Review: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

MUFE HD Foundation

Happy Monday!

Today I’ve got a full review on MUFE’s Ultra HD Fluid Foundation.  I purchased this back in December and have been using it for about a month and a half, so I feel I have a pretty good understanding of it, and figured it’s about time I do a review.

Here are it’s claims, as per the MUFE website:

  • lightweight/feels like a second skin
  • natural, flawless coverage/invisible on camera and to the naked eye
  • Medium to buildable coverage
  • Long-lasting

So first up, I definitely agree that this is definitely lightweight and natural looking.  It has a very silky texture and applies like a dream to my skin. I’ve applied this using my Beauty Blender and a foundation brush and both work well, although I default to the Beauty Blender most times.  I find it very comfortable to wear and is probably as close to my real skin as I’ve seen any foundation look. I find it leaves behind a satin/slightly dewy finish immediately after application which is nice.

In terms of coverage, I’d also agree that this falls under medium. I can get away with one pump all over my face and feel like my skin is sufficiently covered.  However I typically use another half-pump on my cheeks as I have some redness that I prefer to hide.  I appreciate the fact that this doesn’t become cakey as you build it, however I cannot build this up to full coverage.  I definitely need to use concealer to cover up the broken capillaries under my eyes and any blemishes or acne scars.  Therefore I personally can’t vouch for this creating a flawless complexion all on its own (but isn’t that what concealer is for?).  If you have close to perfect skin to begin with, that could be a possibility for you.  .

I think the lasting time is what has disappointed me a bit – it definitely doesn’t last on me all day.  I’d say after about 12 hours I don’t have much left of it on my face.  It breaks down as time goes on and I definitely have to use a blotting paper about halfway through my day as my t-zone gets to be pretty oily by then.  I’m not going to fault it too much for that, because is there any foundation that actually lasts (and looks good) after a full 12 hours?

I’ve used this with a primer since Day 1 so I haven’t tested it without one.  It wouldn’t make sense for me to though, because I always use a primer – without one my foundation just settles into my pores and stays there and it won’t last longer than an hour.  The two primers I’ve used with this are Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer and MUFE’s Smoothing Primer.  I prefer using the Too Faced version the MUFE makes me pretty greasy within a few hours of application.  I’d like to see how a mattifying primer performs with this but I’ve yet to find one that actually works for my skin.

I think one of the big bonuses with this product is the shade selection – it is quite extensive with 40 shades to choose from.  I was matched to Y305 Soft Beige @ Sephora but I think this actually might be too yellow for me; I’m pretty pale with cool undertones and this is quite yellow/warm.  Which is great to cover up some of the redness I experience but a little bit much for the rest of my face.  Definitely not a fault of the product, but more so of Sephora’s Color IQ (I’ve never been matched properly using it).

Overall, I like this foundation.  It applies like a dream, doesn’t sink into my pores, and most importantly – it doesn’t make my super sensitive skin breakout.  If I had to compare it to something I’d say it’s very similar to Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (BTW), which I used for a couple of weeks and returned, because it was causing breakouts. I find the coverage, formula and finish very similar, but MUFE is miles better in regards to lasting power.  BTW lasted maybe a couple of hours on me before it practically evaporated off of my skin and left me looking like an oil slick.  This definitely lasts quite a bit longer and doesn’t leave me near as oily.  Also, NO BREAKOUTS, which is huge!

Now to the ultimate question – would I re-purchase this?  The answer is yes, I would.  It is really hard for me to find foundations that work for my skin and although this isn’t perfect, it has more pros than cons as far as I’m concerned.  I think if you have skin that leans towards the combination to dry side of the spectrum, this could work well for you!

In summary:

Coverage: Medium

Finish: Satin/slightly dewy

Shades: 40 shades

Price: $50 CAD

Available at: Sephora,

Re-purchase?: Yes

Have you tried this foundation?  What did you think?  Let me know below!

Thanks for reading!



  1. lipstickonthelake says

    Great review! I’m always intrigued by this foundation because I see it so much on YouTube, but since I don’t live near a Sephora, it’s not something I would ever risk purchasing online. I need to keep working on convincing my husband that we should spend part of our week off this month in Toronto! haha

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Thanks! I agree it’s probably best to pick it up in store although I did just that and I don’t think they matched me properly. They rarely do at Sephora though. Good luck convincing your hubby about going to Toronto! 🙂

  2. stashmatters says

    I tried the old MUFE HD foundation but it broke me out so I had to return it. I did like how the foundation looked on my skin though. I’m very curious about this new version. I’m going to ask for a sample before committing to a full bottle this time around.
    40 shades is impressive! I feel like that’s even more than most MAC foundation colour offering. And yes, that Sephora Color IQ has matched me SO wrong – too yellow and often too dark. Such a silly contraption.
    Thanks for this review! 🙂

    • ClassicMaggie says

      Yes a sample is a good idea! I need to be better about doing that instead of just getting impatient and buying the full bottle.
      I find the lighting horrible in Sephora too. Which I find really ironic. If there’s one place that should have good lighting, it should be there!

  3. kelifornia79 says

    Great review. I think I’m going to try switching my btw for this too. With the right primer I can make btw work for me but I think mine is breaking me out worse too…

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