FURKID by Paws & Play – February Box

Furkid by Paws & Play February 2016 Box

Today I’ve got a review of our very first FURKID by Paws & Play subscription box!  Back in January I decided I wanted to sign my pooch Maggie (more about her HERE) up for a pet box and I took my time researching options.  We previously had 6 month subscription to BarkBox and it was okay but I couldn’t justify continuing it given the current exchange rate.  When researching, my first criteria was to find a subscription that would charge in Canadian funds; I also wanted to be able to customize my box – Maggie can be picky about treats and toys so I wanted to ensure that we would be getting things we actually used.

I ended up choosing the FURKID box because they met both of the criteria I mentioned above, and more.  As per their website, they curate their boxes with products that, :  “…use fresh organic fruit and vegetables, free range meat products and the freshest human grade ingredients.”   In addition they focus on “…buying goods from companies that do not conduct or commission cruelty on farm animals and participate in responsible sourcing and environmental sustainability.”  I strive to buy Maggie the best food and treats that I can and always appreciate when products are cruelty-free and produced with the environment in mind.

The first thing I did was go and create a profile for Maggie via their website; it took me through a series of questions about her/my preferences that included (our choices are italicized):

Size: XS (2-12 lbs), Small (12-25 lbs), Medium (25-50 lbs), Large (50-100 lbs), Giant (over 100 lbs) or Cat)

Chew Style: Gentle or Heavy Chewer

Soft or Crunchy Treats: Soft Treats, Crunchy Treats or Both Soft & Crunchy

Gender: Neutured or Spayed

Allergies: No Allergies, No Chicken, No Beef, No Grain or Gluten or No Nuts

Term: Month to Month ($39.95 CAD/month), 3 Month Prepay ($109.95 CAD; $36.65 CAD/box), 6 Month Prepay ($209.05 CAD; $34.99 CAD/box), 12 Month Prepay ($395.95 CAD; $32.99 CAD/box))

Bonus: I found a 25% discount code on their Facebook page which was definitely helpful in reducing the cost!

Here’s what the box looked like when it arrived:

Furkid by Paws & Play February 2016 Box

Once opened there was a card on top that showcases a subscribers’ pet (how cute is Tonto?) and their story.  The other side lists the products included in the box.  The front of the card was cute but I felt like they could do a bit better job on the product listing by including additional details on the products included in the box (description, price, where to buy, etc.)


FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

(Please excuse the shadows in this pic)

All the items were wrapped in blue tissue paper with a paw print sticker to hold it together, like so:


Maggie was very anxious to stick her nose in there and sniff everything out:


Quick shot of what was inside:


First up was this All Natural Buffalo Chew by Silver Spur Natural Pet Treats that retails for $2.59 CAD  These things always gross me out but Maggie loves them so I treat her to them once and a while.  When she was younger she used to sit down and eat one in one sitting….then she decided it was better to hide them around the house.  Now she’s back to eating them again.  I unwrapped this for her and she made herself comfortable on the stairs and chowed down.  So that was a win.

Silver Spur Natural Pet Treats All Natural Buffalo Chew


Next, was a DIGZ Artisan Beef Chip Dog Cookie, which retails for $3.95 CAD.  I wasn’t crazy about this at first because I thought it was a hard cookie and I had specifically chosen to receive soft cookies only.  Then I realized it actually was soft; I broke her off a few pieces and she gulped it down right away.


Then a bag of Pet Naturals Motion Ade MSM Chews, retailing for $18.95 CAD.  At first I thought these were motion-sickness chews for dogs. When I finally found the description of what they were, I discovered they are supplement chews that support joint comfort, circulation, and mobility and healthy ligaments and tendons.  Mags had one and this was her eating it (no compalints):

Pet Naturals Motion Ade MSM Chews


The last food item was this Wildcatch Alaska Wild-caught Smoked Salmon Fillet, which retails for $10.99.  Maggie goes nuts for anything fishy so I know she’s going to love this.  This is meant to act as a food topper; love that its 100% human grade ingredients.

Wildcatch Alaska Wild-Caught Salmon Fillet

The last item was a toy – a squeaky Kong Dyno Stegosaurus which had a crazy price tag of $20.95 CAD.  Kong makes good quality toys and this guy is pretty cute – he squeaks and crinkles so Maggie was happy with it (for about a minute after which she was distracted by a sound outside).  I would never pay $20 for a toy though.

Kong Dynos Stegasaurus

And that was everything!  Overall I think we were pretty happy with the box – Maggie will eat all the treats included and she’ll have fun playing with the toy.  And I was happy because it had a total value of $57.43 CAD.  We’re looking forward to receiving our March box!

Thanks for reading!



  1. stashmatters says

    Oh gosh Maggie looks like a plush toy herself! 😛
    Haha I chuckled at the thought of motion sickness chews for dogs – hey, I’m sure that exists out there.
    Maggie looks fierce in that snaggletooth photo! Glad she enjoyed everything. 😀

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