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One of my goals last year was to do some major organizing and decluttering at home and one room that I really focused on was an empty bedroom that I’ve now claimed as a home office.  This has become my new designated spot for blogging and graphic design work and I’m working on creating a space that inspires and motivates me.  It’s currently a work in progress and likely will be for a while but in the meantime I thought I’d share what I see it’s final state being…someday.


My first addition to the office was my desk.  I wanted something unique with a lot of table space and this fit the bill perfectly.  At first I was worried about the lack of storage space but I store necessities on the shelves on the legs and it works great!  The glass table top actually makes the office feel more open which is great because my space isn’t all that big.

I’m currently using my makeup vanity chair as my desk chair and while it works, I need to find a replacement stat as it’s killing my back.  My problem being is that I don’t want just any old office chair – I want one with colour!  However I’ve learned that’s neither a simple request nor is it cheap.  I’d love to get one in a light pink or aqua colour but if the one above goes on sale, I might just take the plunge.

At some point I’d like to get a new mini sofa or settee for the office but for the time being I’ve got a comfy (but kind of ugly) Ikea Futon in it’s place.  I actually enjoy having a separate sitting space, it’s a great spot to read or just rest my eyes from the computer.  Maggie enjoys napping on there too.  To spruce it up a bit, I plan on adding a few bright and cheery throw pillows to it.

I’d also like some shelving to display a few knick knacks and I like the Ikea version above because it also includes some storage!

Last but certainly not least, Maggie loves hanging out with me in the office, so she definitely needs her own designated space. Bowser Beds are Maggie approved!


I have a few typography prints to hang but I’m going to need more – my walls are painted white so I’m trying to infuse colour into accessories.  I love the quote on the one I linked – Indigo has a matching mug with that quote on it too!

I love how dual-purpose the printed cork board and magnetic boards are – functional and they look like pieces of art too!


I actually own a pencil cup, letter holder and waste basket very similar to these but for much less.  Thank you HomeSense!

Pretty file folders makes me more inclined to file things away…usually.

I’ve been coveting that desk calendar since Christmas…at least now it’s on sale. I love my goat calendar but this one is just so girly and pretty!

File boxes are a nice alternative to a filing cabinet – because how much paper do you actually collect nowadays anyway?


I always have a candle lit when I’m writing – it helps me concentrate.  The Illume Woodfire candle is my new favourite.  I’ve been longing for it FOREVER and now that I’ve got my hands on one I wish I didn’t wait so long!  It candle smells AMAZING, especially given the season we’re in right now.  It looks as though Indigo might be clearing them out so I hope that’s not a permanent thing (if it is, I’ll be stocking up!).

I always like to have something to cover my legs with when I’m sitting stationary at a desk – especially in the Winter months.  I’ve mentioned a million times how much I love Indigo’s throws – they are so soft and lightweight.

I rarely turn on the hard-wired light in the office because I find it so harsh and hard on my eyes.  I much prefer a lamp – this one is ridiculously pricey but I love the colour and modern design.

Tell me – what are your must-haves for your home office?


  1. Belinda Laurie says

    Love your ideas. Blue is actually great for concentration…perfect accent colour for a home office space :). I like how modern your choices are as well. I like having a plant of some sort in my home office. Nothing too fussy. I can spend so much time inside and focused that it’s nice to have a nice reminder of something outdoorsy haha.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thanks Belinda! 🙂 Oooh I love plants too – I have a plant that basically thrives on being watered once every 2 weeks. It’s the only one I’ve been able to keep alive for more than a month haha! Appreciate you stopping by! 🙂

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