This & That Fridays – April 15

Have you seen the new Lite Brites collection by China Glaze?  I came across Young Wild & Polished’s swatches on Instagram and wow, they all look so beautiful!  I need to see them in person but I think Bite Me and What I Like About Blue are on my list.

The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out on Netflix so my weekend plans are set.  Hopefully Season 2 is as good as Season 1.

Two things I love for Spring here, lightweight sweaters and ombre.

This is too funny!  And I can relate – out of all the sports out there, I find baseball the most painful to watch.  It’s so slow and it drags on and on…I can’t get into it.  Go Jays though!

I bought this sweater from Joe Fresh a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing it.  It’s so comfy and easy to wear and looks great with leggings and jeans.  The only drawback is that it needs to be hand-washed.  But I love it so much I’ll sacrifice a bit of hand-washing.  I bought it in pink but I think I’m going to pick up the green too.

Waffle iron pizza?  Yes please!

Did you hear that Hudson’s Bay is now carrying Teeez Cosmetics?  I have one of their lipsticks that I received in my Luxe Box and I really like it.  And their packaging is amazing!  Excited to try more of their stuff.

Need to catch up on my posts?  Here’s what I published this week:

Have a great weekend!


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  1. stashmatters says

    Lite Brites, as in this:

    😮 I just looked it up and found this post with all of the colours swatched.
    I really like “Let’s Jam” – a lavender with a blue sheen, and “We Got The Beet” – the grapey colour with shimmer.

    Haha re: Blue Jays game. My boss is a massive Jays fan and I went to a game with her last year. I had to ask her what RBI and LOB etc meant! 😛
    Never heard of Teeez Cosmetics – will have to check them out! The packaging looks so fun – like a mix of Benefit and UD.

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Okay after seeing all those swatches I want them even more now! I couldn’t find Bite me or What I Like About Blue anywhere but I did see Let’s Jam and didn’t get it – regretting that now.
      I’ve been to 2 MLB games in my life and I have no idea what RHI and LOB means if that makes you feel better – haha!

  2. lipstickonthelake says

    I was off on Friday so I was done season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt by Saturday morning haha… I enjoyed it! I think I liked season 1 better though. Did you end up watching it?

    • ClassicMaggie says

      We were going to but then it was such a beautiful weekend we couldn’t justify sitting inside. This weekend it’s supposed to rain though so it’ll be a better weekend for it. I heard that Season 2 isn’t as good as Season 1, boo!

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