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Giveaway Goodies! (1)

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Stashmatter’s Muji Giveaway!  Yay me!  And yay Stashy for hosting such a generous giveaway on her blog – I felt very fortunate to win.  🙂  And of course I had to do a post sharing all the wonderful Muji things I won.  I’ve never even heard of this brand prior to Stashy’s giveaway so I was/am pretty excited to test these all out!

muji eyemask and purse hook

First up, this super soft cotton eye mask and nifty purse hook.  I typically get anxiety on overnight flights and wearing an eye mask tends to help me with that, as well as falling asleep.   And the purse hook is a genius invention of course, because who wants to put their purse on the disgusting floor?

muji blush ecurler mirror

Here’s my absolute favourite item out of the bunch – this Cheek Colour in Pink.  Please excuse the nail indent – my hand slipped when I was opening it and I took a nice chunk out of it. 🙁  Grrrr!  This is such a great blush and such a pretty colour.  It has a really soft texture, is highly pigmented and blends like an absolute dream!  I’ve been wearing this everyday since I received it  🙂  There was also this Travel Eyelash Curler that works really well – I have one similar to this that does nothing but pinch my eyelids.  Stashy also included two bonus items – one of which was this nice little compact mirror.  It’s nice and light and I love that it folds over, perfect for throwing in my purse!

muji blotting papers and cleansing oil

Next – a package of facial blotting papers – I keep a package of these in my purse and at my makeup vanity so these will be utilized for sure.  Also, a travel size bottle of the Oil Cleansing for Sensitive Skin.  I haven’t tried this quite yet but I’m the definition of sensitive skin so I can’t wait to see how this works for me.

muji facial wipes and cotton swabs

A few more travel-friendly items – a package of Cotton Buds that are individual wrapped which is amazing and so-smart.  And a package of Cleansing Sheets, which I always take with me no matter where we’re traveling.

muji travel sprayer funnel and spatula set and pill box

I’ve been looking for one of these Cylinder Spray Bottles so this will work perfectly.  She also added in a travel pill case which is something I actually need to utilize – I’m horrible at taking my vitamins with me when we travel.  This Refill Set on the right (which didn’t photograph well – sorry!) includes a funnel, dropper and spatula.  Where has this been all my life?  It’s always such a struggle to de-pot products for travel and this will make things SO much easier!

muji notebook and pen

Two very practical yet necessary travel items – a little notebook and a pen!  I always forget to throw a pen in my carry-on to fill out those darn custom cards – now I have a dedicated one.

Last but not least – candy!  This was the second bonus item she included and these are a yummy citrusy/grapefruit flavour.  I keep them at my desk and they hit the spot when I’ve got a yearning for sugar (which is always).

muji candy

And that was everything!  Given how much we enjoy traveling, this couldn’t be a more perfect giveaway for me to win!  I’ve really enjoyed everything I received and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Stashy for all these goodies!  Make sure to follow her if you don’t already – she shares some of the most detailed reviews I’ve ever seen and does some pretty epic hauls.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. stashy says

    Isn’t the purse hook ingenious? So simple but so useful!
    Oh no, sorry the blush got dinged – I’ll be sure to be careful with my blushes when I open them LOL! 😉 I still haven’t used mine yet! #toomuchmakeup
    Oh and make sure to use the cleaning oil on DRY skin. I remember you ran into some issues before with another cleansing oil… 😛
    And the yuzu candy, I hear you – it’s so refreshing, I love it too!

  2. polishedandinspired says

    Congrats on winning the giveaway! Everything looks perfect for traveling. I bought that cleansing oil too, but haven’t used it yet. Fingers crossed it’s good! The eye mask sounds great. I’ve been looking for one to use in everyday life but haven’t gotten around to it. Wish we had better access to Muji!

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