Decluttering in 2017: Makeup (Eye & Lip Products)

I’ve been trying to get this post up for weeks but my procrastination game was on point…if you don’t know by now that’s one of my specialties. ¬†ūüėČ

Another round of decluttering, this time I’m focusing on eye & lip products. ¬†Lip products are probably one of my favourites to buy and I probably could have gotten rid of more. ¬†As I’ve stated previously, I tried to follow¬†a process similar to my nail polish declutter where I went through my entire collection, pulled out my tried and true products and got rid of the rest. ¬†I find that a little harder to do with makeup because I’ve typically spent a lot more money on it and unless it’s irritating my skin, I usually just suck it up and use it til it’s gone. ¬†It’s something I need to get better at – life is too short to use crap products!


e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Palette (California)

I’ve had this palette for a few years and I never reach for it. ¬†It’s not the worst palette I’ve ever used but it’s definitely not a favourite either. ¬†The shadows are very soft (in colour) and muted and they pack a ton of glitter and fallout. ¬† If you like that kind of thing this might be for you but it’s not for me.

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour Trio (GY901)

I won this trio as part of a Shiseido giveaway from Dave Lackie a couple of years ago and it looked really promising. ¬†The shadows are nicely pigmented, soft and easy to blend. ¬†But no matter what primer I use on my eyes before hand, this fades and creases like crazy. ¬†As a result, I’m saying goodbye to it.

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo (Blackberry Frost)

I think this was passed on to me years ago as part of a gift with purchase; I made a decent dent in the lighter purple shade but the darker shade and the blush are kind of dry and crumbly. ¬†It’s old so it needs to go.

BareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 (Top Shelf)

This is such a good little duo but it’s what I used last year when I had the worst bout of pink eye ever and it’s not worth the risk involved in trying to sanitize it.

Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio Eyeshadows (Inked in Pink / Barely Branded / Pomegranate Punk)

These little cream eyeshadow pots are actually pretty good – they are impressively pigmented and smooth. ¬†I made a decent dent in Barely Branded but it’s dried out and needs to be chucked. ¬†Inked in Pink and Pomegranate Punk are still going strong but I never use them.

BareMinerals Eyecolor (Apricot Sugar)

I’m not usually a fan of loose eyeshadows – they’re just so messy. ¬†This one offers no real pigment and is exceptionally glittery.

Urban Decay Retrograde Eyeshadow (Stardust)

This is old enough that I don’t even think they make this line anymore; this is a pretty shimmery and glittery purple shadow but it’s pretty dry and not as pigmented as it should be.

Clinique Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo (Like Mink)

Another great little duo but I used this one during my eye episodes last year too (don’t ask why I needed 2 brown eyeshadow duos) and it’s contaminated and not worth sanitizing.


MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner (0L Matte Black)

This is quite old and has dried up – plus it’s near the end of it’s life anyway. ¬†I don’t mind these pencils but I think there are definitely cheaper options that work just as well (Buxom and Urban Decay’s versions come to mind)

CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus

I used to use these all the time when I was younger but now I just don’t find them creamy or smooth enough – they drag and pull at my eye when I try to apply them. ¬†Definitely better options out there.

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny

So many YouTubers have raved about this so I picked it up and I was disappointed. ¬†I used it once and I found it dry and it didn’t glide on like a gel liner should. ¬†Goodbye!

Shiseido Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil

This might be one of the worst eyeliners I’ve ever used in my life. ¬†Dry and hard doesn’t even begin to describe the texture of this – I’ve had the tip break off more times than I can count. ¬†In addition it’s really hard to get an even application because it’s nowhere near as pigmented as it should be. ¬†Huge fail here.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (Perversion / Mars)

I own many of these pencils and I honestly think they are some of, if not the best pencil liners you can buy. ¬†They glide on like butter, are extremely pigmented and last all day. ¬†Unfortunately Perversion smudges like crazy on me so that is one of the only ones that I don’t like. ¬†Mars is a beautiful green shade but I just don’t wear it so I’m getting rid of it.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes (005 Nude)

This was another failed “YouTube Made Me Buy It” purchase; I bought this to line my waterline but I couldn’t ever get it to apply properly there. ¬†At least it was cheap!

NYX Wonder Pencil (Light)

This is meant to be a concealer, eye brightener and reverse lip liner in one РI found it failed on all 3 fronts.  It was just way too drying for my tastes.  Sayonara!

BareMinerals Well Rested Concealing Kajal Eyeliner

This was the worst out of the nude eyeliners I’ve tried above – no matter what I did, this would not stick in my waterline which is the entire purpose of it! ¬†It would apply nicely to my hand but just refused to do the same where it was meant to be applied. ¬†A really odd product that they don’t appear to make anymore.

L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense

This is very black, very liquidy eyeliner that looked beautiful for about 5 seconds and then immediately started to run and smudge.  I wish it could have worked for me because it is so pigmented but I have no patience for smudging!


Maybelline Baby Lips (Pink Punch)

This actually expired two years ago (oops!) but I wasn’t fond of the shade anyway – it was a very bubblegum pink colour that i didn’t find flattering. ¬†I’ve tried a few of the Baby Lips and never been all that impressed with them. ¬†Much better balms out there in my opinion!

NYC Expert Last Lip Color (Creamy Maueve)

I somehow left Walmart last year with two of these lipsticks that I read were supposed to be really impressive. ¬†Turns out, they actually kind of stuck. ¬†Or at least this particular shade does. ¬†It’s patchy and they cling to all of the lines on my lips.

Yves Rocher Grand Rouge Lipstick

I really don’t mind this lipstick at all but it’s in a deep berry shade that I never wear. ¬†Beautiful packaging though!

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick (Cathedral)

This lipstick (and I assume all of them in this line) are super matte and drying – which is exactly what I don’t like in a lipstick. ¬†It’s a pretty rosy brown shade though if you like this type of formula.

Teeez Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick (Roulette Red)

I’m much more of a gloss type of person but if I’m going to wear a lipstick, I prefer a cream formula. ¬†This again is a matte finish and I just don’t like how that feels on my lips. ¬†Plus the bullet actually broke in half and I can’t be bothered to try and fix it. ¬†It is a beautiful deep red shade though!

Medusas MakeUp Lip Gloss (Loud Mouth)

Orange is really not a colour I reach for in lip products at all – I just don’t find it flattering on me. ¬†This is quite an intense orange so I’m getting rid of it – even though the formula seems pretty decent.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss (Strawberry)

Aboslutely love this lip gloss but it’s really old and smelling kind of funky. ¬†I’d love to get another one but I think they’ve discontinued this line which is disappointing.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Ibiza/ Istanbul)

I really wanted to love these because the colours are so vibrant and fun but they are horrible – for my lips at least. ¬†They’re patchy and chalky and drying and they don’t wear well at all.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Vampira)

I kind of liked the formula on this liquid lipstick which is a surprise – I found it less drying than others I’ve tried. ¬†That said, this shade is absolutely never going to be worn by me. ¬†It’s beautiful but it’s very dark and vampy and I’d never be able to pull it off.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (Venezia)

Another one where I absolutely loved the vibrant shade but hated the formula.  Dry and crumbly and very unflattering looking if you have any dryness on your lips whatsoever.

That about wraps up my makeup declutter – ¬†debating if I do a skin care version, I don’t have a ton to get rid of so I might just skip it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. stashy says

    I like decluttering lip products but not eye products – makes me so sad!
    That’s too bad about the Shiseido eye shadows not working for you! I find they work well for me but everyone is so individual.
    I got rid of ALL of my Maybelline Color Tattoos because they dry out SO fast in the pots. They do wear nicely though – it’s a shame they dry out so fast.
    I’ve never tried a Shiseido eyeliner – I guess I’m not missing anything!
    For me, the UD 24/7 don’t last that well – so odd since everyone loves them. I much prefer the MUFE Aqua ones.
    Yves Rocher makeup is such a hidden gem – I’ve never tried their lipsticks though. I should, one of these days.
    What a bummer about the Teeez lipstick.
    Great declutter, once again!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Haha that’s how I felt about my nail polishes – even though I didn’t even use half of them. The things we get attached to…

      That Shiseido eyeshadows were such a disappointment because they seemed great and were very soft and buttery. I have really oily lids but usually my eyelid primer takes care of that problem for me with most eyeshadows. I haven’t had much luck with Shiseido in general though!

      Thanks for reading Stashy!

  2. Chris says

    Very nice work! I love the mini reviews, too.

    I also like the YR Grand Rouge lipsticks! They’re surprisingly nice and creamy.

    I have the Teeez lippie, too, and never use it.

    Super job with all the decluttering. ūüėÄ

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thanks Chris! That is the first YR product I’ve tried – we don’t have stores here in the West but I’ve heard good things. Appreciate you stopping by! ūüôā

  3. Polished and Inspired says

    Great job decluttering your lip and eye products! These are the two items I usually find I have the hardest time letting go of, haha!
    Oh my gosh, that Bareminerals Ready duo is so pretty! Such a shame that it’s contaminated ūüôĀ
    We have the same aversion to liquid lipstick although I desperately want to find one that’s not drying…good to know I should avoid KVD and Stila.
    It’s interesting that you say that Perversion smudges on you. I have one of them in my collection, and the first time I wore it, it smudged on me too. I’ve been scared to wear it since because I was blown away by how black it is, but I am afraid of being disappointed again by its smudginess – LOL. It made more sense in my head…
    Those Maybelline Colour Tattoos dry out so fast! I bought Pomegranate Punk and it was pretty much dry when I opened it :/ Turned me off of buying any other ones, even though everyone at the time loved that Bad to the Bronze or whatever.
    PS, I nominated you for the Liebster Award here:

    • prettyrufflife says

      Lip products were a hard one for me – I feel like I actually could have gotten rid of a bunch more, especially because I’ve been buying a lot of them lately. I feel like it’s easier to justify keeping more of them around because they’re smaller and take up less space. That’s my twisted logic anyway ūüėČ

      Yes Perversion is SO smudgey it’s ridiculous. I’ve only worn it a few times and I was just like nope. There needs to be a balance between creaminess and lasting power!

      Thanks so much for the nomination – looking forward to reading your post! ūüôā

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