Review: Bakers Krate – September 2015


Today I have a review of September’s Bakers Krate dessert subscription box!  In August Bakers Krate sent me one of their Sweet Express Boxes and I was thankful to receive the September box from them last week! I figured I might as well share my honest thoughts on the box as I did last time!

First off, a little bit about Bakers Krate.  They are a Canadian company based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and their goal is to share Canada’s tastiest desserts with everyone, no matter what province they are in!  The Sweet Express Box is the only box that can be shipped across Canada and they have 2 other boxes that ship solely within Winnipeg (lucky them!).  The price for the Sweet Express box retails for $19.99 with an additional $9.99 for shipping.  Included in the box is 6 gourmet desserts.

So, on to this month’s box.  When I cracked this open I was happy to see that they had made some modifications to the packaging.  In the August box there were some dessert bars that had been tossed around a bit as a result of shipping and some of mine arrived a little squished or worse for wear.  This time they included bubble wrap and mini “air bags” around each of the desserts and that really seemed to help as they arrived in perfect condition.

Like last month, they included a card that described all the products included in the box:


And now the best part – the desserts!:


Coconut Macaroon – a deliciously sweet, moist, and chewy dessert with a crispy shredded coconut exterior.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a macaroon prior to this?  I was a little apprehensive trying this because it just looked like it was going to taste like dried shredded coconut but I was pleasantly surprised.  This was moist and chewy, as per the description, and offered just the right amount of sweet.


Amaretti – This cookie originated in Venice, Italy.  it has a crisp and crunchy exterior with a soft interior.  The perfect texture for a cookie!

Again, I don’t think I’ve ever had an amaretti cookie or if I did, it was a long time ago and it was nothing memorable. But I really liked these!  I was expecting them to be hard and crunchy but they were soft and chewy, with a light almond flavor.  The icing sugar and almond on top were a nice touch.


Lemon Coconut Bar –   Similar to a drink you may have had on the beach.  A tangy lemon flavor combined with sweet coconut.

Lemon bars are a favorite of mine so I was intrigued to give this one a try, especially given that it had coconut in it.  The crust appears to be a thick shortbread topped with a basic lemon filing with coconut mixed in.  I thought this was good, although I found the crust a touch thick and I felt it needed a bit more lemon flavour. I’m a little picky with the way I like my lemon bars though!


Turtle Slice – Even those without sweet tooths can’t resist this delicious bar full of chocolate, caramel and walnuts.

The moment I saw this I knew I would have to save at least half for my husband who is a huge Turtles fan!  It looked delicious and it was.  Extremely decadent and rich, and one of those desserts that you need to wash down with a large class of milk.  Similar to the brownie in last month’s box, I feel like this would be even more delicious on top of some vanilla ice cream.


Dipped Biscotti – A peanut buttery flavoured biscotti dipped in creamy white chocolate that just melts in your mouth.

I’m not a big tea person and I don’t drink coffee so biscotti is something I rarely reach for.  But this one sounded really good….peanut butter and white chocolate?  Yes please.  These were fantastic dipped into my hot chocolate!

Overall while I enjoyed the desserts included in the August box, I felt these were superior.  There was something in this box that would suit everyone’s taste and the desserts just seemed to be of higher quality – like I couldn’t easily duplicate these at home!  Plus the improved packaging is a big win for me – if I were to send one of these as a gift I’d want to make sure that they arrive in their intended state so the addition of the bubble wrap and mini “air bags” put my mind at ease.

A big thanks to Bakers Krate for sending me the September box!  If you’d like more info on their subscription box, please visit their website.

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