Top 16 of 2016: Non Beauty

This is my final post within my Top 16 of 2016 set of posts but this time I’m sharing 16 Non-Beauty Products/Things that impressed me last year.  My list includes quite a few clothing items, a recipe, a few websites and a piece of furniture – keep reading to find out the details!

  1. Ecolo 2017 Planner
    I’ve never been much of a planner-type person and I think the last time I had one I was in High School.  But since I picked this one up at my local HomeSense in the Fall, I’m not a convert.  It’s really helped me keep track of everything from blogging to appointments and plan my days and weeks accordingly.
  2. Love with Food Subscription Box
    I’ve never been as happy with a subscription box as I have with this one; even when the box isn’t that good, it’s still good.  It’s been such a good opportunity to discover new healthy snacks and I love that what I receive each month gets consumed.
  3. Best Steak Marinade in Existence
    This recipe lives up to it’s name – it’s amazing!  Not to mention super simple, I always have the ingredients on hand.  It’s the only marinade I use now.
    In 2016 I earned just under $200 CAD by using ebates.  The majority of that was travel-related but I also earned cash back just for buying regular things like contact lenses, Sephora orders and items for our home.  It literally is free money and costs nothing to join or to start earning – if you haven’t joined yet, you need to!
    I started using Canva early last year and despite the fact that I’m now skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I still use this free graphic design software.  It’s simple, intuitive yet capable of creating designs that are limited only by your imagination.
  6. Graphic Design Certificate
    One of my goals for 2016 was to complete a Graphic Design class; I completed one and liked it so much that I pursued and completed a certificate in Graphic Design.  I learned so much from the program and I enjoyed it imensley and I’m plan on continuing to expand learn more about it in 2017.
  7. The Mindy Project
    We started watching this last January and immediately became hooked – it’s probably one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched.  I can’t wait for the new season to hit Netflix!
  8. Ikea Glasholm/Finnvard Desk
    While I was working through my Graphic Design courses it became apparent that I needed a place to work as the couch just wasn’t cutting it; I had also been wanting to create a home office space for a while so it the timing was right.  My first purchase was this desk from Ikea and I’m just so happy with it.  It’s just very me but also very functional.
  9. Indigo Super Soft Throw
    I’m not sure I’ve ever been obsessed with a throw before but I guess there’s a first time for everything!  I have two of these at home and I honestly have to stop myself from buying more – they are so soft and cozy!
  10. Old Navy Linen Blend Boyfriend Tee
    Last year I rediscovered Old Navy after not having shopped there for years.  I find it can kind of be hit-and-miss there but these tees are a definite win.  They’re loose and comfy but still figure flattering.
  11. David Lerner Raglan High Low Mickey Sweater
    I’m so sad to learn these are all sold out because I was ready to order another one online and pay the ridiculous exchange rate and duty and whatever else I needed to – that’s how much I love it.  It is so soft and probably the most comfortable sweater I’ve ever owned AND it has Mickey Mouse on it which makes it even cuter.
  12. Express Leggings
    I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of leggings and I tried quite a few this year.  Out of them all, these were the best I tried by far.  They are reasonably priced, didn’t fade, maintained their shape, aren’t too thin or too thick and are very easy to wear.
  13. Gap Utility Jacket
    This jacket has taken me so many places and I expect it will take me many more in 2017.  It took me a while to find a utility jacket that didn’t look bulky and boxy on me so it was a relief to find this one and for such a good price.  The one I linked above is similar to mine except it doesn’t have the stud detail.  I wore this all throughout our Fall and our Fall-like Winter weather and I can’t wait to break it out for Spring.
  14. Ked’s Coursa Sneaker
    If you can’t tell my day-to-day style is quite casual so a good sneaker is critical to my wardrobe. I wore these so much last year that I’m probably going to need to buy a replacement pair in 2017; they go well with anything – jeans, shorts, leggings, even a casual dress.
  15. Tom’s Desert Wedges
    I’ve been wanting a pair of these Tom’s boots for ages and I actually ended up scoring a pair from Winners of all places.  I love how versatile they are and the wedge heel is the perfect height, meaning they’re still very comfortable to wear.
  16. Kate Spade Watch
    I received this as a birthday gift from my husband last year and it’s one of my favourite accessories.  I love Kate Spade and how girly and sparkly everything she designs is but it also has special meaning – the back of the watch is engraved with “In a New York Minute” – which is exactly where we bought it back in 2015! 🙂


  1. Belinda Laurie says

    I really need to try that love with food subscription. You sold me when you said healthy snacks. I could snack all day!!

    Ebates is EVERYTHING! You’re so right, it really is free money and I love it.

    You love the throws from indigo, too?! I bought one on a whim two years ago and was so shocked at how amazing it is. It’s remained soft even after all the washing it’s been through. So worth it!

    This list was so well put together and crafted. I’ve now added a bunch of things I want to try out this year based on your recommendation.

    Ps. CONGRATS on completing your certificate!!! Sounds like you’ve really found a passion 🙂 that’s a beautiful thing.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Haha most days I do snack all day which is probably why none of my clothes fit me right now. 😉

      YES Indigo throws are awesome – how many throws can you have before it’s apparent you have a problem do you think?

      Aw if you try any of these things, please let me know how you like them. And I agree, finding your passion is a beautiful thing! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! 🙂

  2. stashy says

    ebates is DANGEROUS. I’ve talked myself into buying things just because of extra savings from ebates. 😛
    I’ll have to check out Express for leggings! Is there a particular style or do they only carry one type?

    • prettyrufflife says

      I just buy their plain black ones but they do have ones with different designs on them – they’re pretty cheap too ($30 I think) and lots of times you can get them on sale. 🙂

      Totally agree that ebates can be dangerous – it’s definitely encouraging me to shop online more! 🙂

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