

    The Boots serum sounds good and you scored such an awesome deal. Wonder why they discontinued it… or maybe they’re just making space on the shelves? I’m such a sucker for that clearance section at Shoppers.
    Oh man, that Physician’s Formula CC cream sounds horrendous! Thanks for alerting me to it!
    Yes for the Maybelline Lash Sensation Mascara! There’s a reason why it was on my best discoveries last year. I normally hate Maybelline mascaras but that one delivers.
    I’ve just bought hair spray from the drugstore because I’m on a makeup / skincare no buy for May and June. *kicks pebble*

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yes totally addicted to the clearance section – I’ve got so many great deals there! You never know what you might find and every store always has different things.

      Yessss the Maybelline mascara is so so good – I couldn’t remember where I heard about it but it was probably your blog!

      Next time you need hairspray I recommend that Marc Anthony one – so good! 🙂

  3. Wendy says

    Man, I hate when lids don’t close properly. I had that happen recently on a bottle of shampoo that had a rounded end, so I had to lean it against things in the shower to keep it from spilling out. Ugh! But that sounds like a great product as a fellow dry skin sufferer, so I may just have to look into that! Ouch on that description of the CC cream. LOL!

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