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Two weeks ago I did up a post on what nail polishes I decluttered – and as promised, this week I’m sharing what I decided to keep as part of my collection!

When I look at what my collection is now vs. what it was I feel better about it – but I still feel like there’s room for improvement.  Polished & Inspired said something last week that really resonated with me – she said she wanted to have a small/medium collection of polishes that she LOVES – not a huge collection of polishes she somewhat likes.  That makes a lot of sense to me so that’s going to be my goal going forward.

Here’s a look at what my polish collection looks like after the declutter.  I picked up these acrylic organizers at HomeSense and I really like them – they’re great at keeping them organized and upright.  Previously I had them all thrown into a tote which is definitely not ideal.   I only have one polish that doesn’t fit in there (Ciate) but given that it’s only one and I don’t really buy Ciate polishes, I don’t see that being an issue.

I’ve decided I’m going to test out each of these throughout the rest of the year and if I don’t LOVE them, they’re gone. I’m contemplating if I start doing reviews on the polishes as I make my way through them but that’s still TBD – I’m not the greatest at applying polish so I don’t know if I want to photograph that – we’ll see.

Anyway, let’s get into it:

Base Coats / Top Coats/ Treatments

Essie Gel Grow Stronger Base Coat; Essie Gel Setter Top Coat; Sephora by OPI Base & Top Coat; Nubar Foundation Base Coat; Orly Bonder; Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strengthening Gel; Orly Argan Cuticle Oil


  • Orly Bonder is my absolute favourite basecoat, hands down!
  • Orly’s Argan Oil Cuticle Oil is equally as awesome!

China Glaze

Want my Bawdy; What I Like About Blue; Let’s Jam; Ruby Pumps


Row 1: Ballet Slippers; Topless & Barefoot; Angora Cardi; Sugar Daddy; Petal Pink; Groove is in the Heart;

Row 2: Lounge Lover; Peach Daiquiri; Lillacism; Play Date; Go with the Flowy; Mint Candy Apple; Bobbing for Baubles;


  • Sugar Daddy is one of my favourite sheer pink polishes
  • I love Lounge Lover & Peach Daiquiri on my toes
  • Angora Cardi is a my favourite shade for Fall/Winter


Left to Right: Care to Danse?; Let’s Be Friends; Small + Cute = <3; DS Reserve; Charmmy & Sugar


  • I picked up Care to Danse? a few weekends ago and I am in love.  It’s a beautiful sheer lilac and it’s fantastic!

Sally Hansen

Snappy Sorbet; Sonic Boom; Black & Blue; Disco Ball


Hermina; Lola; Miranda; Shivon; Roxy


Morgan Taylor Eye Candy & I’m the Good Witch; Deborah Lippman She Bop & Lillac Wine; Julep – Robin & Sienna

Color Club Cosmic Fate; Ciate – Brocade Parade; Orly Passion Fruit; Formula X Sheer Strength

Still TBD

As I was going through my collection I found quite a few polishes that were very similar in shade but I couldn’t recall which had the better formula.  Therefore I’m going to put each of them to the test, keep the best one and pass on the inferior one.

Formula X Perfection vs Essie Merino Cool


Julep Renee vs Julep Jessica

Sephora by OPI Who Let the Dorks Out vs Color Blast by Orly – Brilliant Sky

Zoya Nephratiti vs. Formula X Pyrotechnic

Essie Lilacism vs Julep


What’s your favourite nail polish?


  1. Stacey T says

    So many pretty shades! You did a really great job decluttering! The Zoya polishes look really pretty, I’ve never tried any of them before.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thanks Stacey! I really like Zoya polishes – all the ones I own have really good formulas and I love their sleek and simple bottles. 🙂

  2. stashy says

    Your collection is so sensible… I could never whittle my collection down this! My problem is that I love a lot of nail polishes…
    Yeah, Orly Bonder is my favourite base coat too! I bought a salon sized refill bottle so I’d never run out. 😛
    I have Essie Groove Is In The Heart on my wish list! Is it worth hunting down? It was recommended to me.
    Color Club Cosmic Fate has such a nice holo finish.
    Asking me what my favourite nail polish is just evil! BUT right now I am having a moment with that CoverGirl Being Blonde one I review not long ago.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Oh I didn’t know they have a salon-sized bottle – did you get that at Sally’s?

      I really like the colour of Groove is in the Heart but I don’t think it’ had much lasting power. I think I only used it once after buying it – I’ll try it out soon and let you know!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thank you! I’ve had some really good experiences with Zoya polishes – I’d recommend them! 🙂

  3. Polished and Inspired says

    Your nail polish collection is actually a really, really good size now! Maybe if you replaced those five dupes with new shades, then you’re good to go? Although the “need” to buy more polishes is strong…haha!
    Omg Zoya Lola and Shivon….I need those shades now!
    Where do you buy the Orly Bonder? I know Stashy says she buys hers at Sally’s Beauty Supply, but we NEVER make it anywhere in town that has a Sally’s close by…

    • prettyrufflife says

      Ugh it is so hard not to buy more polishes – whenever I’m in Winners or Shoppers I have to physically force myself to leave otherwise I’d leave with another. They’re just all so pretty!

      I think I got my Orly Bonder at Winners? I haven’t seen any there in a while though. You should definitely check out Sally’s Beauty – they’ve expanded quite a bit and they have one close to Chinook on Macleod Trail if you’re ever in the area. It can be a dangerous place! 🙂

  4. Renee C. says

    Looks like a great collection – I have slowly started going through my beauty things and destashing, but it’s so hard!!!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thanks! It took me a long time to do it but I’m glad I did – having so many products around that I just didn’t use just overwhelmed me. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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