Pick 3: Essential Summer Beauty Products

Essential Summer Beauty Products

When summer hits the last thing I want to be doing is wasting my day inside doing a full face of makeup – only to have it sweat off my face a few hours later.  I like to keep my makeup routine simple and quick most days, especially if it’s hot outside.  In the second installment of my Pick 3 series, I’m sharing with you my 3 essential beauty products for summer!

  1. Facial sunscreen: Before my trip for Mexico in May, I was on the hunt for a good facial sunscreen.  I ended up with Clinique’s City Block Sheer Oil Free Daily Face Protector.  I wore it everyday while in Mexico and I love it!  It has a light tint to it, so I feel comfortable skipping foundation if I so choose – but it also works fantastic as a primer under foundation.  It’s also NOT GREASY which can be really hard to come by in sunscreens, specifically ones for your face.  Another bonus – it’s safe for sensitive skin (that would be me!) as it contains only physical sunscreens (not chemical); I haven’t experienced any breakouts or irritation from using this which for me, is extremely rare.  Highly recommend this!
  2. Mascara: It’s a rare day when I don’t leave the house wearing mascara – even if I’m heading to the beach/pool.  I’m naturally fair so my lashes are almost invisible without it.  One of my new favourites is Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara. This is another product I brought with me to Mexico and I was so happy with it!  I’d wear this during the day when we were at the beach and believe me when I was say it was HOT and extremely humid (like 40+ degrees Celsius).  I usually bring a waterproof mascara primer with me for beach days but I forgot it this trip and figured I’d end up with racoon eyes by the end of the day.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that was not the case at all – my mascara stayed put all day!  Now I wasn’t dunking my face in water or anything but I think that given that this is not a waterproof mascara, that’s pretty impressive.  In addition it gives my lashes some amazing length and a good amount of volume, although I would prefer that it thickens them a bit more.  I did find this to clump a little in the beginning but now that it’s dried out, that problem seems to have disappeared.  Given all it’s benefits, this has become my go-to summer mascara.
  3. Blush: I really struggled with this 3rd one – blush or lip gloss?  In the end I went with blush because if I’m being honest I can’t always be bothered with applying lip gloss every couple of hours, but blush is usually a once a day type of thing.  Or at least it should be – which is why NARS Orgasm blush made my list.  I’ve worn this blush for years and I know that many aren’t fond of its glittery-ness (#notaword) but on me, it just looks shimmery and glowy.  Plus the longevity of this cannot be beat – it’s the longest-wearing blush I own, which is important for those hot summer days.  And the peachy pink shade looks great on my naturally pale skin or when I’m lucky enough to be sporting a hint of colour.  There’s a reason this is a cult classic.

What products would make your top 3 list for the Summer months?  Let me know below!

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  1. lipstickonthelake says

    I’m intrigued by the sunscreen! I hate that greasy sunscreen feeling, particularly on my face! I’m also a fan of NARS Orgasm blush, it’s so versatile and beautiful! Great for summer for sure!

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