This & That Fridays – April 1

Happy April Fools Day!  Did you prank anyone today or did you get pranked?  I remembered what day it was so I wasn’t fooled by anything.  Here’s a list of the Best April Fool’s Pranks of 2016 – almost all of them are hilarious (i.e. Cornhub? Wigs for Cats? Bahaha!)

Okay so I tried watching Full House a few weeks ago and I just can’t do it.  It’s so cheesy, I couldn’t stand it.  I think the fake audience laughter makes it worse.  Not for me.

Um Kate Spade has a YOGA collection now?  Not sure I could justify over $100 for a tank though…

This is making me crave an Orange Julius…curious if this tastes at all similar to the real thing.

So I recently placed on online order with Express.  I bought a dress and 2 pairs of pants and all 3 were on sale and for whatever reason I stupidly assumed that the prices were in Canadian dollars.  I saw the charge on my credit card and I paid an extra $50 because of exchange and an international processing fee.  THIS is why I don’t shop online at non-Canadian companies!  Grrrr!

I don’t know why, but I’m having such a hard time doing my liquid eyeliner lately, and this meme sums up what every morning has been like for me:

So basically I’m accepting any and all tips on applying liquid eyeliner like a normal person and not be a panda.

I made the best homemade salad dressing this week!  I’m trying to eat healthier, which for me is a bit of a challenge.  I hate vegetables – they always taste bitter to me.  But I can usually stomach a salad so I took a recipe I found online and modified it a bit and it’s delicious – I almost look forward to my salad for dinner. #almost  I’ll be sharing the recipe soon!

Have a great weekend!



  1. stashmatters says

    Is it Full House or Fuller House you tried watching? I’ve heard good things about Fuller House…
    oh my gosh, I haven’t had an Orange Julius in ages! Thanks, now I want one too. 😛
    Holy crap Express! Hmm I remember when Express announced they were shipping to Canada, I was excited. But how awful they have a processing fee. BOO on them! Yeah, I avoid non-Canadian companies as much as possible for online shopping as well.
    Hmm liquid liners tips – may I inquire what type you’re currently using? I find actual brush bristle tips to be easier to apply than felt tips. And is the liner the inkwell type or the marker pen type? My only tips would be to tilt your head back, look down slightly into the mirror. Apply liquid liner in small strokes – dots first, then join them up. And apply liner before you curl your lashes so you can see what you’re doing easier. That’s all I got. 🙂

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Sorry yes, Fuller House. I used to watch Full House when I was younger and thought it was great. Now I realize how cheesy it was. Fuller House is probably just as cheesy as the original.
      I’m currently using the L’Oreal Infalliable Super Slim liner. I like it but I’m not sure its working for me anymore. It’s a felt tip, which I like but I think I need one where the tip is not so flexible. I will give your tips a try – thank you! 🙂

  2. ingrid says

    Fuller House is not for me either ! (Cheesy bad comedy)
    OMG! I’m now craving an Orange Julius…
    I never buy from website outside Canada anymore, I’ve been burned so many times … 50$ is awful 🙁

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