Furkid by Paws & Play – July Box

Yup you read that right – this is from JULY.   To say I’m behind on blog posts is a bit of a understatement.  Although in fairness the delay with this one isn’t 100% my fault (more on that below).  Because this was our final Furkid/Paws & Play box I thought I might as well finish the series off.

Furkid (aka Paws & Play) is a Canadian monthly subscription box for your furkid; each month you receive a variety of high-quality products for your pet and you can personalize your box based on your pets preferences (i.e. strong chewer, soft or crunchy treats, gender, etc.).  This is our 6th and final box as a part of our subscription service; I originally signed up for a 3 month subscription and it auto-renewed back in May for another 3 months (read more about that here).  I was charged $133.95 CAD for this second round of subscriptions, meaning this box has to have a value of at least $44.65 to be worth it.  To find out if it was, keep reading!

Here’s what was included in our box:

NatuRAWI’s Duck Foot – $1.50: I’m not going to lie, I really struggle with giving Maggie animal body parts to chew on in their…um, natural state?  Feet really creep me out so I will be passing this on to another doggy friend.

Open Range Water Buffalo Horn – $9.95: Maggie has no interest in horn or antler chews and this is really big and heavy – too much so for her.  This will also be passed on.

Nothing Added Retriever Roll – $6.95:  I haven’t given this to her yet because I’m not sure how I feel about it – this is pork skin.  I love the fact that it’s from Canada and while the majority of research I’ve found said that pork skin is thinner and more digestible than rawhide, I’m not sure I’m 100% comfortable with it.

Petzlife Complete Treats Natural Dental Chews – $2.95: I wish I could get Mags to chew on these but she usually just wants to hide them around the house.  I’d rather pass this on to another pooch who will actually chew it rather than step on it in the middle of the night.

Look Who’s Happy Happy Wraps (Sweet Potato with Turkey) – $11.95: I swear Mags is one of the pickiest dogs on the planet – one day she likes treats, the next day she turns her nose up at them.  These treats were a hit however, I think because of the turkey component.

Multi Pet Big Eyez Toy – $14.95: This was a pretty cute toy and seems like good quality; we were happy with this.

Total value of box: $48.25 CAD

Overall thoughts:  There were a lot of chewies in this month’s box – they made up 4 out of 6 items.  I personally prefer when there’s more variety.  The only things we’ll use are the happy wraps and the toy, the others will be passed on.  So for us, the value wasn’t there for this box but the value of the items is more than what I paid for it, and if your dog likes chews, it would have been a good box for you.

My biggest gripe this month was the shipping time.  I received an email on July 21 (when boxes are usually shipped) stating that the boxes would be slightly delayed because the owner was opening up a retail store and was busy with that.  We didn’t receive our shipping notification until August 9.  I personally found this unacceptable.  At the end of the day, I’m a customer of your subscription service and expect to receive the product I paid for based on the schedule you’ve committed to.   We didn’t receive a shipping notification until August 9 and we finally received our box a week later – that’s more than a “slight” delay in my opinion.  At that point we had left on our road trip, hence the delay in our review.

Interestingly enough, as I was writing this I went to view their Facebook page and discovered that all of their social media accounts have been deleted and their website states they are “temporarily closed” …#hmmm

I think this subscription service had a lot of potential but for us they fell short in a several areas.  I haven’t subscribed to another pet subscription box because this is the second one we’ve tried and I just found that we didn’t utilize enough of what was included in the box to justify the cost.  Maggie is a picky pooch though so if you have a pet that isn’t, it might work better for you.

What’s the best subscription box/service you’ve ever tried?  Let me know below!


  1. stashy says

    Ok, I don’t feel so bad about being late on my blog posts then! LOL. July was like… 4 months ago? 😉
    OMG what the hell that buffalo HORN?!! That’s bigger than Maggie’s LEG!
    Eh, I’m not too skivved out by the natural animal parts – I mean, we eat chicken wings and ribs. It’s not too much of a departure. But it’s all about your personal preference.
    Well, I guess that’s the end of Furkid box. I honestly think you’re better off just choosing exactly what you want instead of this “Russian roulette” deal. 😉 I feel the same way about beauty boxes.

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yah to say I’m behind is an understatement…time management hasn’t been my strong point lately…:(

      Wings and ribs don’t bother me but feet….I can’t do it. Skeeves me out.

      I’m such a sucker for subscription boxes, I just love getting them in the mail and not knowing what’s inside. But very rarely are they worth the money.

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