This & That – August 6

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What’s going on with me:

Apologies for the lack of posts this week – I was prepping for a garage sale I held today.  Didn’t realize how much work goes into planning one of these.  It went okay – aside from the rain that set in early afternoon and not selling as much as I would have liked.  My garage is looking a lot cleaner though!

I’m going to be changing my blog name in September!  I actually love the name of “Classic Maggie” but I think it’s confusing, given that my name isn’t Maggie.  My new name will be something more reflective of my entire blog so stay tuned for more info on that in the next month or so.

We went and watched Jason Bourne last weekend.  It was good and I’m a big Matt Damon fan, but I feel like they’re getting a bit – okay a lot, predictable now.  On the other hand, I cannot wait to see Sully!

Have you seen/heard?

What do you think of the new Instagram stories?  I don’t know how I feel about it – on one hand I kind of feel like Instagram should just stick to what they do best and stop screwing around with what works.  On the other hand I don’t want to be an opponent to change…because sometimes change is good.  But I feel like they’re just trying to hard to become a mix of all other social media platforms.  Thoughts?

Are you playing Pokemon Go?  I downloaded it and tried it out – and I just couldn’t get into it.  I have way too many things to distract me from being productive right now anyway, so I don’t view it as a bad thing.

Some great tips for clearing on your closet.  I recently purged my closet and I can attest that asking yourself these questions actually does work.  It’s important to ask them to yourself when you’re shopping/in the fitting room too, in order to avoid buying things that don’t serve you to begin with!

Recent purchases…

Make & Model Brushed Hacci Lounge Pants: This was my lone purchase from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which I was kind of disappointed with to be honest).  Anyway these pants are SUPER comfy but they wash horribly – they pill like crazy.  Definitely not worth the $35 CAD I paid for them (no way they’re worth $61 CAD).

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder: I’m absolutely in LOVE with this setting powder.  It’s the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t settle into my pores AND keeps me matte throughout the day.  Wish I had tried this sooner!

sugarfina Ice Cream Cone Gummies: Who in their right mind would spend $9 CAD on a tiny box of candies?  I would!  I may have acquired a dangerous and expensive addiction – they’re so yummy!  But if you don’t feel like forking over the cash to try them yourself, keep an eye on my blog for my long overdue giveaway that will include a box of sugarfina sweets (in addition to some other fantastic things!) #yum

Currently coveting…

Madewell Fleet Jacket: I spotted this jacket at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and it’s amazing.  But there’s no way I can justify the price for a cotton jacket, even on sale.  So the hunt for the perfect utility jacket continues…

Bryon Plaid Throw: Okay, I know it’s still August but I want this now!  It makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate!

Fossil Kinley Small Crossbody: I’ve got an urge to buy a new purse for Fall – and I’m liking the look of this one.  Sidenote – when did Fossil handbags become so expensive?  Or have they always been?

Need to catch up on my posts?  Here’s what I’ve published over the last two weeks:

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. lipstickonthelake says

    Can’t wait to see what the new blog name will be! That’s exciting!!

    I have mixed feelings about the Instagram stories… On the one hand, it seems very much a copy on Snapchat, but on the otherhand, I don’t use Snapchat for my blog at all because I just have a personal account and I don’t want it to be public, but I feel like I could integrate the types of posts that I would do on Snapchat for a blog onto Instagram which is solely for my blog? Haven’t actually used it yet, but I might!

    I’ve been playing and loving Pokemon Go since before it officially launched in Canada, haha… while I haven’t been playing as much lately as I did when it launched, my husband and I have never been so active walking around together (some days were were walking up to 30,000 steps!!!!). Truly amazing! Also, my husband and I are huuuuuuge Pokemon-geeks, haha! My bunny, Bunnelby, is actually named after a Pokemon!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 🙂

    • ClassicMaggie says

      I was kind of on the fence about the Instagram stories at first, but now that I’ve watched a few of them, I kind of like them! If I get brave enough I might try them out myself. 😉

      That’s amazing that you were walking that much! I guess it’s a great way to get people out and exercising rather than sitting in front of the tv! 🙂

  2. itsjordanleigh says

    Excited to see what your new blog name will be, it’s going to take some getting used to- i’m so used to seeing “Maggie!”
    I have never been interested in seeing any of the Jason Bourne movies, is that weird? I don’t think i’ve seen a single one- even though i’m a Matt Damon fan as well!
    I like the Instagram stories- I enjoy watching others (I don’t have a Snapchat so maybe that’s why!?) I just don’t know how much I will be utilizing the feature myself, but ya never know!
    I have not downloaded Pokemon Go, and i’m not sure if I will- i’m already addicted to too many games (looking at you..Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) haha I know, so embarrassing.
    I actually bought a utility jacket very similar in looks to the Madewell Fleet Jacket on Forever 21 online, for about $24 a couple months ago. I really love it! I’m sure they don’t have the exact style I bought anymore (as it was on sale) but you may be able to find one you like!

    • ClassicMaggie says

      The Bourne movies are really good – and action movies aren’t really my thing! I’d say the first 3 are the best though.

      Lol I’m with you on being addicted to stupid games – I usually play them religiously for 2 weeks or so, then I lose interest and 6 months later I start playing them again. My most recent addiction was Farmville. And I used to love Covet too (that one is SO addicting!).

      Thanks for the Forever 21 recommendation, I’ll have to check them out, I never go in there! 🙂

  3. polishedandinspired says

    Looking forward to seeing your blog name change! Heh, I thought your name was Maggie until you mentioned Maggie! I also love the name and don’t find it that confusing because I almost think of it as your blog pseudonym 😉 But having a new name that is more reflective of your blog will be awesome either way!
    I’m not opposed to the Instagram stories, but I haven’t and don’t plan on watching any of them – if I’d have wanted to watch “stories”, I would’ve gotten Snapchat! I do like that they show up at the top of the Instagram feed instead of being in the feed itself, so you can choose whether or not to view them.
    Totally agree with you on Pokémon Go! I’ve been playing it casually but don’t find it that addictive?
    Just started using the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder this year and I’ve been loving it as well!

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Aw thanks – I’m kind of sad to be changing my blog name but I think it’ll be better in the long run. It’s going to be a pain to change everything though, not really looking forward to that!

      I’ve watched a few Instagram stories so far and I actually don’t mind them damnit! Haha. I’m not sure if I’ll use them or not but we’ll see!

      I think I might pick up the pressed version of the Laura Mercier Setting Powder, I want one for my purse!

  4. stashy says

    I love garage sales. I’m not allowed to visit them since I always pick up some knick knack! 😛
    Jason Bourne was a very formulaic movie but still a good ride. We were joking that next they’ll find out something about his MOM. And then for the next movie maybe they’re unearth a child that Bourne doesn’t know he had, but Bourne will be really old by then, and his kid is a young adult who can kick ass and continue the legacy! 😆
    I hate the Instagram Stories. I want to downgrade my Instagram to the previous version, ugh.
    I’d totally spend $9 on gummies. They’re my weakness. Near my office there’s a place called Squish and it is gummy HEAVEN! Not sure if they are out your way:
    Looking forward to seeing what your new blog name will be! Aww poor Maggie, I hope her feelings won’t be hurt. 😉

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Bahaha your speculations on the Bourne series are awesome, and probably quite accurate given the way things have been going. No Squish Candies out West unfortunately ?…guess I’ll have to stick with Sugarfina for now. Omg if I had a candy shop near my office I’d be in so much trouble!

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