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Happy Thursday!

A few weeks ago I received an email from Bakers Krate asking me if I’d be interested in receiving one of their dessert boxes for review purposes on my blog. Bakers Krate is a new Canadian subscription box company that features hand crafted baked goods produced by Canadian dessert experts.  The Bakers Krate Team scours the Great White North looking for the best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!  They are based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba but ship Canada-wide.

They offer 3 types of subscription boxes:

  • Bakers Krate Original – $19.98 (6+ desserts hand delivered straight to your door! Available in Winnipeg, MB only)
  • Bakers Krate Junior – $15.99 (For those on a “diet”, 6 mini items hand delivered straight to your door! Available in Winnipeg, MB only.)
  • Bakers Krate Sweet Express – $19.99 (Their Main Feature! The Krate that travels from province to province to give you 6 or more gourmet desserts, straight to your door! The ultimate dessert adventure! Shipping is $9.99)

I’m a big dessert fan so obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give one of their boxes a try.  They sent me the Bakers Krate Sweet Express box and this is what it looked like when it arrived.


And when I cracked it open:


I loved the little fork they taped to the inside!

On top was a info card that described all the products in the box as well as their expiry dates:


It also included a complete list of ingredients for every product in the box which is really important for those with food allergies. Bakers Krate is upfront with the fact that their products contain nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, etc. so take note if you’re allergic to any of those or other related ingredients.

Once I made my way through the packaging, this is what awaited me:


I’ve been eating my way through the box since I received this and I’ve broken down my thoughts by treat:


Blueberry Crumble Bar:  This was the one I was most excited about because Blueberry bars are one of my favorite desserts.  The accompaning card recommended microwaving this for 20 seconds prior to eating and it’s supposed to taste like a fresh baked blueberry pie right out of the oven.

This was really good!  I loved the blueberry filling – it had just the right amount of sweetness and had good blueberry flavour.  My only wish was that the crumble topping was a more crumbly because it was soggy when I removed the plastic wrap.  The microwave dried it up a bit but I  suspect the packaging has something to do with that so maybe a different option would make a difference there.  Overall though I enjoyed this!


Cakettes: these are basically balls of cake covered in white chocolate – once was vanilla, the other was red velvet.  My favourite of these was definitely the red velvet version – the cake inside was moist and flavourful and the white chocolate coating complimented it nicely.  The vanilla was just okay – I didn’t found the cake had a ton of flavour so all I could really taste was the white chocolate.  The red velvet cakette was damaged a bit when I received it but it didn’t affect the taste or quality of it at all.

IMG_0327Chocolate Brownie Square: This was very decadent – the brownie had a dense, cake-like texture and it was smothered in a chocolate icing.  It was also a very generous portion – my hubby and I shared this easily.  I feel like this would be even better heated for a bit in the microwave and then placed over top of some vanilla ice cream!


Lastly were the Imperial Cookies.  These are shortbread sugar cookies that were placed between raspberry jam filling and saskatoon berry filing.  These were my favourite treat out of the whole box.  First of all the size of these is kind of crazy – they’re huge!  Bigger is always better when it comes to cookies!  Secondly, they were delicious!  The cookies were soft and buttery and the filings had just the right touch of sweetness.  I thought maybe these would be too sweet with the royal icing on top but they went together really nicely.  I also loved how unique these were – I’ve never had a cookie like this before.

So overall, I’d say I was impressed with this box.  I feel like this would make a great gift for almost any occasion, specifically if the recipient likes desserts!  I could see myself sending these as gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Mothers/Fathers Day, etc.  If I had to point out some areas they could improve – I think the packaging on some of the treats could maybe be improved (i.e those packaged with plastic wrap) but that’s really about it.

If you’re interested in giving Baker’s Krate a try, they sent me a coupon code for 15% off your first subscription to share with my readers.  Simply use the code MAGGIE at checkout to receive the discount.




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