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Have you heard Maison Jacynthe? It’s a Canadian brand, founded in September 2014, by the lovely Jacynthe Rene, an actress and producer.  Jacynthe has an impressive career that ranges from her staring in movies such as The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Memories Unlocked and Snake Eyes; an online magazine, and publishing three books in the last four years.

Maison Jacynthe offers everything from makeup to skincare, essential oils to soaps and more.  What’s commendable is the commitment Jacynthe has made to her product line; they are made with 100% natural and active ingredients and are free of chemicals (including petroleum byproducts, artificial fragrances and preservatives).  In addition, her products are cruelty-free and in 2015, Maison Jacynthe joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program.

When I was contacted by Maison Jacynthe and asked if I wanted to try out a few of their products, I happily obliged.  I’m always keen to try new makeup and if it’s a from Canadian brand, even better!  I was asked to select 3 items and here’s what I picked out:

Rouge A’ Levres Lipstick – 09 Framboise/Raspberry (3.5 g/0.12 oz) – $33 CAD

Formulated with candelilla wax to provide a smooth application without drying out the lips. The abyssinian oil enhances the color and gives you a long-tasting effect.  The natural scent of goji is delicious and sweet.  93-100% natural (only the red pigment is synthetic).

My thoughts: I’ve found my new lipstick for fall/winter!  This shade is absolutely amazing – raspberry is a good description but it has a subtle metallic shift.  When the weather turns cooler I like to stick to richer versions of the shades I wear in the spring/summer so this is right up my lipstick alley.

The formula is creamy enough to be comfortable to wear yet dry enough not to smear all over the place, which is especially important for a vibrant shade such as this.

The packaging is extremely sturdy and unique as well.  The base is a thick steel and the cap appears to be made out of bamboo; this stands out amongst the crowd of lip products in my collection.

Fard A’ Paupieres Eyeshadow – 08 Lungo (3 g/0.1 oz) – $22 CAD

Soft texture, highly pigmented and long-lasting. Formulated with the utmost care for an ultimate performance. 91 to 100% of ingredients from organic origin. 

I selected this eyeshadow because I didn’t have a rose gold shadow in my collection (what?!) and that was a void that needed to be filled asap.

This eyeshadow is everything an eyeshadow should be – soft, smooth, easily blendable, highly pigmented and long-lasting.  It checks all the boxes!  Note that I always wore a eyeshadow primer underneath because I have to – I have super oily lids.  But even after 12 hours of wear, it showed no signs of creasing (which isn’t always the case with all shadows).

This shadow came in a pan form that fits nicely into my Z palette, but they do offer compacts that match the lipstick packaging as well.

Fard A Joues Blush, 02 Juliette (8 g/0.28 oz) – $26 CAD

Long-lasting natural blush. Formulated with coffee extracts, corn, macadamia and apricot oils. Ideal to brighten and hydrate the skin. This blush has a silky texture and strong pigments that will give you a radiant complexion. Available in 2 colors. 93 to 95% of organic origin.

Their blush selection is limited but as soon as I saw this shade I knew it was for me.  And I was right – it’s a beautiful, peachy-pink matte. The texture is great and very similar to the eyeshadow (silky smooth, highly blendable) and it has the right balance of pigmentation – not too pigmented that I need to use a light hand but enough that it can effortlessly be built up to my desired opacity.

I’d rate longevity on the higher side of average – it lasts about 8 hours on me before it starts to fade ever so slightly.

The packaging is similar to the eyeshadow in that in came in a refill pan, however they do have palettes sized specifically to fit their blushes.

Other noteables:

  • I tested all of these products for a solid two weeks so I’ve given them a good go
  • All products I received stated they were made in Italy
  • The price per product may seem high at first, but when compared to Mac, for example, you’ll notice that Maison Jacynthe has larger product sizes.  Case in point, Mac’s single pan shadows will run you $8 CAD and you receive 1.3 g/0.04 oz; in comparison Maison Jacynthe’s single pan shadows will cost you $22 CAD for 3 g/0.1 oz.  Maison Jacynthe will still cost you slightly more overall but I consider that a small premium to pay for cosmetics that are formulated with natural ingredients.

Overall thoughts

I was very impressed with the products I received – I didn’t expect to enjoy them as much as I do.  I will admit to being slightly concerned about their product price points but the more research I did, the more I felt comfortable that their quality is on par (if not better) than many products you’d find at your local Sephora or department store.  I’m so tempted to place an order for a couple more eyeshadows and maybe give one of her bronzers a try.

Have you tried any Maison Jacynthe products?  What were your favourites?  Share with me in the comments section below!

Dislclaimer: These products were sent to me for review purposes, however all opinions are my own.


  1. Janine says

    I haven’t tried them yet but the brand is also sending me some products to review and I can’t wait to receive them! I’ve heard nothing but good things from fellow blogger who’be had the opportunity to test out their products.

  2. Robyn says

    Great review!! I’ve got a couple things coming my way and the more reviews I read, the more excited I get to try them!! The lipstick sounds great!!

  3. stashy says

    This brand has literally hit up every Canadian blogger LOL. I just wrote up my review on the items I got. They’re all different from yours! 😉
    The Lungo eye shadow looks so different from the website photo! And it swatches so differently than how it looks in the pan too – but it’s so pretty all around though.

    • prettyrufflife says

      I noticed that…I really appreciated the fact that they gave the opportunity to smaller bloggers, many brands don’t see the value in doing so.

      I agree, the pictures online aren’t really a great representation of the shadow, their website has some areas of improvement, specifically on the English side. But I think that’s fairly new so probably a work in progress.

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