This & That Fridays – October 14

Welcome to the very first This & That Fridays on Pretty Ruff Life!

what’s going on with me

The last month or so has been BUSY!  I returned from a 3 week road trip, started my Graphic Design classes, moved to a self-hosted blog and changed my blog name!  That doesn’t seem like a lot but coupled with everyday life it’s been keeping me on my toes.

Moving to self-hosting has been quite the learning experience but one that I’ve really enjoyed, aside from a few moments of frustration.  Fellow blogger Buttoned Beauty actually suggested that I do up a post describing my experience and process and I think I might do just that – the more resources out there the better in my opinion!  Stay tuned.

I had a long overdue hair appointment this week and I decided to go a little darker than usual.  I went from light blond to what feels like a deep brown (but what is actually dark blonde); it’s only been two days and I want my blond back.  I don’t know why I ever do anything with my hair other than blond – I ALWAYS regret it.  Counting down the days til my next appointment in December…

have you seen/heard?

I was literally lmao off at this last night.  I would have legitimately had a heart attack – as much as I love Halloween, I can’t do Haunted Houses.  Kevin Hart is hilarious.

Coolest makeup brushes ever?  I want to know how well these actually work!

An owl doing the monster mash?  Too cute!

Shopper’s Drug Mart is going to start carrying Pixi Beauty?  Yay!

recent purchases

I found the best fall/winter sweater! It’s the perfect fit and length for leggings – and it’s so comfy.  And it’s only $30!  I’m definitely picking it up in other colours.

I also found my go-to nail polish for Fall – Essie’s Angora Cardi.  They describe it as a deep rose purple but I personally think it looks slightly beige/taupe in some lights.  Regardless, I love it and the formula is top-notch!

After hearing nothing but rave reviews about Essence’s False Lash Princess mascara, I had to give it a try myself.  I’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.  This is a serious mascara – it lengthens, thickens, volumizes but it also smudges and flakes and clumps.  I can handle clumps and even the flakes but smudging?  Ugh.  It actually reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara except clumpier.  I’m still sorting out my feelings for it.

currently coveting

Anastasia Master Palette by Mario: Who needs another eyeshadow palette?  Not me!  But this one does look gorgeous and an Anastasia eyeshadows are on my list to try.  I’m going to dock it a point for there being a shadow named after Kim in there though.

I counted and I have 3 pairs of black booties and 1 pair of black Uggs – so it’s safe to say it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone.  I need a new pair of tall boots that aren’t black – I’m really liking these whiskey Sam Edelmans!  Plus they’re wide-calf which is a must have for me.

Lately I’ve been all about comfort – unless I’m going out for dinner or drinks I only want to wear leggings and sweaters/plaid shirts/loose tops.  I can’t get enough of them!  Given how happy I am with my Joe Fresh purchase above, I’m also eyeing up this sweater,  this sweatshirt and this cardi.

favourite youtube video of the week

Laura Lee – YouTubers go Trick or Treating

I’m not subscribed to Laura but this pretty darn funny!

favourite blog post of the week

Beautezine – MAC Put a Spell on These New Magnetic Eyeshadows

What – magnetic eyeshadows?!?!?!  These look/sound so cool – check out her review!

Need to catch up on my posts?  Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Janine says

    I have those Sam Edelman boots and I love them! I have the regular size calf though and they are tight (and I would say I have “normal” size calves). I scored them for a great price on Amazon, much cheaper than on Nordstrom!

    • prettyrufflife says

      I swear they use twigs to replicate legs when they are designing tall boots – I don’t think I have thick calves (calfs?) but I always struggle getting the zippers up or pulling them on! So I usually end up with the wide calf version but sometimes those are too lose. Can’t win!

      I’m definitely going to check out Amazon for them – thanks! 🙂

  2. stashy says

    Ooh I need to hit up Joe Fresh. I’m in the market for some Fall stuff.
    And yessss those MAC magnetic eye shadows are so cool, I want one just to play with it!
    I’ve debated many times about self-hosting but I don’t like how the comment section doesn’t automatically log the person in if they’re browsing through WP. That extra step is sometimes a deterrent. I’d be interested in hearing your experience, and especially about if you notice any difference between pre-and-post transition in terms of traffic / engagement etc.
    Thanks for linking to Buttoned Beauty – I’ve not heard of her and now I have!

    • prettyrufflife says

      Yup, that’s totally annoying – and I miss the Reader in; there is no such thing in so I’ve been using Bloglovin’ to keep track of the blogs I read but it’s a PITA. Plus, like you mentioned, I have to log in to post a comment. But I have to do that with any non-wordpress blogs anyway. The nice thing is that I’m reading more blogs outside of WordPress now!

      I just ripped a hole in my new Joe Fresh sweater this morning – it’s at the back but still! Guess I definitely need to go buy another one now! 🙂

  3. tobeautynbeyond says

    Congrats on self-hosting!! Im thinking about doing that too- would love to read about ur experience!
    I love that KH video, watched it yesterday and this morning again- too funny :))

    • prettyrufflife says

      Thank you! I’ll be sure to share, I did a bunch of research before I took the plunge and reading others experiences was so helpful!

      Have you watched any of the Brenda vs Shirley series that Laura is doing with Patrick Starr? It kind of makes my ears bleed but I can’t stop watching because it’s hilarious.

  4. Polished and Inspired says

    Have you ever seen the Ellen Degeneres haunted house videos? Same idea as the Jimmy Fallon one, except she sends members of her staff to the haunted houses. I don’t think she has any up this year, but I used to watch them religiously every Halloween. Hilarious!
    Where do you get your hair done? I’m constantly looking for a new hairstylist…
    I really “need” that Anastasia by Mario palette. AND the HP makeup brushes 😉 I have a feeling the makeup brushes will be sold out the second they are available, though.
    The one issue I’ve had with self-hosted blogs as a subscriber/follower is that even though I read the blog posts on my Reader, I can’t comment right from it; I have to go into the blog itself and find the post again, then make my comment from there. Also, when the owner of the blog replies, I don’t get a notification so I don’t know if they’ve replied or not. Not sure if it’s just me?

    • prettyrufflife says

      I haven’t seen Ellen’s video but I’ll check that out – there’s something so funny about watching other people get scared! There’s another video where Kevin Hart and Jimmy go on a rollercoaster together, it’s pretty funny.

      I get my hair done at Red Bloom in Bridgeland. I love the salon but it is not cheap!

      Totally feel your pain with self-hosted blogs, I feel the same way except now I don’t have WP Reader which is even worse! It takes a lot more time and effort to comment on posts now. I’ve been using Bloglovin to keep track of all the bloggers I follow but it’s so many clicks just to get to a post. Someone needs to design a better way!

      • Polished and Inspired says

        Here’s a link to one of the many Ellen videos:
        I’ve seen the one of Jimmy and Kevin Hart on the roller coaster – hilarious!

        Oh, I’ve seen Red Bloom pics on instagram and have always wanted to try that salon! There’s one really close to my house, too. But yes, the price is what has stopped me ?

        Oh, how annoying! There definitely needs to be a better way to consolidate all the blogs you follow, regardless of what you use to host your blog.

        • prettyrufflife says

          lmao oh those are so awesome! STOP IT! STOP IT! lol! I hope she does another one this year!

          If you can get a more junior stylist @ Red Bloom it can be cheaper – and even the junior stylists are pretty good. You get scalp and hand massages and makeup touchups as part of their standard service ! 🙂

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