This & That Fridays – December 23

Happy Holidays all!  Can you believe we’re two days away from Christmas?  Eeek – I can’t!  Nor can I believe that this year is within a week of being over.  It feels like just yesterday that I was plagued with viral pink eye for almost two months straight (that was last January for me).  This January is going to be much better…

what’s going on with me

I was on a blog hiatus for a few weeks as a result of a combo of school wrapping up and traveling.  I was in Seattle for a few days and I forgot how much I love it there – it’s such a great city!  It was freaking cold when we were there though – and I know understand the meaning of a “damp cold” – it really feels worse than the “dry cold” that I’m used to.

have you seen/tried/heard?

Damn you Apple!  This commercial makes me tear up everytime!  I love it though! 🙂

I want this but there’s no way in heck I’m making it – too much work!  I’ll just order one from Starbucks thanks.

This is so hilarious and cute.  Pandas are awesome, I want one.

recent purchases

This OGX Lotion has been saving my skin lately and it smells SO GOOD!

While in Seattle, I made a beeline for the Chukar Cherries stall in the Pike Place Market to pick up a bottle of this dessert sauce.  It’s the most amazing topping for plain vanilla ice cream – I could eat it by the spoonful!

I’m not usually one to wear Disney apparel, but I saw this super-soft sweater at Nordstrom Rack (sidenote – OMG I love Nordstrom Rack!) and it caught my eye because it looked warm and cozy.  So I tried it on and it’s now my new favourite sweater.  I feel like I’m walking around wearing a cozy blanket and I like that.  A lot.  I wish I had picked up one of each colour.

I was really excited to read The Girl on the Train as I heard it was similar to Gone Girl which I enjoyed.  I was a little disappointed with it – I found it pretty predictable.  I still want to watch the movie though.

currently coveting

Tati was raving about this Smashbox lipstick in one of her recent videos and I really love the shade.  Not sure if it’ll work with my skintone but I’m willing to give it a try.

A good striped top is a wardrobe staple – like this one from Ricki’s!

I can’t wait to watch Sing over the holidays.  The clip where the bunnies are dancing to Baby Got Back kills me everytime! #omglookatherbutt

I’m hoping to pick up a gingerbread house mold similar to this one on Boxing Day – I really want to make my own from scratch next year.  I’m certain my first attempt will be a disaster but I think it’ll be so much fun to decorate it on my own terms, rather from a box.

favourite youtube video of the week

Daily Bailey B – Husband Does My Voiceover Tutorial

I haven’t watched many of these types of videos but this one is worth watching – it’s hilarious!

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What’s coming up on my blog

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Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I hope Santa is good to you!


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