Pick 3: My Favourite YouTubers

It’s been a while since I did a post in my Pick 3 series so I figured it was time to revive it but do something a little different.  Today I’m sharing my top 3 favourite YouTubers!  Believe it or not, I only started watching YouTube videos about 3 years ago so I was a little late to that party.  That said, it didn’t take long before watching a video or two in the morning as I was getting ready for work quickly became a part of morning routine.  Some days I’m more interested in watching it than others but I always watch videos posted by the 3 ladies below – no matter the content:


Leighann was the very first YouTuber I started watching, and as such, as I’ve mentioned before, she holds a special place in my <3.  I came across her when I was googling something makeup-related (I can’t remember what) and one of her videos popped up.  I watched it and was hooked.  I just loved her personality – she was quirky and funny without being annoying (that’s a hard balance).  I’ve also picked up quite a few products that she has recommended (CoverGirl 3-in-1 foundation, etc.) and they’ve worked really well for me so I feel like we have similar skin types or at least expectations of products.

The video I’ve linked above was posted this weekend and the thumbnail just cracked me up!  I also love her vlogs which is something I never thought I could be interested in – but she’s always eating what looks like the most delicious food (Texas BBQ and pizza).


I only started watching Tati last year and if I’m being honest, it was somewhat reluctantly.  There aren’t many big name Youtubers that I enjoy – I just find that sometimes they are out of touch with reality you know?  But the more I started watching her, the more I enjoyed her and the more I looked forward to her videos.  I love the fact that she uploads 5 times a week and is usually on top of all the new products coming out.  I particularly love the way she’s been editing her videos lately – she’s been injecting some humour in them and I love it.

I loved the intro she did for the video above and I’m really enjoying her PR Unboxing videos (this is the second one she’s done in this format).  It’s fascinating and kind of mind-blowing to see the massive amount of product she is sent! #goals


Emily gets the award for being the most trustworthy YouTuber I’m subscribed to and that’s why she’s in my top 3.  She never does sponsored videos which I appreciate but I also wouldn’t hold it against her if she did.  I appreciate her consistency – she’s always completely honest in her reviews an she focuses a lot on drugstore products.  I really liked her most recent video on pricey drugstore makeup; I totally agree that the prices are out of control so it’s nice to see which of the more expensive ones are actually worth my money.

Honourable Mentions

Coffee Break with Dani

Jessica Braun / JAMbeauty89

Jackie Aina

Shelbey Ashburn

Bailey B

Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Have a great day!


  1. Robyn says

    I’ll have to check out leighannsays and emilynoel, I don’t think I’m subscribed to them! I haven’t been watching YouTube much lately (I primarily watch on my exercise bike and I’ve been super lazy lately) but I normally watch Jaclyn Hill, Kathleenlights, Tati & Youngwildandpolished. I’ve found myself more drawn to favourites or round-up type videos. I find them more distracting when I’m trying to forget that I’m working out, haha!

    • prettyrufflife says

      I love leighann – she’s really fun and has lots of personality. Emily is a great resource and very thorough in her reviews. I love them both! 🙂

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