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Hi guys!

I haven’t been on here much lately, and that’s because I’ve been working furiously away at my blog.  Originally I was just going to change the name of it, but after doing some research, I figured it made a lot of sense to make the leap over to self hosting!   That involved a lot more work, particularly because I took it upon myself to transfer it myself as I wanted to understand the process…a  bit of a risky move for me to take seeing as I don’t have much knowledge of anything IT-related!  I hit a few small snags but overall it was way easier than expected! #winning

Moving to self-hosted also required me to chose a new theme and design a new header and that took me way longer than expected!  I’m still working through making it look exactly the way I want it, but I suspect that will be a constant work in progress.

So, without further adieu, it’s time to share my new blog name and domain…….drumroll please…..


I spent a long time trying to find the “perfect” name for my blog; is this perfect?  I’m not sure, but I wanted something that would describe exactly what my blog is about – mostly beauty with some lifestyle posts thrown in and of course, something that paid ode to the reason I started blogging in the first place – my dog Maggie.  I really wanted to keep Maggie in there but I couldn’t figure out a way of doing so without confusing people into thinking Maggie was my name. 🙂

Note that I will be doing a site redirect tonight so this will be my last post on Classic Maggie – all future posts will show up at; in addition, I’ve already edited my social media accounts over to my new name (@prettyrufflife on all accounts)!

I can’t wait to get blogging again – I have a huge backlog of posts, including our Summer Road Trip, my Ulta haul and most important – a celebratory giveaway!

Lastly, I’d like thank each and every one of my subscribers, I so appreciate your follows, likes, comments and interaction not only on my blog but on social media.  I love being apart of such a fantastic community!

See you at!



  1. polishedandinspired says

    Yay, congrats on the new name AND the self-hosting! Glad the transition went pretty smooth for you.
    I’m excited to see what you have planned for your new blog. I think you may need a ‘follow me’ button on your blog, though? I’m trying to figure out how to follow you and I don’t see a way…but perhaps I am just blind!

  2. Kaitlyn says

    Congrats on the move to self hosting!! Any chance you’re going to do a post about the process of switching to self hosting and tips for people looking to make the switch? I have been wanting to make the switch for about a month now, but I’m nervous! I would love to hear about your experience.

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