This & That Fridays – May 26

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Last week we were on vacation in Mexico which already seems like a lifetime ago.  We stayed in Cancun at the Excellence Playa Mujeres resort – it’s the best all-inclusive resort I’ve ever stayed at.  I hope to have a review up next week!

have you seen/tried/heard?…

The weather this weekend is looking promising (after a crazy storm on Wednesday) so I think I’m going to give this bbq ribs recipe a whirl.  I’ve never made ribs before so I’m bit intimidated by them.

I don’t follow the Royals much but I really loved Pippa’s wedding dress – I thought she looked beautiful!  I thought Kate’s dress was kinda meh though.

I rarely drink coffee but when I do it’s iced.  I had a Toasted Coconut Cold Brew from Starbucks yesterday and I was disappointed.  It tasted like plain coffee – no coconut flavour whatsoever.  I’ll stick to the Sweet Cream Cold Brew (which is delicious btw!).

Is using sheet masks on flights now a thing?  I watched a vlog this week where this was a thing that happened and I was puzzled. My skin dries out on flights too but it seems a little…excessive?  Maybe it’s just me?  I don’t know.

Magnetic False Eyelashes?

recent purchases…

In my never-ending and exhausting quest for the perfect mascara, I tried this Maybelline one and it actually really impressed me.  Might just be my new favourite!

I needed some new shorts so I picked up a couple pairs of these from Old Navy.  So far I like them – they’re a good rise (not too high but not too low) and they haven’t stretched out (totally expected them to).

I bought these makeup removing wipes because I heard they were good…but in my opinion they’re really not good at all.  They are so strongly scented that I used two of them and threw them in my stash of “makeup remover wipes I use to wipe down my makeup desk/remove swatches”.  I’m just going to stick to the ones in the blue package (which work really well and don’t reek!).

I love my Coursa sneakers so much that I decided I needed another pair of Keds in my life; I picked up the Chillax slip-ons and so far – loving them.  So easy to slip on and off and they’re extremely comfortable!

currently coveting…

Emily Noel did a review of these Viseart palettes and now I really want one.  They look like they’d be perfect for travel.  That $60 price tag though…

Adorable! Completely impractical, but adorable!

These look insanely delicious!  Superstore always has the best frozen desserts.

Why is it so hard to find cute, comfy pajama sets?  I don’t want ones with cartoon characters on them nor do I want ones with shorts that might as well be underwear.  I like this set but they are on clearance for $75?!  Who pays that for pjs?

How pretty are these Ciate blushes?  The design is adorable!

Omg this cheesecake!  Do we have fruity pebbles in Canada?  I don’t know but I really want to make this!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Polished and Inspired says

    Haha, I also just watched a vlog this week where the girl put on a sheet mask on the plane. Sooo weird. I would feel so self-conscious. A clear face mask, sure. A sheet mask? Nope!

    Ooh, every girl needs those magnetic falsies in their life! Applying falsies is such a struggle.

    I love both wedding dresses, but now that I look back at it, the bottom of Kate Middleton’s is more plain than I remember it being. I like the top more though.

    Those Ciate blushes are a beauty to look at!

  2. stashy says

    I enjoyed looking at all your IG photos of your trip. I’ve never been to Mexico and I’m wary of going…
    I saw a review from Tati on the magnetic false lashes – total FAIL!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Ok now I think I’m remembering Tati trying these out…I need to search for that video. Sometimes she doesn’t always follow instructions though…

      Why are you wary of going to Mexico? I always feel a little leery going to and from the airport but once I’m at the resort I feel completely safe. 🙂

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