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What’s going on with me:

Is there anything more frustrating than typing up an entire post, forgetting to save it and then losing it? *facepalm*

I placed an order for my first Love with Food box this month, thanks to Coffee Break with Dani. She was doing an unboxing on her channel and she had a 40% code and now that they ship internationally, I couldn’t resist giving them a try.  My box ended up costing me about $16 USD (including shipping), although the costs will increase the following month.  Keep an eye out for my review in early September!

Have you seen/heard?

Urban Decay is releasing a Naked Ultimate Basics Palette this fall, and I’m kind of liking the way it looks – it’s nothing super original, but I’ve hit pan on all the matte shades in my Naked palette and I’m considering a replacement for it.  Might be an option!

Have you tried any of these wild and wacky Oreo flavours?  I haven’t seen many of them in Canada, but I have tried the S’more flavour – which were really good, and the Red Velvet Cake flavour, which were just meh.

Recent purchases…

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes: I was a little disappointed in the last package of Olay wipes that I picked up so I decided to try something new. I was impressed with these – they removed my makeup with ease and were super gentle.  New potential favourite!

Ked Coursa Sneaker: I returned my Sam Edelman espadrilles that I bought a few weeks ago and replaced them with these.  Such a good decision!  These are so comfy and are made of a soft t-shirt like material.

Currently coveting…

RW & Co Lace Dress with Collar: I pretty much love anything lace but adding the white collar to this just makes it that much cuter.

CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream: Every review I’ve read/watched says this is nothing like a BB Cream but more like a foundation.  I’m not sure how well the matte formula will work my combo skin but given the drugstore price, I’m willing to take the risk.  Have you tried it?

Need to catch up on my posts?  Here’s what I’ve published over the last two weeks:

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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  1. itsjordanleigh says

    I love the idea of the UD Ultimate Basics palette- basics are definitely most loved by me, and I love mattes! I’m also getting down to the nitty gritty myself as far as the 2 matte shades go in my Naked palette.
    I have only tried the new Red Velvet Oreos, and had a different reaction- I liked em’ 🙂 I like red velvet anything haha. They are really sweet though, so I could only eat like 2-3. (Which is probably a good thing!)
    The Neutrogena makeup wipes are my absolute favorite- my favorite in the line are the Hydrating ones- comes in teal blue packaging, I can never be without them.
    The lace/collar dress that you are coveting looks amazing- I think it would be great to wear to a Christmas Party! At least that’s what I had in mind for it the second I saw it!

  2. polishedandinspired says

    Oh my gosh, I was just looking at that RW & Co. dress today! It’s soooo pretty. RW’s clothes tend to be too big for me (which sucks because I LOVE their style), and that dress was no exception…I’m super jealous but glad that it worked out for you!

  3. stashy says

    I’ve seen the S’mores and Red Velvet Oreos here but I don’t like Oreos so I passed on them… I would be interested in trying the Strawberry or Blueberry ones!
    Oooh now you’ve got me curious about that CG BB cream!

  4. Anne says

    The new naked palette might be the first to actually tempt me into buying it. I love mattes and the colors looked so pretty!
    We don’t get too many of the outrageous oreos flavours, though they introduced peanut butter the other day. They were a little disappointing though.
    xo Anne – Doves & Roses

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